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18inch Wallke Bristle Pile Coating Dart Board


When you have nothing to do, you will feel boring. So do you want to find some interesting games to play? Come on! We can recommend this 18inch Wallke Bristle Pile Coating Dart Board to you. Best chioce for you!With 6 darts and board is a c...
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  • Gather your family around this Wallke Dart Board for a friendly dart competition
  • A good collection for you
  • With 6 darts and board is a complete ready-to-play package of dart game fun
  • Bring joys for you
  • A wide variety of fun games of skill can be played using this product, very safe
  • Material: Pile Coating & Paper Board 
  • Size: 45cm/18in(Dia.)


18inch Wallke Bristle Pile Coating Dart Board

  • This Bristle Dart Board will make you famous for your supernatural ability to hit your target time after time

18inch Wallke Bristle Pile Coating Dart Board

  • Gather your family around this Bristle Dart Board for a friendly dart competition

18inch Wallke Bristle Pile Coating Dart Board

  • This performance-quality Bristle Dart Board is sure to provide you with hours of entertainment in your basement, restroom or even garage

18inch Wallke Bristle Pile Coating Dart Board

  • This Room Dart Board will be your good friends. When you feel boring, it will give you much more fun

Size in Detail:

18inch Wallke Bristle Pile Coating Dart Board

How to Run a Dart Tournament:

  • Tournament Running a dart tournament will be exciting for everyone involved. It does take to time to prepare and usually lasts the entire day. As the teams are eliminated, the tournament will slow down until the end. Before starting the dart tournament, have everything set up. This means having the dartboards and extra bar darts delivered to the establishment where the dart tournament will be held. The supplies that are needed are easy, the time spent running the tournament takes the some time


  • The first thing needed to have a dart tournament is at least three to eight dart boards. This will depend on how many entrants are entered into the tournament. For forty teams, at least eight dartboards are needed
  • The teams need to register and pay the entry fee. The entry fee is divided between the game board fee and the prize for the first, second and third place winners. Each team will be entered on the scoreboard
  • The scoreboard will have all teams names entered as the first entry. The scoreboard will show the teams playing each other to start the tournament. The scoreboard will look like a family tree
  • The first round of teams will play until the games are finished. This will take a while to complete since there may be more teams than dartboards. As one team finishes, the next team waiting to play round one will then start playing
  • After all the first-round games have been played, the second round will start. The players in the second round are the teams that won in the first round. This will continue until all rounds have been played, and it is down to two teams for the first place win
  • The scoreboard shows the two teams that will play off for first place. The team to win this last round will win the first-place prize money

How to Set Up a Dartboard:

  • Choose a clear open area facing a wall approximately 5-feet wide and 11-feet long. To avoid accidental injuries, make sure that it is not a high-traffic area
  • Measure exactly 5 feet, 8 inches from the floor up the wall. Mark the spot with a pencil
  • Hang the dartboard so that the bullseye lies precisely on the pencil mark you've made. For some dartboards this will be relatively easy because the hook on the back of the board is centered with the bullseye. However, if your dartboard hangs from the top you must measure the distance from the hook to the bullseye, and add that value to your wall measurement
  • Use a piece of tape to mark your throw line exactly 7 feet 9¼ inches from the face of the dartboard. Measure this line from the face of the dartboard and not the face of the wall
  • Set up adequate lighting for your dartboard. The game of darts is one of precision and requires an ample amount of lighting. Ideally there should be two lights mounted to the ceiling to cover both the left and right side of the board

Package Included:

  • 1 x 18" Wallke Bristle Pile Coating Dart Board