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Deli Memo Paper Pads Adhesive Sticky Note


If you are looking for convenient sticky notes pad, we are excited to recommend you this Deli Memo Paper Pads Adhesive Sticky Note.Don't let a thought get away, remind yourself of your to-do's or capture those fleeting moments with these adhesiv...
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  • The adhesive sticky note simply write, peel and stick
  • Adhesive sticky note sticks securely and removes cleanly
  • The adhesive sticky note utilizes a revolutionary adhesive technology
  • Self sticky note can help keep your thoughts, appointments and other details organized and handy
  • Paper used comes from well-managed forests where trees are replanted
  • Let you express your self while showing off your style with this messenger notes pad
  • Size: 7.6 x 7.6cm/3 x 3in
  • Color: Green & Pink & Blue & Yellow


Deli Memo Paper Pads Adhesive Sticky Note

  • The Sticky Note Simply write, peel and stick. Adhesive sticky note sticks securely and removes cleanly

Deli Memo Paper Pads Adhesive Sticky Note

  • They have a unique adhesive so your notes will stick securely to more surfaces. Paper used comes from well-managed forests where trees are replanted

Deli Memo Paper Pads Adhesive Sticky Note

  • Self sticky note can help keep your thoughts, appointments and other details organized and handy

How to Put Sticky Notes on Desktop:

Deli Memo Paper Pads Adhesive Sticky Note

  • Find a specific place for sticky notes on your desktop. If one is not careful, you can end up with sticky notes covering your entire desk. Pick a portion of your desk that is free and available for sticky notes. Remember they are not meant to be a file cabinet, but simply a reminder for tasks
  • Color coordinate your sticky notes. Sticky notes come in all sorts of shapes and colors. Separate the tasks you need to do by their nature. Keep tasks that are more important on a certain color of sticky note. Then less important tasks on other colors. Develop a personal system where you accomplish the most important tasks first and then move onto the next
  • Remove the sticky notes that are no longer relevant from the desktop. The problem with sticky notes is that they tend to pile up. Once the task is completed make sure to throw that sticky note
  • Transfer important information into the proper place. Remember that sticky notes are there for temporary information. If you write important information on a sticky note, be sure that it is transferred to your computer, address book or PDA device so you don't lose it or the cleaning crew doesn't accidentally throw it away
  • Go virtual by downloading a "sticky note" program, which will give you reminders right on your desktop computer. Check out hottnotes.com for more information

How to Make Sticky Note Pads:

  • Open Word 2007. Go to the "Insert" menu and choose the "Draw Table" option. Draw a square three inches across and three inches down (per the ruler). Click inside the square, choose the "Insert" option, then insert one square to the right of the square you drew. Continue to insert squares until you have three rows of two squares each. This gives you six notes per page
  • Click inside each square to type something on the note. You might type "Joe's Notes," or "Just a Note," or "My Reminders." Select the text by left clicking with your mouse and dragging to highlight it, then go to the "Font' menu and select the font style you want for your text
  • Click the "Insert" menu and choose "Picture" to add a custom image to your note. Browse to the image's location then click the image. It will appear in your note. Once you have a note designed, right click your mouse, chose "Select All," then right-click again and click on "Copy." This will copy the note to your clipboard
  • Right-click your mouse, then choose "Paste" on each of your empty notes to paste your original note design into each of the notes on your page
  • Print your notes on whatever color printer paper you desire. You can purchase colored printer paper at office supply stores. Cut your notes with scissors or a paper cutter, then apply reusable sticky glue (also available at office supply stores) onto the back of each note, about a half inch to an inch wide strip. Stack the notes one on top of the other, using the sticky side to attach them. Print as many as you need and continue to assemble the notes until you have 30 to 50 notes in a pad

Package Included:

  • 1 x Sticky Note