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Unisc Universe USB Operated Powered Desk Plasma Ball


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  • Powered by: USB
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  • Made in Asia
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Unisc Universe USB Operated Powered Desk Plasma Ball

  • Light up your room or just decorate your computer desk with this USB plasma ball

Unisc Universe USB Operated Powered Desk Plasma Ball

Unisc Universe USB Operated Powered Desk Plasma Ball

  • This USB plasma ball will create a unique and fun environment for your workstation, while you are working

Unisc Universe USB Operated Powered Desk Plasma Ball

Unisc Universe USB Operated Powered Desk Plasma Ball

  • Simply plug this USB plasma ball into your computer's USB port, and then you can enjoy the fun

Size in Detail:

Unisc Universe USB Operated Powered Desk Plasma Ball

How Does a Plasma Ball Work?

Unisc Universe USB Operated Powered Desk Plasma Ball

Plasma Ball Basics

  • A plasma ball is made up of an outer glass ball that has been filled with an inert gas such as neon at a high pressure. A second glass bulb contains the metallic electrode that acts as the source of the colorful strands of color that emanate from one globe to the next. Extremely popular in the 1980s it has been used as a special effect in movies and as a classroom tool to demonstrate plasma physics.

Electrodes and Magnetic Fields

  • A plasma ball is made up of a large glass globe filled with inert gases such as neon or xenon. Inside the main globe is a smaller glove that has the electrode. The electricity from a standard outlet is amplified, creating an electromagnetic field. The high voltage reacts with the gas and excites the ions in the globe. The energy created is in the form of a photon, also known as light, and creates the colorful ribbons of energy.

Plasma and Precautions

  • Plasma is the fourth form of matter and is usually associated with extreme temperatures. It is created when ions within an element are free to move independently of the other ions around them. The plasma streamers go from the electrode glass to the outer globe glass and follow the direction of the magnetic field. Your finger is a conductor. When you touch the outer globe, the magnetic field is changed and the ribbon is attracted to the contact point.


  • While a plasma ball can be used for entertainment, there are a few precautions that must be taken or injury can occur. Prolonged contact by the plasma streamers to the outside of the glass, especially if they are concentrated in one spot, can lead to increased temperature to the glass. The glass can get hot enough to burn. It is also important that there is plenty of ventilation in the area of operation. The electrical interactions can create ozone gas outside of the globe, which can be hazardous.

Plasma Ball Tricks

Unisc Universe USB Operated Powered Desk Plasma Ball

A plasma ball is a device based on the plasma lamp originally invented by Nicola Tesla, and now it is commonly sold as a type of desktop toy or attention-getting gadget. Filled with a mixture of gases such as helium and neon, the plasma ball contains filaments of plasma, which glow and emit electromagnetic radiation in various ways depending on the items placed near the ball

Lighting Fluorescent Bulbs

  • Fluorescent light bulbs will light up if placed near an active plasma ball. This is due to the electric current flowing through the plasma, which the glass of the ball does not block. LEDs and argon light bulbs also light up when placed near a plasma ball

Writing With a Metal Pin

  • If you cover the plasma ball with aluminum foil then place a piece of paper on the aluminum foil, you can write on the paper with a metal pin or a sharp knife point. Whatever you write will be burned into the paper because of the interaction of the metal and the electric current

Burning Paper Through Metal

  • If you place a piece of conductive metal, such as a quarter, on top of a plasma ball, you can set a piece of paper or cardboard on fire. All you need to do is place another piece of metal, such as a paper clip, on top of the paper to conduct the electric current through the paper. A bolt of what appears to be miniature lightning will work its way through the paper, burning a hole in it

Driving a Calculator Crazy

  • If you place a simple calculator with an LED screen near a plasma ball, the numbers on the calculator will go crazy and start to change all by themselves. Don't try this trick with a valuable calculator, as the experiment may ruin the LED screen

Shocking Your Friends

  • If you touch a plasma ball with one hand and touch another person with the other, you will give the other person an electric shock. This is because your body becomes a conductor of electricity. Make sure to warn your friends before you try this trick on them

Lighting a Match

  • If you hold an unlit match a few inches over the top of a plasma ball then touch the end of the match with a pencil, the match will catch on fire. You may have to wait up to a minute for this to happen. Be very careful to blow out the match immediately and not allow the fire to spread

Relighting the Plasma Ball

  • You can relight a plasma ball briefly after it's been turned off by using your own body to conduct electricity. Place your hand on the plasma ball while it's on, then turn the ball off. Place your hand back on the plasma ball immediately, and you will see electric bolts flash up to your hand. Remove your hand and clap several times. With each clap, you should see more electric bolts run through the plasma ball, even though the electricity to the ball is turned off

Safety With a Plasma Ball

  • A plasma ball is a high-voltage electrical device and should be used with caution. The frequencies it emits may interfere with cell phones, Wi-Fi and cordless phones. Because the plasma ball emits electromagnetic radiation, it can interfere with pacemakers. All care should be taken if trying to use the plasma ball to create burning or fire effects, and nothing flammable should be left in contact with the plasma ball


  • Be sure USB drive far away from damp and dust environment
  • No knock to USB, prevent circuit protection device from drop
  • To pull out USB in correct way
  • Not connect it with computer more lasting more than 3 hours

Package Included:

  • 1 x Universe USB Operated Powered Desk Plasma Ball
  • 1 x USB Cable