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Z'SE Handle Double Open 3 Layers Makeup Case


Do you want to have a case to hold your scattered items? Look at this Handle Double Open 3 Layers Makeup Case in a knock out the newest pattern! An excellent way to pack all of your toiletries in a compact fashion, keeping them organized and preventi...
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  • Durable, spacious handle case
  • Handle case has high quality material design, durable handle
  • You will have no problem fitting all of it in this conveniently sized portable handle case
  • A must-have for organizing and storing all your beauty essentials as well as your fine and costume jewelry
  • Makeup case is great for travel or display on your home dresser
  • The professional makeup case is built to meet professional standards
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 35 x 25 x 26cm/13.78 x 9.84 x 10.24in (L x W x H)


Z'SE Handle Double Open 3 Layers Makeup Case

  • A must-have for organizing and storing all your beauty essentials as well as your fine and costume jewelry

Z'SE Handle Double Open 3 Layers Makeup Case

Z'SE Handle Double Open 3 Layers Makeup Case

  • Lightweight and sturdy, this handle case comes with reinforced corners and double locks for your security

Z'SE Handle Double Open 3 Layers Makeup Case

  • Suitable for a professional stylist, or anyone on the go who needs to organize their makeup

Size in Detail:

Z'SE Handle Double Open 3 Layers Makeup Case

How to Stock a Basic Makeup Case:

Z'SE Handle Double Open 3 Layers Makeup Case

  • First, consider the case you use. While cloth cases are often fashionable and come in many styles, waterproof plastic cases are more practical. You can reuse it over and over after a simple wipe-down. Plus, since you'll probably travel with your case at some point, it eliminates any worry of leaking.
  • Start stocking the case with your foundation items...namely, foundation. Choose a shade in your skin tone and make it the first selection added to your case.
  • Next, add concealer. You may not always need it, but when you do, there's nothing that can take its place.
  • Throw in a blush to add some color and tone. A basic powder blush is easiest, but creme or gel blushes can work, too, if you remember to pack the correct applicators at the end.
  • Add a powder compact to finish off the basics. Now, even without any other makeup, your complexion will look smooth and finished.
  • Next, consider your features. Concentrate first on your eyes, as making your eyes pop can change your whole appearance.
  • The first thing to add for your eyes is mascara. Even without any eyeshadow, mascara can make your eyes look bigger and bolder. Picking a mascara with an attached brush will give you even more space for other favorites.
  • Next, choose your favorite liner. Make it one that you use often--a simple black, gray or brown. You'll want a liner that can match almost any shadow.
  • Finally, choose a shadow that is a basic neutral or an every day favorite. While funky shadows are fun, you can't wear bright blue or purple with every outfit.
  • Cap off the basics with a gloss or lipstick of your choice. A gloss with color is ideal, as it is easy to apply and fairly neutral.
  • Don't forget your applicators! Include a makeup sponge, face brush/blush brush and eyeshadow brush.
  • Add some kick to your case with items you think complement your style or make you feel comfortable. This may mean anything from an eyeshadow base to bronzer. Not everyone's style is the same, so adding your favorite will ensure you have all makeup needs.

Use Cosmetic Bags:

  • Study the compartments of your cosmetic bag before placing your makeup into it. Simple cosmetic bags might consist of just a zippered pouch, but many cosmetic bags have sections for storing jewelry, slots of eyebrow pencils and brushes and a main compartment for your toiletries. Some bags have individual compartments for each liquid item
  • Place your smallest items in first, using any compartments designated for their storage. Eyeliners, lipliners and small brushes should be placed into their appropriate slots or placed flat on the bottom of the bag
  • Be careful when adding in liquid or powder cosmetics to avoid spilling. Make sure each cap is on tightly. Put these items in separate compartments or place them in sealed plastic bags to avoid getting the cosmetics all over the bag should an item break
  • Add in any delicate items, such as perfume or jewelry. Use jewelry compartments or wrap the pieces in soft, fabric pouches. Place these items at the top of your cosmetic bag, and then pad around them with cotton balls or fabric
  • Use cosmetic bags for toys, hair accessories, spools of thread, loose buttons, coins and other small items after you've retired them from storing your makeup

How to Maintain the Makeup Cases:

  • Store the leather makeup cases or cosmetic bags at the ventilated place
  • Avoid to expose it under the sun for a long time
  • Use a soft, dry white cloth and wipe down the entire makeup case to remove any surface moisture, and then dry it under the desiccative environment
  • Wipe off stains gently by a little cloth, but please prevent water penetrating into the leather
  • Regularly use a small amount of leather care solution, wipe the leather surface after the solution infiltrated, the leather looks new again
  • For storage, please avoid that it is pressured by other objects in case of distortion
  • Don't store the makeup case together with the acid-base chemical product

Package Included:

  • 1 x Makeup Case