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Fashion Home Decor Music Box Crystal Ball


Do you still remember childhood music box bringing pleasure, fun or dream to you? The graceful music box reminds all your sweet memories when the music plays.This is a great looking decorative figure. Shake it up a bit with this collectible home...
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  • The music instruction embedded on the base
  • You can put this music box everywhere all according your personal preference, cars, bedroom, and so on
  • Wring the clockwork under the base, a melodious music will be played to make you happy
  • Music box reminds all your sweet memories when the music plays
  • Music box is a excellent gift
  • When music playing, the lovers  in the home crystal ball will rotate
  • Decor ball plays the tune "Castle In The Sky"
  • Color: Blue
  • Base Material: Resin
  • Globe Material: Glass
  • Size: 15.5 x 15cm/6.1 x 5.9in (H x Dia.)


Fashion Home Decor Music Box Crystal Ball

  • The dolphins style music snow globe is creative. The dolphin stands for the wisdom, friendship and purified love

Fashion Home Decor Music Box Crystal Ball

  • Detail of two dolphins in the music crystal globe. The five different shape dolphins are life-like

Fashion Home Decor Music Box Crystal Ball

  • Detail of the base of the dolphins scene. Music box reminds all your sweet memories when the music plays

Fashion Home Decor Music Box Crystal Ball 

  • Wringing the clockwork under the base, the music will be played and sequins in the music snow globe will float

Fashion Home Decor Music Box Crystal Ball

  • The explorer dolphins will rotate with the melodies music, when you wring the clockwork under the base

How to Make Music Boxes:

Installing a Mechanical Music Movement:

  • Unscrew the crank from the music movement mechanism
  • Place the mechanism in the bottom of the box in a place where it is convenient to drill a hole
  • Hold the screw of the mechanism against the bottom of the box to mark the point where a hole needs to be made
  • Use a screwdriver to drill a hole into the marked position
  • Place the screw of the mechanism into the drilled hole and screw the crank onto the threads of the screw of the mechanism from the outside of the box. Crank the mechanical mechanism to play the musical movement

Installing an Electronic Music Movement:

  • Place the electronic mechanism into the box in a place where it is exposed to light
  • Apply superglue to the flat back of the mechanism, coating it well so that it will stick properly
  • Press the glue-coated back of the mechanism to the box to glue it in place
  • Flip the tiny switch of the electronic mechanism to "On," or install batteries if needed, depending upon the type of electronic mechanism you purchased
  • Test your electronic movement by opening the box; music should start to play upon opening of the box when the electronic mechanism senses light

How Does a Music Box Make Music:

Fashion Home Decor Music Box Crystal Ball

The Base Plate:

  • Inside the music box, there is a mechanism called the "musical movement" that creates the music. The musical movement is made up of several parts. At the bottom of the music box is a base plate (normally made of brass) which supports the musical movement

The Comb:

  • There is a steel comb with teeth of varying lengths that are tuned to achieve musical notes. This comb is set into motion by a revolving metal cylinder. It lies above the base plate adjacent to the cylinder. Generally, the more teeth on the comb, the more expensive the music box

The Cylinder:

  • The metal (usually brass) cylinder has raised bumps strategically placed on it so that when it revolves, it plucks the teeth of the comb at different intervals, creating notes. Some music boxes have interchangeable cylinders to offer the listener a variety of songs

The Spring Mechanism and Key:

  • Inside a brass housing is the spring mechanism which is wound up by a key on the outside of the box. The spring mechanism is attached to the cylinder and sets it in motion. The length of play is determined by how many times the key is turned

The Speed Governor:

  • There is a speed governor that regulates the speed of the spring mechanism. It ensures the music will play at a regular rhythm

The Music Box:

  • All of the parts of the musical movement are contained within a decorative box, ceramic figurine or any other number of artistic housing units. Music boxes can fit in the palm of your hand, or they can be as big as a piano

How to Repair a Cracked Music Globe:

  • Go out and buy a replacement globe by finding either a place that sells globes separately or a cheap globe of a comparable size
  • Place a bucket on the floor or a flat surface in preparation for opening the globe. The contents may spill, and preparing a container to catch the mess is easier than having to go outside or clean the whole floor
  • Unscrew the glass globe from its base as you hold it firmly over the bucket. Usually, with a bit of a tug the globe will come unstuck, but you could use a jar-opening grip for assistance. You may need to chip away a small amount of glue with a jeweler's screwdriver or other small pointed utensil before unscrewing
  • Let all inner pieces, including the snow and any other objects, pour into the bucket. Usually, objects are attached to the base, but they may have come unstuck when the globe cracked. Take care with breakable items
  • Pour the contents of the bucket through a sieve to remove water. Rinse the pieces with fresh cold water. Dry the pieces you wish to keep on a soft kitchen towel. This is the perfect time to get new snow or items for your snow globe base
  • Hold the replacement globe upside down and fill it with clean water and snow. Add a few drops of glycerin or baby oil to the water to increase the buoyancy of the snow
  • Turn the base upside down and screw it firmly onto the globe -- not the other way around. That would be messy. Seal the globe with a bead of glue and enjoy

Package Included:

  • 1 x Fashion Home Decor Dolphins Resin Base Music Snow Globe