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ALPEN Laptop AC Power Supply Adapter for DELL D620 D630 D631 D800


This is Laptop AC Power Supply Adapter for DELL Inspiron 1520 1521, this universal power input means you can use the adapter around the world with the appropriate plug adapter for whatever country you are traveling to for business or pleasure.
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  • This adapter at home or at work makes power access convenient and tailored to your needs
  • Easy to use
  • OCP, OVP, OTP, SCP (Over-current, over voltage, temperature, short circuit ) protection
  • Also keep one in your carrying case at all times and never be without a adapter when you travel
  • It enables you to keep your battery fully charged when you really need it most on the road
  • This is a non-OEM product
  • Type: AC-DC
  • Power: 65W
  • Input Voltage: 100-240V (AC 50~60Hz)
  • Output Current: 19.5V/ 3.34A
  • Working Temperature: 0-40°C
  • Working Relative Humidity: 10~90%
  • Storage Temperature: 15~50°C
  • Storage Relative Humidity: 5%-95%
  • Size: 147 x 61 x 35mm / 57.9 x 24.0 x 1.38in (L x W x H) ; 7.4 x 5.0 x 12mm / 0.3 x 0.2 x 0.5in (L x W x H) (DC Connector)
  • Compatible with: DELL D620 D630 D631 D800


 ALPEN  Laptop AC Power Supply Adapter for DELL D620 D630 D631 D800

  • Laptop AC Power Supply Adapter for DELL D620 D630 D631 D800

How to Test a Laptop Power Adapter:

  • Laptops are powered either by their batteries or by connecting to a power adapter and plugging the adapter into the wall. When using an adapter, the adapter is supplying power to the laptop and charging the battery at the same time. Laptop power adapters, also called "AC adapters," are typically small boxes with two cords coming out of them; one end connects to the laptop, and the other end plugs into a power outlet on a wall or a power strip. You can test the adapter to see if it is generating power for the laptop


  • Plug the adapter into the wall outlet or power strip. If using a power strip, make sure the strip is on. Most laptop power adapters have a small LED light; the light will illuminate when power is being transferred from the outlet to the adapter. If the light illuminates, chances are you have sufficient power to supply your laptop
  • Wiggle the power cord if the LED light did not initially illuminate. If the light turns on and off when you wiggle it, you might have a loose cord in the adapter, or the outlet could be faulty
  • Plug the adapter into another power outlet, preferably a different circuit in another room, if the LED light did not illuminate the first time. If it lights up from the second outlet, the first outlet either does not work or other devices were using too much power on the initial circuit
  • Connect the other end of the adapter to the laptop and turn the laptop on. When the computer starts up, you should see an indication of how the laptop is being powered in the lower right-hand corner. If you see a battery icon, then the laptop is being powered by the battery, not the adapter. Make sure both ends of the adapter are securely connected. If they are, and if the LED light on the adapter is lit, then you likely have a faulty wire that is not properly connecting to your computer. If you see a plug or adapter icon, then the laptop is successfully being powered by the adapter. If the LED light on the adapter is not lit, then the bulb is out, but the adapter is still working

Tips & Warnings:

  • Different adapters supply different levels of electrical power; some adapters are too strong or not strong enough for other laptops. Only use the power adapter that came with your laptop. If it stops working or is lost, order another from the same manufacturer as your laptop; do not use a different brand. Be sure to verify that the new adapter coincides with your laptop model before ordering the new one
  • Use caution around electrical outlets. Do not have touch plugs with wet hands or have water nearby, and keep small children away from the outlets. Never insert anything into the outlets other than the adapter plug

Package Included:

  • 1 x Laptop AC Power Supply Adapter