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Landscape Straw Hat Counted Cross Stitch Kit


Do you want to have a beautiful counted cross stitch? Here the Landscape Straw Hat Counted Cross Stitch Kit can satisfy you.This cross stitch kit contains cotton thread, cotton fabric, needle, and easy-to-follow instructions. Decorate any room i...
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  • Beautiful landscape straw hat pattern cross stitch kit
  • Landscape cross stitch brings a new look for your rooms
  • Landscape cross stitch is perfect for offices, living rooms, or studies
  • This cross stitch kit is made of high quality material
  • Landscape cross stitch is also a great gift choice for friends or collectors
  • Everything needed to complete the design is included in the counted cross stitch
  • Material: Cotton (Fabric Cloth)


Landscape Straw Hat Counted Cross Stitch Kit

  • Beautiful landscape straw hat pattern cross stitch kit. Landscape cross stitch brings a new look for your rooms

Landscape Straw Hat Counted Cross Stitch Kit

  • The pattern details of the counted cross stitch. This nice cross stitch kit is made of high quality material

Landscape Straw Hat Counted Cross Stitch Kit

  • Everything needed to complete the design is included in the counted cross stitch. Just take this home now

Size in Details:


W x H


50 x 50cm/19.7 x 19.7in


41 x 41cm/16.1 x 16.1in


32 x 32cm/12.6 x 12.6in

How to Finish Counted Cross Stitch:

Landscape Straw Hat Counted Cross Stitch Kit

  • Step One: Start from the top left of the stitch, then bring the needle through from the bottom, holding the tail at the back of the thread. Leave about an inch (2.5 cm) on the back for an anchor if not using the loop start method
  • Step Two: Bring the thread down to the lower right corner
  • Step Three: Then back up through the upper right and down through the lower left, forming an X. Each time you should pull the thread all the way through so that it is flush with the fabric surface
  • Step Four: Start your next stitch so it uses two of the same holes as the picture
  • Step Five: Repeat, making sure your stitches overlap your anchor thread on the back of the fabric

How to Make Counted Cross-Stitch Patterns:

  • Draw your design on sketch paper. This will give you a picture to refer to when you make your design on graph paper. If you plan to write words as part of your design, block printing is recommended. Script writing is hard to read when the curves of the letters are transferred to block shapes on graph paper
  • Using a light hand and colored pencils, draw the outline of your design on the graph paper
  • Make Xs over the lines you drew in the previous step. Make the Xs in the same color as the lines you drew. When a line curves and crosses over only part of a box, decide whether you will fill in the box completely, leave it blank or make a half-stitch to create an angled line. If you want to angle the line, make a crosshatch mark (half of an X) to show that you will not be making a full cross-stitch at that point
  • Fill in the outlined areas with more Xs. Each X should be drawn in the color of thread you plan to use when stitching. With a black pencil, draw lines on the edges of the boxes that will be outlined to distinguish shapes
  • Determine which size Aida cloth you will need to use to create your design in the appropriate finished size. Aida cloth is sized by squares per inch. For example, 11-count Aida cloth has 11 squares per inch. It normally is sold in thread counts of 6, 8, 11, 14, 16 and 18. Count the number of filled-in squares on the longest line of your design, and include empty squares that will border your design. Divide the total number of stitches by various sizes of Aida cloth thread counts to find the desired finished size. For example, if you have 55 squares, using 11-count Aida cloth with give you a finished size of 5 inches. If you want your design to be larger, use 8-count Aida cloth. This will give you a finished size of almost 7 inches

How to Create a Counted Cross Stitch:

Landscape Straw Hat Counted Cross Stitch Kit

Preparing the Cloth:

  • Measure and cut the Aida cloth according to the pattern's finished size, plus a 3-inch border on each side of the design. Cross stitch patterns normally note the finished size based on 14- and 18-count Aida cloth
  • Find the center hole in the weave and mark very lightly with the fabric marking pen. Cut a length of dark embroidery floss four inches longer than the width or length of the cloth. Separate the strands and thread the needle with one strand
  • Run the needle through the woven holes every 10 holes vertically and horizontally, crossing at the center point. These lines of counted stitches will help you keep track while following the pattern
  • Place the Aida cloth between the inner and outer circles of the embroidery hoop. Tighten the outer hoop to hold the cloth in place

Stitching the Design:

  • Thread the needle with two stands of embroidery floss approximately 18 inches in length, matching the color for the design's center area. Longer lengths tend to tangle, knot or twist
  • Determine the first stitch by looking at the center of the design and choosing a top row of that using the same color. For example when stitching a flower, begin with the top row of the flower's center in the middle of design. Count across the pattern and find the coinciding place on your Aida cloth
  • Bring your needle through the first hole from the back of the cloth and pull through until a one-inch tail is left. Hold the tail down across the row you will be stitching so it will become hidden under the stitches on the backside. Push the needle through the hole that is to the upper right of the first hole. Pull the floss through gently to avoid pulling the tail through
  • Push the needle, from the back, through the hole to the right of the first hole making sure the tail is under the stitch on the back. Continue making the needed number of these half stitches for the first row
  • Push the needle from the back through the hole just below the last hole used after the last half stitch has been made. Pull the thread up and push the needle through the hole to upper left making an "X" stitch. Continue until the first row is completed and move onto the row below the first row stitched
  • Stitch each area of the cross stitch according to the pattern. Switch to a new length of floss by running the needle under a few stitching on the back side and clipping off the excess

Package Included:

  • 1 x Cross Stitch Kit