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Eamkevc Darts Accessories 55mm Aluminium Dart Shafts 3 Pcs


Throwing darts is a very interesting game and it has a long history. It is very popular in the world and both the young and the old can play this game. Throwing darts is suitable for a family meeting or some gather occasions. If you like playing dart...
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  • You will like the gold color of this good darts shaft which is really beautiful
  • The length of this darts shaft is 55mm which is so perfect
  • Made of high quality of aluminum material, this kind of dart accessories is durable
  • Many people like the nice appearance of this kind of darts shaft
  • Use this kind of dart supplies to play the darts game; you will have much more fun
  • It is your best choice to choose this kind of darts shaft
  • Length: 55mm/2.2in
  • Color: Gold
  • Material: Aluminum


Eamkevc Darts Accessories 55mm Aluminium Dart Shafts 3 Pcs

  • You can put different kinds of darts wing on this darts shaft

Eamkevc Darts Accessories 55mm Aluminium Dart Shafts 3 Pcs

  • This darts shaft comes with a beautiful gold color which is shiny

Eamkevc Darts Accessories 55mm Aluminium Dart Shafts 3 Pcs

  • You can feel the good quality of this darts shaft by holding the shaft in your hand

Eamkevc Darts Accessories 55mm Aluminium Dart Shafts 3 Pcs

Eamkevc Darts Accessories 55mm Aluminium Dart Shafts 3 Pcs

  • The weight of the darts shaft is not too heavy or too light

Eamkevc Darts Accessories 55mm Aluminium Dart Shafts 3 Pcs

Eamkevc Darts Accessories 55mm Aluminium Dart Shafts 3 Pcs

  • You can put the darts tip in this kind of darts shaft easily

The Rules of How to Play Darts:

Darts Basics

  • If the steel-tip board is not set up, hang it exactly 68 inches from the ground. When throwing, stand 7 feet, 9 1/4 inches from the board's face; establish the toe line at the front of the oche, which should measure 1.5 inches tall and 2 feet in length. The board has 20 sections randomly numbered 1 to 20, with "20" centered at the top, and the red 25 ring surrounds the bull's-eye
  • Before starting your one-on-one or team game, each player gets nine warm-up throws. Have one player from each team throw a dart; whichever team gets closest to the bull's-eye goes first. Keep score by hand on score sheets or a scoreboard
  • Throw three darts during your turn and remove them from the board after scoring. If your foot crosses over the toe line or if you trip over the oche and release your dart, you get no points and lose that throw

Darts Scoring

  • To score, your dart must stay on the board for at least five seconds. If your dart sticks to another dart, falls off the board or bounces off the "spider" (the dividing wires that resemble a spider's web), it does not count
  • If your dart lands in the wedge, you receive the points shown on the outer ring; if it lands in the outer, narrow double ring, you receive twice the amount shown. If your dart lands on the inner, narrow triple ring, you receive three times the amount shown; if your dart hits the outer bull's-eye, you receive 25 points; and if it hits the inner double bull's-eye, you receive 50 points

'01 Dart Games

  • You can play any number of darts games and variations. For one of the popular '01 games--301, 501, 601, 801, 1001--you reduce your score from your starting point to zero. You must get to zero exactly; any throws that would take your score lower than zero do not count. Since 301 probably takes less time to play, you must hit a double before you can start reducing points
  • In your final turns, you must score a double or bull's-eye to get your score down to zero. If you have an even number of points left, you need to score a double of that number. If left with an odd number, try to throw single numbers that will result in an even number. For example, if you have 21, a single-three would reduce your score to 18; a double-nine then would take you to zero
  • Each game you play is one leg, and you win the match once you win two out of three games


  • To play cricket, you need stronger strategy and throwing skills than you would playing an '01 game. You want to hit the numbers 15 to 20 and the bull's-eye three times each. To open a number, you must score three of that number in one or more turns, with any combination of singles, doubles and triples. Once you open a number, you earn points for every hit on that number thereafter. While your opponents cannot score on that number, they could close it by landing three scores on that number
  • If your team has closed off all numbers and has equal or more points than your opponent, your team wins. The game could end sooner, if the team in the lead has closed any possibility of its opponent scoring. You can play cricket variations such as Bowlers and Batters, also called English cricket, and Scram

How to Play Darts:

Eamkevc Darts Accessories 55mm Aluminium Dart Shafts 3 Pcs

  • Hang the dartboard so that the center is 5 feet 8 inches from the floor
  • Mark the throwing line, called the 'oche' (rhymes with 'hockey'), with nonskid tape. The line should be 7 feet, 9 1 /4 inches from the face of the dartboard (not the wall), according to the World Darts Federation
  • Make sure the tape mark lies so that the front edge is the actual line. In other words, a player may step on the tape, but not past it
  • Give each player or team three darts, and determine who throws first by having each player or team representative throw one dart. The player or team whose dart is closest to the center, or bull's-eye, gets to go first
  • Warm up, as competitive dart players do, by alternating throws until each person has thrown nine darts
  • Once the game begins, take your turn by throwing your three darts
  • Add up the score. Each part of the board has a number, and that is the dart's score
  • Count a dart that misses the board completely as a throw. The score for that dart is zero
  • Remove your darts and allow the other player to throw
  • Alternate until the game is over. There are numerous dart games, including the simple one in which players throw five sets, and whoever has the highest score wins

Package Included:

  • 3 x Aluminium Dart Shafts