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Jiasy Treasure Retro Cat Decorative Ornaments 2Pcs


If you are a person who cares about the quality of your spiritual life, you must love this decorative ornament. Your house can definitely not miss this decorative ornament for decoration. Our lover cat shape decorative ornaments are just customized f...
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  • This set of home decorations include 2 pieces of decorative ornaments which stand for a couple of lovers
  • You can decorate and brighten a room with these delicate home decorative ornaments
  • Our home decorative ornaments here can add a natural touch to your home decorations
  • These home ornaments with finest details and workmanship can be the best decoration for your space
  • The size of these decorative ornaments is compact enough for you to put it anywhere in your house
  • Color of these decorative art ornaments will not fade away after a long time
  • Height: 11.0cm/4.3in
  • Material: Resin


Jiasy Treasure Retro Cat Decorative Ornaments 2Pcs

  • This set of decorative ornaments are designed in cats shape and suitable for lovers

Jiasy Treasure Retro Cat Decorative Ornaments 2Pcs

  • The waistcoat and the pants dressing of this cat ornament set is very personalized

Jiasy Treasure Retro Cat Decorative Ornaments 2Pcs

  • Lifelike cat shape of this decorative ornament is combined well with the crafted dressing

Jiasy Treasure Retro Cat Decorative Ornaments 2Pcs

  • Your house would be different immediately with this cat shape decorative ornament

Jiasy Treasure Retro Cat Decorative Ornaments 2Pcs

  • The waistcoat of this cat is delicately processed for decoration and perfection

Jiasy Treasure Retro Cat Decorative Ornaments 2Pcs

  • The compact size of this decorative ornament wouldn't occupy too much space in your house


  • These two products are sold together

How to Glue a Resin Figurine Back Together:

Jiasy Treasure Retro Cat Decorative Ornaments 2Pcs

If you knocked over a resin figurine and broke it into pieces, there's no need to panic. You can glue a resin figurine back together easily with the right tips and tricks. Just follow these steps to learn how to do it

  • Gather all the broken pieces of the resin figurine to one area, and make sure to grab all the smaller pieces as well. In order to glue the figurine back to its original shape, you need all the pieces
  • Lay out some solid colored paper across a table. Using solid colored paper will allow you to see all the pieces of the resin figurine, whether they are large or very small. Using newspaper will only disguise pieces among the articles and pictures
  • Place the large pieces of the resin figurine in their appropriate positions prior to applying the glue. This will help you determine exactly how they fit back together
  • Choose the type of glue to suit your needs. Plumber's Goop adhesive works great to repair resin figurines that reside in your garden because it holds well and is weatherproof. Choose an epoxy for indoor resin figurines
  • Apply a small amount of resin glue to the broken piece of the figurine and carefully place it in its appropriate position. Hold the piece down for a few seconds with slight pressure to create a tight seal on the glue. Repeat until you fit all the large pieces in their places
  • Begin working with the smaller pieces once you secure the large pieces into place on the resin figurine. Continue putting the pieces in from largest to smallest until you replace all the broken pieces

What Are Resin Figurines:

Jiasy Treasure Retro Cat Decorative Ornaments 2Pcs

Resin figurines are small statuettes made from a synthetic resin used in home decor. They are often made to represent different types of animals and Eastern deities. A synthetic resin is used to quickly harden the resin in a cast, allowing the figurines to be quickly produced. Resin figurines come in many shapes and sizes, and displaying them in your home varies on the type of figurine you have

About Resin

Resin is a common secretion made by many types of trees, particularly coniferous trees. It is often used in the commercial manufacturing of several types of products, including glues, varnishes, perfumes and glazes. Resin figurines are typically not made of natural resin, but of a material made to synthesize the property of resins. These polyresins are designed to imitate the hardening of natural resins at a much quicker rate and is much more affordable than natural resins. Polyresins are used in the production of figurines because they take painting and other finishes very well

Resin Casting

Resin figurines are made by a process called resin casting. During this process a mold of the figurine is filled with a synthetic resin. Once the resin is placed in the mold, a hardening agent or catalyst is added which then makes the resin harden instantly. The resin figurine is then removed from the cast, packaged and sold. Hobby enthusiasts have also used resin casting to make their own figurines at home. Resins are affordable, but highly toxic, and the casting process must be done in a well-ventilated area. The finished figurines are then painted or finished for decorative use

Types of Figurines and Production

Manufactured figurines come in a variety of types and styles. For instance, animal figurines are available that represent lions, elephants and monkeys, as well as less exotic animals like cats and dogs. Egypt is also a common theme for resin figurines, with a wide variety of Cleopatra, Egyptian cat, pyramid and sarcophagus figures available. Many of these figurines are manufactured in China and Thailand. Because of this, there are many resin figurines representing various deities of Eastern religions, including figures of Buddha, yogis, Ganesh, and Indian and Chinese monks. Resin is also frequently used to make the bride and groom cake toppers for weddings

Sizes and Display

Most resin figurines are small, lightweight and detailed sculptures in sizes ranging from 5 to 8 inches in height and weighing between 1 to 4 lbs. There are, however, different types of resin sculptures which are much larger and come with their own display stands. Resin figurines of the typical size are displayed in curio cabinets, which are glass-front display cases with lighting, designed for safe storage of small figurines

Package Included:

  • 2 x Decorative Ornaments