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Lexye Porcelain Enamel Peacock Coffee Cup Set


It is really fantastic to sitting down, having a cup of coffee and relaxing after busy working! Porcelain enamel peacock coffee cup set offers just the thing for an afternoon tea or coffee with friends! Featuring a peacock, we believe this Porcelain ...
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  • The Best Coffee Cup is a cute and inspirational pin
  • Perfect party favor for special events
  • Offer just the thing for an afternoon tea with friends
  • Accent your next party with garden grace or complete your kitchen set with this coffee cup set
  • Feature great styling as well as a porcelain enamel finish
  • Safe to use in the dishwasher
  • Coffee Cup: 11 x 7.5 x 8.5cm / 4.3 x 3.0 x 3.3in (L x W x H)
  • Saucer: 18.5 x 12 x 3.5cm / 7.3 x 4.7 x 1.4in (L x W x H)
  • Spoon Length: 14cm / 5.5in
  • Color:Green Yellow Purple Blue Red


Lexye Porcelain Enamel Peacock Coffee Cup Set

  • Playful and delicate in detail, this Peacock Coffee Cup makes for an enjoyable, intimate coffee party

Lexye Porcelain Enamel Peacock Coffee Cup Set

  • Made of enamel porcelain material of this Peacock Coffee Cup which ensures it more durable

Lexye Porcelain Enamel Peacock Coffee Cup Set

  • Enjoy coffee with your coffee cup saucer set by a cozy fireplace with the family

Lexye Porcelain Enamel Peacock Coffee Cup Set

Lexye Porcelain Enamel Peacock Coffee Cup Set

  • This Peacock Coffee Cup would make a charming addition to any home and comfortable hand touch when you hold the handle

How to Make a Good Cup of Coffee?

There is nothing like getting that great cup of coffee in the morning. Of course there is nothing worse then when it is made terribly. Here is what I do to make a good cup of coffee.

  • Purchase a good coffee. It all starts here. Do not go for that no frills brand that is the bottom of the barrel grinds. Pick a good coffee like Green Mountain or New England. Maxwell House is ok, but I am not a fan of Folgers.
  • I use a programmable coffee maker where I can set it up the night before so it is ready for me in the morning. That is more for convenience but you can use a coffee maker or coffee pot it makes no difference.
  • After you have inserted the coffee filter in its appropriate location, add 1 level scoop of coffee for each cup you plan on making. i.e. if you are making 4 cups, add 4 level scoops.
  • Now add one cup of water for every cup of coffee that you want to make. The number of cups of water you add you should be equal to the number of scoops of coffee that you add.
  • Now go ahead and brew the coffee and enjoy!

How to Fix a Perfect Cup of Tea?

Drinking tea is as much a ritual of contemplation and conversation as it is a delicious way to warm the body and refresh the mind. Tea aficionados are passionate about the details: What kind of clay went into the teapot, what time of year were the tea leaves picked, what exact temperature is the water? Others simply enjoy a reassuring pot when an old friend stops by. Whatever your preference, try these ideas to bring out the best flavors in your tea.

  • Start with cold water, which retains more oxygen for fuller flavor. If your tap water is hard, use filtered or bottled water.
  • Preheat your teapot: While the water is heating, fill your teapot with hot tap water, let it warm, then drain it completely.
  • Measure into the teapot 1 tsp. of loose tea for every cup you plan to pour. Some tea drinkers, especially those who take milk with their tea, add an extra spoon for the pot. If you're using a mesh tea ball, don't fill it more than halfway, to allow for complete expansion of the tea leaves.
  • For black teas, bring the water to a full boil. Remove the teakettle from the heat as soon as the water begins to boil. Boiling all the oxygen out of the water will flatten the tea's flavor.
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  • A good-quality tea can be infused three to five times. Just add more boiling water. Let it steep for less time with each brew.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Cloisonne Peacock Coffee Cup
  • 1 x Saucer
  • 1 x Spoon