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Folding Armrests Beach Deck Chair


Whether you're preparing for a backyard get-together with friends or headed to the beach, folding chair is an ideal way to offer a comfortable way to enjoy a day at the beach and additional seating to guests. Folding cha...
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  • Deck chair is very portable and convenient solution when you are on the go
  • Deck chair is very simple to open and fold away
  • The deck chair has a modern design and is foldable for easy storage
  • Folding chair is best gift choice for outdoor sports enthusiasts
  • Beach chair is made of lightweight, sturdy material, and this camping folding chair is steady yet comfy
  • Material: 600D Oxford Fabric & Steel Pipe
  • Size: 152 x 60 x 80cm/59.8 x 23.6 x 31.5in (L x W x H)


Folding Armrests Beach Deck  Chair

  • The beach chair which can be fold easily and has elegant color is light and convenient for carrying

Folding Armrests Beach Deck  Chair

  • You can unfold the deck chair to plane, then lying on it comfortably. Especially when in beach, it is very useful and stylish

Folding Armrests Beach Deck  Chair

  • When moving, you can fold the beach chair in small size. So you can carry it easily wherever you want to go

Folding Armrests Beach Deck  Chair

  • Then you can also put it to chair style. You can sitting on it everywhere. So get the beach chair home immediately

Folding Armrests Beach Deck  Chair

  • The connecting point of folding chair is very firm. You can use it with an easy mind. And The beach chair is very durable

Folding Armrests Beach Deck  Chair

  • On the top, there is bump which can be used as pillow when having a sleep. So you don't need to carry an extra pillow

How to Choose Folding Chairs:

  • Decide which type of folding chair you require. Folding lawn chairs, folding beach chairs, card table folding chairs, metal and plastic folding chairs, office upholstered folding chairs as well as other styles are individuallly designed for specific environments like the park, beach, office and home
  • Consider styles of folding chairs. European folding chairs offer a strong construction and are generally manufactured with light and dark woods. European folding chairs are ideal for outdoor and home décor. Upholstered folding chairs are perfect for office use as the cushioned fabric seat provides greater comfort than plastic and metal folding chairs. Folding chairs with back support work wonders for users who require added support and a slight to moderate recline
  • Test the type of fabric for comfort. Vinyl upholstered folding chairs as well as fabric upholstered folding chairs are favorite types of fabric, each manufactured in a variety of patterns. Many fabric folding chairs offer padding which creates a softer cushion for the seat and makes sitting for long hours during a long reception or other event more comfortable
  • Choose a wooden folding chair for more durable seating. Wooden folding chairs vary by wood type and finish, but largely differ from European folding chairs in terms of overall appearance and durability. Natural wood, mahogany, resin, black wood, white wood, bamboo and oak are common choices
  • Opt for a sports folding chair for sporting events. Many sports folding chairs feature storage attachments, cup holders, arm rests and rollers for easy hauling. Sports folding chairs are commonly made out of mesh, canvas and plastic. Many offer a reclining feature for added comfort
  • Determine if you need additional support. Heavy duty folding chairs and chrome finished folding chairs are ideal for persons of a larger stature and are just as easy to carry as basic folding chairs. Built to recline in most instances and equipped with lumbar vertebrae supports, heavy duty folding chairs and chrome finished folding chairs are designed for concerts, camping trips and sports events. Aside from a few extra inches in length, most heavy duty folding chairs are easy to carry. Online retailers, outdoor patio furniture stores and large retailers like Target and Crate and Barrel all offer a selection of heavy duty and chrome finished folding chairs

How to Decorate Metal Folding Chairs:


  • Position a piece of fabric print-side-in over both sides of the back of the chair. Trace out the shape of the cover you need by drawing directly on the material. Pin in place to keep the fabric still while you trace the lines
  • Sew along the traced lines and then cut off any excess. Turn right-side out. Press with an iron along your seams to give the cover a more professional, clean look
  • Create a hem along the bottom edge of the slipcover. Turn the fabric inside out. Fold the fabric up 1/2 inch from the bottom of the material. Press with an iron. Repeat by folding the fabric another 1/2 inch and pressing with an iron. Sew the hem in place
  • Turn right-side out and slip in place on the back of the chair. Hot glue or sew on any desired decorative elements


  • Cut a piece of 2-inch upholstery foam to the size of the chair's seat. Use an electric or manual utility knife to easily cut the foam
  • Lay the piece of foam over the piece of fabric, print-side up. Fold the fabric over the top of the foam and trace along the sides to determine the size of the cushion cover
  • Sew along the traced lines and cut off any excess material. Turn right-side out and press the seams with a hot iron
  • Stitch the seat cushion closed with a sewing machine or by hand. If you want to be able to change the cushion cover as desired, add decorative buttons to hold the cover in place that you can remove. Hot glue two 3-inch straps to each side of the cushion to tie to the metal folding chair to hold it in place


  • Choose a thick decorative ribbon that will coordinate with your design motif. Depending on the area you want to cover, the ribbon should be at least 1 to 4 inches in width
  • Wrap the ribbon around the sides, legs, back or seat of the chair as desired. For a formal minimalist look, try wrapping one thick band around the back of the chair. For a more decorative look, wrap ribbon around all surfaces of the chair
  • Glue the ribbon in place with a hot glue gun. This will help hold the ribbon in place. If the chairs need to be returned without decoration, it is simple to cut away any ribbon as needed
  • Add any other desired decorative elements with a needle and thread, or with a hot glue gun. These elements can help enhance your design motif. Try using real or artificial flowers, fabric bows, shells, buttons or sequins

Package Included:

  • 1 x Folding Chair