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50mm Diamond Coated Cutting Wheel Disc Rotary 10Pcs

Are you looking for new diamond coated cutting wheels? This is a new set of 10 diamond coated cutting wheels. Longevity is assured as the diamond particles are electroplated onto the surface of the metal. Each wheel has diamond electroplated onto bot...
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  • This is a new set of 10 diamond coated wheels and mandrels
  • It is extremely durable, will not not break and retains it shape
  • If you have the right tools, you can complete any job
  • Great for jewelers, metalsmiths, cutting, grinding, cleaning, etc.
  • Can be used for both wet and dry cuts
  • Ideal for cutting hard stone, soft stone, brick and masonry, cement, asphalt, cured concrete, and marble
  • Will fit most popular saws
  • Diameter: 50mm / 1.97in
  • Thickness: 0.7mm /  0.03in

How to Use a Diamond Cutting Wheel on a Circular Saw:

  • Diamond cutting wheels are primarily standard circular saw blades with diamonds embedded on the outer layer of the wheel. Diamond cutting wheels are used to cut concrete, asphalt, glass and bricks. The diamonds don't cut but grind through the material. The depth and width of the cut depends on the type and thickness of the diamond cutting wheel
  • Inspect the saw to make sure all the safety guards are working and secured firmly. A saw is a dangerous tool and having functioning safety equipment is important before you use a diamond cutting wheel on the saw
  • Use a vise to clamp the material you will be cutting, making sure it is held securely. This allows you to you to cut through the material without having to hold it's position steady by hand. In the case of large items, such as concrete platforms, it will not be possible or necessary to hold the item in a vise
  • Expose ¼ of an inch of the diamond tipped blade. This length is ideal for cutting through hard material such as concrete and glass. If you are cutting through exceptionally thick material, adjust the amount of blade exposure to correspond to the thickness of the material you are cutting through
  • Make sure the blade is rotating at full speed before it meets the material you want to cut. This ensures no chips from the material will get inside the machine and cause a blockage
  • Gently apply a minimum amount of force to push the blade forward. This process is a basic guiding process and the blade will move on its own
  • Switch off the machine when cutting is complete and wait for the diamond cutting wheel to stop turning. After it has stopped, turn off the power to the machine and remove the material you cut

Package Included:

  • 10 x Diamond Coated Cutting Wheel Disc Rotary