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LAVIE Classic Handled Train Cosmetics Makeup Case


When you arrive at your destination, this makeup case enables you to access your toiletries with ease. The Mirror Jewelry Box is made of high quality material, which gives it a rich and refined style that makes it look wonderful. It is safety and gre...
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  • Lightweight yet sturdy is portable for you
  • Now you can carry all of your beauty essentials with this luxury makeup case
  • This stylish train makeup case is modeled after used by many makeup artists
  • Yet the conveniently small size makes Drawer Jewelry Box a perfect case for travellers
  • This Drawer Jewelry Box is optimized for organization
  • This Mirror Jewelry Box is made of high quality material, provides perfect protection
  • This Classic Jewelry Box is also can do quite a beautiful ornament
  • Drawer Jewelry Box sports snap locks, plus a lock and key to keep your items secure
  • Size: 26.5 x 19.5 x 17.5cm/10.4 x 7.7 x 6.9in(L x W x H)
  • Material: Composite Skin & Flocking Fabric


LAVIE Classic Handled Train Cosmetics Makeup Case

  • The makeup case is made of composite skin, which is durable and luxury

LAVIE Classic Handled Train Cosmetics Makeup Case

  • Multilayer design will bring you much convenience

LAVIE Classic Handled Train Cosmetics Makeup Case

  • The small rooms is suitable for your all kinds of cosmetics and jewelry

LAVIE Classic Handled Train Cosmetics Makeup Case
LAVIE Classic Handled Train Cosmetics Makeup Case
LAVIE Classic Handled Train Cosmetics Makeup Case
LAVIE Classic Handled Train Cosmetics Makeup Case

  • The pink one is more charming and luxury

How to Maintain the Makeup Cases or Cosmetic Bags:

  • Store the leather Makeup Cases or cosmetic bags at the ventilated place
  • Avoid to expose it under the sun for a long time
  • Use a soft, dry white cloth and wipe down the entire makeup case to remove any surface moisture, and then dry it under the desiccative environment
  • Wipe off stains gently by a little cloth, but please prevent water penetrating into the leather
  • Regularly use a small amount of leather care solution, wipe the leather surface after the solution infiltrated, the leather looks new again
  • For storage, please avoid that it is pressured by other objects in case of distortion
  • Don't store the makeup case together with the acid-base chemical product

LAVIE Classic Handled Train Cosmetics Makeup CaseHow to care for Jewery?

LAVIE Classic Handled Train Cosmetics Makeup Case

  • Most jewelry requires very little care other than cleaning and an occasional professional polishing. To clean your jewelry made of precious metal and stones between professional cleanings, warm soap and water and old toothbrush are the best things to use
  • Chlorine, like that found in bleach and swimming pool chemicals can react fairly strongly with gold and gold containing alloys. Gold jewelry should be removed when adding chemicals to swimming pools or spas and when swimming in recently shocked pools or hot tubs. Short exposure can turn it different colors, usually resembling tarnish. Long exposure to chlorine can change the crystal structure of the metal, making it much weaker
  • Exposure of your jewelry to mercury should be avoided. Mercury will attack the gold in gold bearing alloys very quickly and can actually dissolve it. This is not as much of a concern these days as mercury has been all but eliminated from things in our daily lives, but it is still around in such things as thermometers
  • Attention should be paid to the backs of the stones and inside where dirt and debris can collect. Nothing stronger than warm water and dish detergent are recommended as certain chemicals can react with precious metals, especially cleaning agents containing chlorine

LAVIE Classic Handled Train Cosmetics Makeup CaseHow to Decorate a Jewelry Box?

LAVIE Classic Handled Train Cosmetics Makeup Case

  • Jewelry box and necklace image by VisualEyez from Fotolia.comMake your own personalized jewelry box using items you can buy at your local craft store. Decorated boxes also make lovely gifts or crafts that girls can do at a birthday party. They can take their finished jewelry boxes home as a party favor. Stow your trinkets inside your box and display it where people can see it, on top of a dresser or bathroom counter
  • Paint your jewelry box using acrylic craft paint. For a sparkling, feminine jewelry box, use gold or silver paint. A more vintage-looking box could be muted pink, green or beige. Or, for a more natural finish, use wood stain or a clear coat. Allow the box to dry
  • Glue on embellishments. Glue seashells around the top edges of the box to create a beach-theme box. Make a box for a child by gluing small plastic toys to it or fuzzy pom poms. Feathers, trim or rocks are other options. Decoupage magazine pictures or photos printed from your computer onto your box using decoupage medium and a paintbrush. Create designs such as swirls or hearts by gluing colorful beads to the top of the box. Use tweezers to place beads where you want them
  • Scratched CDs that you don't need anymore can make a cool mosaic when you break them up and glue them on
  • Cut a piece of colored felt or velvet to fit inside your box. This will serve as a liner so your jewelry won't get scratched inside the box. Glue a mirror to the inside lid of the box. Embellish the inside lid of the box with rhinestones for an extra touch of sparkle

LAVIE Classic Handled Train Cosmetics Makeup CaseJewelry Box Information

LAVIE Classic Handled Train Cosmetics Makeup Case

Though it is not known when the first jewelry box was created, mass production of jewelry boxes began during the Industrial Revolution, allowing the poor and rich alike to own the adored luxury item. In modern times, women do not view the jewelry box so much as an item of beauty, but rather as a practical necessity to store jewelry and other small, precious objects

LAVIE Classic Handled Train Cosmetics Makeup Case

  • Types: There are two main types of jewelry boxes. The first type is the sitting jewelry box, which has a lift-off lid. The lid either lifts off completely or swings back on hinges. The musical jewelry box is a sitting jewelry box. The second type is the standing jewelry box, which stands upright and has swing-out doors and pull-out drawers. Standing jewelry boxes sit on a table or have their own table-like legs
  • Compartments: Most jewelry boxes have various compartments to accommodate different kinds of jewelry. The two most common are ring compartments and necklace compartments. The ring compartment has cushioned grooves to set rings in. The ring compartments hold the rings upright. The necklace compartment is an upright, standing compartment with hooks for holding necklaces. Most jewelry boxes have multipurpose drawer compartments to hold earrings, bracelets and brooches. Many jewelry boxes have a mix of compartment types. Jewelry boxes occasionally have secret compartments in the back, top or bottom

LAVIE Classic Handled Train Cosmetics Makeup Case

  • Materials: Jewelry boxes are made from various materials. The least expensive jewelry boxes are made from decorative cardboard, while woods are used in making other jewelry boxes. Jewelry boxes of plastic, glass, aluminum and metal are also common
  • For Men: Men's jewelry boxes differ from those for women, and are often harder to find. Men's jewelry boxes are often smaller and are usually flat, flip-open boxes. Men's jewelry boxes often have small compartments for cufflinks, rings, bracelets or necklaces are. Men's jewelry boxes often include cushioned slots for watches
  • For Children: Children's boxes closely resemble women's boxes. The main difference in adult and children's jewelry boxes is their outer appearance. Children' jewelry boxes are often decorated with cartoon characters or other children's themes

 Package Included:

  • 1 x Makeup Case