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ColorShine Elegant Handled Lockable Train Makeup Case


As we know, a makeup box can organize your cosmetic better and keep your makeup tidy and clean. Are you looking for a practical makeup box for yourself? If so, you have come to the right place. This well-made cosmetic organizer will meet all your nee...
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  • The material of the makeup box is high quality charpie and leather material, which is durable enough
  • Exquisite, modern design of the makeup kit is a nice decoration to your room
  • The cosmetic organizer is convenient to use and store your makeup
  • You can organize your cosmetics easily and efficiently with this good makeup kit
  • The size of the makeup box is neither too big nor too small, which does not take many spaces
  • This makeup box is definitely a thoughtful present for a girl, which contains your love and care
  • Material: Charpie & Leather
  • Size: 17 x 12 x 11cm/6.69 x 4.72 x 4.33in(L x W x H)


ColorShine Elegant Handled Lockable Train Makeup Case

  • This makeup box is an excellent way to store all of your cosmetics in a compact fashion, keeping them organized

ColorShine Elegant Handled Lockable Train Makeup Case

  • With a light weight, the cosmetic organizer is easy and convenient to carry and place

ColorShine Elegant Handled Lockable Train Makeup Case

  • Fine details of this makeup box, it features a lockable design, which is great for traveler

ColorShine Elegant Handled Lockable Train Makeup Case

  • With a good quality charpie and leather material and fine structure, the madeup box can be used for long time

ColorShine Elegant Handled Lockable Train Makeup Case

  • It is a great decoration on your dresser, also a great gift for your girlfriends or treats for yourself

Size in Detail:

ColorShine Elegant Handled Lockable Train Makeup Case

How to Keep a Clean Makeup Kit:

ColorShine Elegant Handled Lockable Train Makeup Case

Wearing makeup is a luxury and a blessing for women. However, a dirty or disorganized kit will hamper your efforts. Having a clean, well-organized makeup kit helps you complete your beauty routine in an efficient and professional way. You can feel fortunate and well-deserving as you head out the door knowing you are well-groomed and made up properly

  • Use a tray for your makeup kit with compartments for storing different types of makeup items. Have one section designated for liquid foundation bottles and another for compacts, blushes, and eye shadows. Keep your eyebrow pencils, eyeliners, and mascaras together and your lipsticks in a separate compartment of your makeup tray. Have a separate area for brushes and keep your nail polishes separated from makeup
  • Close each container tightly after each use, and place it back in the proper compartment. Avoid letting it sit out until later, as this can keep you from maintaining your makeup kit effectively
  • Wipe down each item periodically, along with the kit itself. Use a paper towel and water to remove residue from the bottle throats before replacing their caps. Wipe down your pencils and lipsticks and other items in the same fashion, keeping them clean for their next use. Use a very gentle soap, such as baby shampoo, to wash your brushes
  • Place the separated items in individual baggies or pouches when you travel. Bring your tray and reorganize your makeup kit once you arrive

How to Unlock a Makeup Box With a Paperclip:

ColorShine Elegant Handled Lockable Train Makeup Case

A makeup box is a large container with a lid that contains numerous small shelves and compartments for organizing cosmetics. A makeup box usually has a central lock for securing the goods inside. If for some reason you've lost the key that opens it, don't worry. The lock on a makeup box is so simple that you can easily pick it with something as basic as a paperclip

  • Unwind a paperclip until all you have is a straight piece of wire
  • Take a set of pliers and bend one end of the paper clip 1/4 inch inward. You've now got a makeshift key
  • Stick your paperclip "key" in the lock of the makeup box and wiggle it around. Your goal is to find the latch within the lock and press on it sufficiently to unlock it
  • Continue to slowly move the paperclip around, tapping it against the insides of the lock. Be patient. You'll know you've hit the latch when the lock clicks open

Package Included:

  • 1 x Makeup Case