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Morchin Universal Thickened Car Microfiber PU Cover Set 3Pcs


You want to protect your hand brake, you want to protect your gear, and also you want to protect your interior view mirror. While, there is not satisfying product you think. Then I strongly recommend you that our microfiber PU car cover set 3PcsThe n...
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  • This microfiber PU cover set includes one hand brake cover, one gear cover, and interior view mirror cover
  • You will feel more convenient in the car, easy to clean
  • This cover set is universal, suitable for all of the car
  • This car set cover make your car beautiful and fashion
  • This set cover for your car is made of microfiber PU, durable enough
  • Help you to protect and decorate your car
  • Unique design, good quality, high performance
  • Provides excellent driving feel and brings you the perfect driving experience
  • Work fine, with super soft supple feel comfortable, vivid design will not fade, both the practical and decorative
  • Material: Microfiber PU
  • Color: Black


Morchin Universal Thickened Car Microfiber PU Cover Set 3Pcs

  • The black color is easy to maintain and never be out of fashion

Morchin Universal Thickened Car Microfiber PU Cover Set 3Pcs

  •  Your hand brake will get the best protection with this cover set

Morchin Universal Thickened Car Microfiber PU Cover Set 3Pcs

  • The gear will also be protected well after wearing this cover set

Morchin Universal Thickened Car Microfiber PU Cover Set 3Pcs

  • The interior view mirror looks more stylish than before with this cover set

Morchin Universal Thickened Car Microfiber PU Cover Set 3Pcs

  • One hand cover, one gear cover and the interior view mirror are included

How to Install Pedal Covers:

Morchin Universal Thickened Car Microfiber PU Cover Set 3Pcs

Installing pedal covers on your vehicle is possible with the right tools. Replace your pedal covers when they have become worn or if you prefer to have a more stylish design. Research the specifications of the pedal covers to ensure they will fit properly. Many manufacturers have pedal covers that are specific for certain car types only

  • Activate the emergency brake on your vehicle to prevent it from rolling while you are working with the pedals. Remove the driver's side floor mat to gain access to the bolts underneath the accelerator. Place the floor mat on the ground so that you can kneel on it while you remove and install the pedal covers
  • Pry the factory brake pedal cover off with your fingers. Slide your fingers underneath the top portion of the pedal cover and lift upward. The cover should slide off easily once the top portion is removed. Remove the clutch pedal cover by inserting the flat end of the screwdriver into the slit between the cover and the metal pedal on the right side. Twist and the pedal cover will pop off.
  • Remove the accelerator cable and retainer at the top portion of the accelerator pedal with your fingers. Use the 13 mm wrench to remove the nuts that connect the accelerator pedal to the floor. Remove the entire accelerator pedal and bar by pulling it out from the vehicle after removing the nuts
  • Place the punch into the pin area of the pedal bracket that connects the pedal to the assembly and hammer the pin until it almost comes completely out. Remove the factory pedal from the metal assembly
  • Clean the metal portion of the pedals with a clean shop towel and degreaser. This step will remove any dust or grime left by the old pedal covers.
  • Install the new accelerator pedal by placing the pin through the mounting hole in the back of the pedal, securing it to the metal accelerator assembly. Replace the accelerator assembly in the same manner that you removed it. Tighten the 13 mm nuts into the floor and reattach the accelerator cable and retainer
  • Pour four cups of water into the small saucepan and place on the stove. Put the new brake and clutch pedal covers in the pan. Boil for approximately two to three minutes. Turn off the stove and remove the saucepan from the burner. Remove the hot pedals with tongs and place them on a clean dry cloth to dry. Let them cool for approximately one to two minutes before handling with your bare hands
  • Stretch the rubber portion of the pedal cover over the top part of the brake pedal and work your way down. Repeat this step for the clutch pedal cover

How to Install Brake Dust Covers:

Morchin Universal Thickened Car Microfiber PU Cover Set 3Pcs

Loosen the lug bolts that hold the wheels on, using a lug wrench. Raise the vehicle with a floor jack and rest the vehicle on jack stands. Finish removing the wheel near the corner were the car was raised

  • Lay the wheel face down so you can access the back of it. Place the wheel onto a towel or a soft surface to avoid scratching the finish on the wheel
  • Locate the red arrow on the dust shield, which indicates the correct direction of the shield. Orient the shield so that the arrow points in the same direction that the wheel will roll in when you drive the vehicle forward
  • Slide the dust shield onto the inside of the wheel, keeping the directional arrow visible. Line the holes in the dust shield up with the lug holes in the wheel. Apply firm pressure on the outer edge of the dust shield. The flat surface of the shield should lie flat against the hub surface of the wheel. You may have to press down hard to get the shield to seat properly
  • Ensure that there are no gaps between the edge of the shield and the surface of the wheel, then reinstall the wheel on your car
  • Install and hand-tighten the lug nuts. Spin the wheel by hand to ensure that there are no scraping or rubbing sounds. Lower the vehicle to the ground and tighten the lug nuts with a lug wrench to the proper specification as outlined in the owner's manual for your vehicle. Repeat these steps for all remaining wheels of your vehicle, one at a time

Package Included:

  • 1 x Hand Brake Cover
  • 1 x Gear Cover
  • 1 x Interior View Mirror Cover