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Quewoo Creative Colorful Earth Pattern Music Snow Globe


Do you still remember childhood Music Snow Globe bringing pleasure, fun or dream to you? The graceful Music Snow Globe reminds all your sweet memories. This is a great looking decorative figure Music Snow Globe. Shake it up a bit with this collectibl...
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  • Colourful Music snow globe is creative,It is also eye-catching!
  • This beautiful detailed snow globe collectible is a visual delight for your enjoyment
  • Earth pattern music  snow globe is a good gift for your firends
  • The coloring and expression make this Snow Globe Ornament irresistible
  • Base Material: Resin and crystal
  • Diameter: 7cm/2.76in
  • Height: 9.5cm/3.74in


Quewoo Creative Colorful Earth Pattern Music Snow Globe

  • Earth pattern makes this best snow globe a great gift for your firends 

Quewoo Creative Colorful Earth Pattern Music Snow Globe

  • Beautiful pattern music snow globe will make you more eye-catching!

How Are Snow Globes Made?

Snow globes were first introduced at the Paris Exposition fair in 1889. Water globes were introduced in a far smaller size than the modern version of the popular holiday item. The first snow globe featured powdery white flakes flowing around a scaled version of the Eiffel Tower. Snow globes became a fashionable item to own throughout Europe, and featured wedding bouquets, miniature dolls and military medals

Snow Globes Travel to America

  • A German company developed snow globes depicting American city names, and introduced the novelties to the United States. Pennsylvania resident Joseph Garaja received a snow globe patent in 1929, and began mass-producing a myriad of snow globe styles. The introduction of plastic into the marketplace allowed inexpensive snow globes production and wider use as tourist attraction souvenirs. During the 1970s snow globes and technology merged, allowing the creation of music and moving figures inside the globe domes

Snow Globe Liquid

  • The exact recipe of liquid inside snow globes is tightly guarded as a trade secret. Multiple recipes exist for a low cost home craft version of the snow globe. The water-like mixture allows snow particles to float around the globe when it is shaken. Homemade snow globes are often plagued by murky water after a short period of use. Liquid used inside the snow globe is comprised of light oil and a mixture of water and antifreeze. Components found in the mixture also include glycerin and glycol, which prevent the "snowflakes" from falling to the bottom of the globe too quickly after being shaken

Snow Globes "Snowflakes"

  • Soap flakes are used in homemade versions of snow globes, and were the original material used to create an illusion of a falling snow. Modern and mass produced snow globes feature minuscule white plastic particles. The lightweight plastic flows inside the globe and eventually settles at the base when movement of the globe ceases. Snow globes, which possess moving figurines, stir the plastic particles, increasing the time the "snow" floats around the globe

Filling the Glass Globe

  • The glass globe is produced in the same manner as typical glass bowls. A rubber cap with a threaded ring is added to the lip of the globe, to prevent liquid from leaking. The snow globe figurine is mounted with water resistant glue to the center of the rubber ring. If the snow globe features moving parts, the figurine is screwed onto the rubber ring and attached to a small crank mechanism housed beneath the ring

Attaching the Snow Globe Base

  • A wooden or plastic base in then screwed onto the threaded rubber ring, securing the globe in place while holding the entire project upside down, preventing the plastic snowflakes and liquid from spilling. Crank boxes are mounted into the globe base for models, which play music or possess moving figurines. A lever, which turns by hand, or a slot for battery-powered movement, is connected to the globe base. Snow globes are created both by hand and through the use of assembly machines

How Does a Snow Globe Work?

Quewoo Creative Colorful Earth Pattern Music Snow Globe

Make It Snow

  • The best part about making a snow globe 'work' is that it usually only takes a gentle shake, winding a key or pushing a switch to activate one. Years ago, snow globes only worked by someone turning one upside down and setting it back on a tabletop, then watching the minute bits of pretend snow swirl around inside the globe before settling. Perhaps your grandmother had one that had been crafted by an expert glassblower who made the fragile bubble working over an open flame

Machines and People

  • Modern snow globes are made by machines, hundreds of them at a time. The globes are released from the machinery and set aside to cool. Once they're cool enough to handle, the neck edges are trimmed. The base scene, which is really much smaller than it looks through the globe (the curve of the globe magnifies the scene inside) is selected and then glued to the base. Some base scenes are still hand-carved or handmade, but most of these, too, are produced by machines. If the snow globe is also a music box, the base will have a music box motor installed in it and a hole drilled for the stem of the winding key to pass through. A musical snow globe can be key-wound or electronic, so it, too, takes a person to make it work

Handle with Care

  • The trimmed neck of the glass globe next has a thin line of strong glue applied to it, and then the globe is set in place over the scene, fitting into a small channel carved into the base. Once the glue dries, the globe is turned upside down and filled with a special liquid, leaving just a tiny air bubble that shouldn't be visible once the globe is upright again. This is all usually done by machine, too. That special liquid is necessary because ordinary water, even distilled water, would eventually become murky, or the scene inside the globe would be shrouded by algae. The liquid also contains a chemical to keep the "snow" from getting stuck to the floor of the globe and unable to be dispersed when shaken

Work That's Fun

  • A gentle shake or just tipping it usually is enough to start the snowstorm inside the globe. Some snow globes even have a tiny blower inside that blows air through the globe so the "blizzard" lasts until you turn the switch to stop it

Keeping It Working

  • Snow globes are very fragile, so keep in mind they won't work if curious little fingers try to pry the globe apart from the base or wind the music box key too tightly. If you break a snow globe, be extremely careful picking up the pieces, and don't let pets or babies run across the floor until you've wiped up the liquid, swept and vacuumed the floor

How to Repair Snow Globes?

Although merely decorative bric-a-brac, snow globes may hold much sentimental value to the owner. When these keepsakes break, do not throw them away. They are quite simple to repair and make as new. It is even possible to customize them, add snow or glitter and leave the globes even more special than they once were

Quewoo Creative Colorful Earth Pattern Music Snow Globe

  • Drive three or four nails into the scrap wood just wide enough to hold the glass globe in place upside down
  • Remove all vestiges of the broken snow globe glass from the snow globe base
  • Save whatever snow you can from the old globe water and allow to dry. Alternatively, purchase new snow globe snow or glitter from a local craft supply store
  • Measure the amount of distilled water needed by filling up the globe and inserting the base upside down into the globe. Perform this step over a sink to catch the extra water that may come out
  • Remove an additional 2 tbsp. of water from the globe. If you wish to add glitter or snow, increase to 3 tbsp. to allow room
  • Mix 2 tsp. of glycerin into the globe's distilled water and stir until dissolved
  • Add glitter or snow
  • Line the rim of the globe glass with underwater glue. Follow the manufacturer's instructions as to quantity and setting
  • Insert the snow globe base gently upside down onto the globe and allow to dry

Package Included:

  • 1 x Snow Globe