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Heart Pattern Rhinestone Round Cosmetic Compact Mirror


Do you want a special and convenient compact mirror? Here the Heart Pattern Rhinestone Round Cosmetic Compact Mirror can satisfy your needs.This stylish compact mirror is adorned with 292 Pcs rhinestone to add elegance and a girly touch. This compact...
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  • Portable and user friendly, compact mirror is easy to clean
  • Compact mirror is finished with gold-plated to resist oxidization
  • Stylish cosmetic compact mirror with rhinestone and unique hearts pattern
  • Special compact design to give your mirror better protection
  • Unique antifogging mirrors to bring more convenience for your daily life
  • Keep good mood with this unique round compact rhinestone mirror
  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Copper & Rhinestone
  • Diameter: 70mm/2.8in


Heart Pattern Rhinestone Round Cosmetic Compact Mirror

  • This stylish compact mirror is adorned with 292 Pcs rhinestone to add elegance and a girly touch

Heart Pattern Rhinestone Round Cosmetic Compact Mirror

  • The gold-plated finish will work with a variety of decors. Portable and user friendly, compact mirror is easy to clean

Heart Pattern Rhinestone Round Cosmetic Compact Mirror

  • The craftsmanship of this lovely compact mirror is truly remarkable. Compact mirror is finished with gold-plated

Heart Pattern Rhinestone Round Cosmetic Compact Mirror

  • Add much charm to you with this luxurious compact mirror. And you can use the cosmetic compact mirror anywhere you want

Heart Pattern Rhinestone Round Cosmetic Compact Mirror

  • Stylish cosmetic compact mirror with rhinestone and unique hearts pattern. Then take this rhinestone mirror home immediately

Maintenance Method:

  • After using, it is essential to wipe off the finger impressions and water strains timely in order to keep the mirror new
  • When not being used, the mirror should be put into the flannelette bag to prevent it from oxygenation
  • Keep it away from hard material, in case it gets scratched

How to Make a Compact Mirror:

Heart Pattern Rhinestone Round Cosmetic Compact Mirror

  • Place the mirror over a soft yet firm flat surface. Set up the circle cutter in the center of the mirror. Pull out the movable portion of the cutter arm to a 1 1/2-inch diameter mark. Rotate the cutter arm in a full circle without scoring to test for obstructions
  • Apply even pressure to the end of the cutter arm while rotating it again, this time scoring a circle into the mirror. Rotate the cutter arm several times to get an even, deep score. Turn the mirror over and apply gentle but firm pressure to the back center of the mirror; if the circle doesn't separate from the mirror easily, re-score and try again
  • Draw a perfect circle with a 1 3/4-inch radius on the plywood, using the compass. Cut out the circle with your scroll saw; this may take a few attempts to get right, so have extra plywood on hand
  • Paint both sides and the edges of your plywood circle. Allow the plywood to dry before proceeding
  • Attach the mirror to one side of the plywood circle, in its center, using the construction glue. Allow the glue to completely cure, a process that takes at least a day
  • Dip your small paintbrush in craft glue. Cut out about 10 inches of piping. Line the edge of your mirror with glue, and then start applying the piping, inch by inch; the piping will enhance your mirror's appearance and protect you from its sharp edges. Stop gluing the piping when you have about an inch of mirror edge left, so you can trim the excess. Finish placing your piping and hold the piping down while it dries

How to Customize a Compact Mirror:

  • Decide whether you want to paint your compact mirror or decorate it with objects. Spray-painting the compact is simple. Pick out a stencil you want to use (such as hearts, angels or patterns) and tape it over the top of the compact. Use metallic, faux finish or different colors like pastels. Carefully spray paint over the stencil to create the design. You can also just spray paint the entire compact as a base before you add decorations. Make sure to let the paint dry before you add anything else
  • Add a picture that is personal for you. Cut out pictures of you and your friends, family or significant other, or choose a favorite photo of beaches, jungles or the ocean. Laminate the photo and cut it out. Use a hot glue gun to secure it to the back of the compact mirror. Decorate with crystals or other objects around it as a border
  • Play around with animal prints if you do not want to paint the compact. Get some animal print fabric such as zebra, cheetah, leopard or giraffe and cut out a circle that is even to the top of the compact mirror. Or, if you do not like animal prints, go to a fabric store and explore all the great and creative fabrics they have to offer. You can use any sort of pattern or texture fabric. Glue it on carefully
  • Use tweezers to pick up small rhinestones, beads, sequins or gems. Add dots of glue to the backs of these and carefully set them on the compact one by one, creating a pattern of swirls, letters or other patterns. Apply small rhinestones or sequins to the back of your compact to add shine and style. Experiment with several different colors
  • Cut some small flowers from a silk flower bouquet and use a hot glue gun to secure them to the back of the compact mirror. You can use several small buds, placing them close together, or just one large one for a dazzling appearance. Use hot glue to attach these blooms and make sure to let each dry before you add another so you do not risk knocking off other decorations

Package Included:

  • 1 x Compact Mirror
  • 1 x Mirror Brushing Cloth
  • 1 x Pocket
  • 1 x Carrybag
  • 1 x Pack Box