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Newpett Deluxe Waterproof Pet Dog SUV Cargo Liner


New or old cars! Don't destroy your car seats or interior. Protect your car while having your dog in it. Keep your car looking new while giving your dog a comfortable place to ride. Pet car seat cover is just for your side seat. This deluxe waterpro...
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  • This deluxe waterproof pet dog SUV cargo liner is perfect for your pet and an addition to your dog wardrobe 
  • The SUV cargo liner is made of high quality material that brings comfort to your pet dog 
  • Pet car seat cover is very popular and matches most popular car interiors
  • Such SUV cargo liner keeps the seat area and the floor clean of dirt, dander, and spills
  • Safely satisfy a dog's urge to look out the window while riding in automobiles
  • Travel in style! Safe for any pet dog are the advantages of such pet dog car seat
  • This deluxe SUV cargo liner cover is for your lovely pets
  • This pet car seat protector is made of waterproof and indestructible material
  • This dog seat cover is easy to clean and install
  • Size: 160 x 123cm/63.0 x 48.4in(L x W)
  • Material: Polyster & PVC & Oxford & Crude Fiber


Newpett Deluxe Waterproof Pet Dog SUV Cargo Liner

  • It's very comfortable for your pet dog
  • Safely satisfy a dog's urge to look out the window while riding in automobiles

Newpett Deluxe Waterproof Pet Dog SUV Cargo Liner 

  • Made of high quality material, it can be used for a long time
  • Travel in style! Safe for any pet dog are the advantages of such pet dog car seat

Newpett Deluxe Waterproof Pet Dog SUV Cargo Liner

  • The pet car seat cover is very popular and matches most SUV 

How to Keep Your Pet Safe in Your Car:

Dogs in driver seat

Newpett Deluxe Waterproof Pet Dog SUV Cargo Liner

This is not only an unsafe practice, it is illegal in some counties or states across America.
The dog may see a cat, rabbit or other interesting thing and jump out of the car while it is in motion. Your automatic reaction would be to try to catch your friend and you could cause an accident.
Also should an accident occur in front of you, your reaction time would be greatly diminished by the dog on your lap impeding your arm movement

Dogs in truck beds

Newpett Deluxe Waterproof Pet Dog SUV Cargo Liner
This is also a dangerous practice that has gone on for generations.
A dog loose in a truck bed is an accident just waiting to happen!
They slide around inside the bed during turns and sudden stops.
And, did anyone ever convince a dog that the rabbit, cat, squirrel or rival dog should not be chased from inside the truck bed???
Many dogs are injured or killed every year in accidents involving a loose dog in an open truck bed. Even more are injured when they jump from the truck while it is still moving!
Some people even think to tie their dog inside the truck but only use 1 tie or a cable with a 6 ft leash... end result is still the same, dog jumps out but now he is drug down the highway at 55+ MPH
If you must transport a dog inside an open truck bed please invest in a suitable dog crate or use 2 ties to safely secure him to the center of the bed so that he can not jump out and be injured or killed.

Seat belt:

  • There are several different styles of doggie seat belts on the market to keep our pets safe while riding inside a car.
  • In an accident a loose dog can become a large flying object causing not only serious injury to themselves but to us as well.
  • Dogs can be taught to sit quietly on the seat when confined with a seat belt, this way they do not get tangled in the belt and do not jump around the car in their enthusiasm.

Dog hammock:

  • There are several of these on the market from those resembling a fabric barrel to those just like a real hammock that is attached to both the back and front seat. These do provide more safety than nothing at all but again if combined with a seat belt provide a safe and comfortable ride for our four footed friend. The hammock also helps to keep your pet confined to one area of the car so that he is not jumping around distracting the driver.

Dog booster/car seat:

  • These are totally great for small dogs.
  • They provide a safe and secure environment for smaller pets giving them a sense of security while at the same time preventing them from bouncing all over the car and jumping in your lap where they make for unsafe driving conditions. Many are also equipped to accommodate dog seat belts to make your friend just that much more secure

Dog seat cover:

  • These merely help protect the car seats from dog dirt and mess as well as unwanted hair. They are great for when you take your dog to the park, beach, local field trial, etc. In that they help keep your Car clean.
  • Without a dog seat belt harness, your dog is no safer than if he did not have the seat cover. Adding a harness that can be attached to the seat belt just makes sense and keeps our pets safer while they enjoy their time with us.
  • Pet barriers are designed to keep our dogs confined to one area of the car, the back

Pet barrier:

Newpett Deluxe Waterproof Pet Dog SUV Cargo Liner

  • These are great for dogs that still like to try to bounce around the car. The pet barrier provides a safe way to prevent the dog from entering the part of the car where the driver is, thus making for a safer ride for both dog and owner. They attach securely without doing damage to the interior of the car and when used correctly are the safest way to transport our best friend with us as they can not directly touch or otherwise interact with the driver.
  • Doggles are more than just a fashion statement for our dogs


  • Snoods protect the ears of long eared dogs. They are typically just like a leg warmer only shorter. They cover the dogs ears so that they do not "flap" in the wind and do damage to your dogs delicate ear drums
  • Pet ramps are wonderful for helping old, arthritic, and injured dogs to get into and out of our cars or trucks.

Package Included:

  • 1 x SUV Cargo Liner