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Tianchong Deluxe Warm Anti Slip Pet Dog Shoes


Do you want a pair of dog shoes which is both comfortable and warm in cold seasons to protect your dog's paws from the cold weather? If you can stop for several seconds and come to our store, you will find what you need. The pet dog shoes in our stor...
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  • The protective pet shoes can keep paws safe and dry and helps prevent injuries from heat, cold, ice, salt, stones and abrasive surfaces
  • High quality material makes these dog shoes comfortable and durable for long time wear
  • Like human shoe construction, these pet dog shoes are built on an anatomical mold for consistent fit
  • These lovely shoes can protect your dog's paws from coldness and also some shape things 
  • Solid sole protects dog's paws from sharp objects and from the heat and cold
  • They can show your love to your lovely baby and make you closer


Tianchong Deluxe Warm Anti Slip Pet Dog Shoes

  • These lovely dog shoes with lightweight and breathable design will keep your dog's paws warm in cold days

Tianchong Deluxe Warm Anti Slip Pet Dog Shoes

  • These pet dog shoes allow for a comfortable and snug fit to the little paws

Tianchong Deluxe Warm Anti Slip Pet Dog Shoes

  • These dog shoes for dogs are designed with deluxe anti-slip sole and ventilation vamps

How to Measure:

Tianchong Deluxe Warm Anti Slip Pet Dog Shoes

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How to Keep Dog Shoes On:

Tianchong Deluxe Warm Anti Slip Pet Dog Shoes

Dog shoes may look silly at first, but you'll find they serve a vital service in protecting your dog's paws. Even if you end up liking how they look, however, your dog may not appreciate the shoes and try to pull or chew at them. Dog shoes can also slip off while your dog is romping about, unless you follow some steps to ensure that they are secure


  • Get the right size. Dog shoes usually come in at least three sizes, ranging from small to large, and sometimes even extra small or extra large sizes. Sizes are based on the paw's width or the dog's weight and a chart is often available on the shoe box or in the product description. Measure your dog's paw by having him step firmly on the floor and gauging the width from each side of his outer toes. Don't be fooled by furry paws. Measure from the toe edges, not the side of the fur. Your dog's weight should have been noted on your last trip to the vet
  • Make the shoes attractive and roomy as you put them on your dog. Make shoes roomy by inserting your fingers into each shoe and spreading it out as far as it can go. Make them attractive by introducing them to your dog in an excited voice, giving him treats when he sniffs the shoes and using an upbeat tone of voice so he knows dog shoes are a very good thing
  • Strap them as tight as possible. Insert your dog's paw into each shoe, adjusting the straps as tight as they can possibly go. Strap them so they almost look too tight for the dog. This will not hurt the dog but will insure the shoes will stay in place
  • Nip bad behavior in the bud. Test the shoes on your dog a few times before wearing them outside. Have him wear the shoes for brief periods and follow you around the house. Watch his every move. If he starts chewing at them, sternly tell him "No."
  • Use positive reinforcement. When he completes a test session successfully, with no chewing or clawing at the shoes, reward him with a treat

How to Teach a Dog to Untie Shoes:

Tianchong Deluxe Warm Anti Slip Pet Dog Shoes

Teaching a dog tricks is a good way stimulate him and direct his energy in a positive direction. In addition, spending time with your dog strengthens the human-animal bond. Teaching a dog to untie your shoes is a fun way to get started. Choose a quiet place with no distractions so your dog's attention is fully directed upon you, and practice before mealtime so the dog is hungry and motivated to earn treats. Use soft treats so your dog won't be distracted by trying to pick up crumbs


  • Dangle the shoelace in front of the dog to build his interest. Praise and treat him the instant he touches it with his nose or takes it in his mouth. Reinforce his action several times, five or six times every day, until he touches or takes the lace as soon as you show it to him
  • Dangle the lace in front of your dog and say "take!" Praise him and say "release" the instant he takes it his mouth; treat him when he releases the lace. Increase the time he must hold the shoelace in his mouth before you give the "release" command, and do not reward him for letting go unless you say "release." Practice until he understands he must hold the shoelace until you tell him to release
  • Tell your dog to take the shoelace, then give a slight tug. He should hold on, since he's waiting for the release command. Instead, say, "untie" and wait for him to tug back, which is a natural response when a dog has something in his mouth and you pull it. Praise him the instant he pulls, but don't give him a treat if he lets go of the shoelace before you give the "release" command. Practice until he tugs on the shoelace until you give the "release" command
  • Gradually stop using the "take" command; instead, when you dangle the shoelace, say, "untie!" Practice until he takes the shoelace and pulls it when you say "untie!"
  • Tie the lace into a knot, as in a tied shoe, and practice the "untie" command until your dog pulls the knot loose. Treat him only when he pulls hard enough to untie the shoe. Give lots of praise and treats when he achieves this goal. Practice until he unties the shoelace confidently on command
  • Insert the loose shoelace into your shoe and issue the "untie" command. If he's not sure what you want, break it down: practice "take" on the shoelace until your dog understands, then "release," and so on, until he will untie the shoe on command. Teaching the actual untying of the shoelace in the shoe should not take as long as teaching the original steps, since your dog is familiar with the commands

Package Included:

  • 4 x Dog Shoes