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FuuBuu High Quality Waterproof Adult Briefs Diaper


If you are looking for Adult Diaper, this Print Adult Reusable Incontinence Diaper is a perfect choice! This adult diaper is made of high quality material, durable and comfortable. Good enough to work well for incontinence. The breathable outer cover...
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  • Made of high quality material
  • Provides unsurpassed skin dryness, odor reduction and leakage protection
  • This adult diapers can provide superior containment
  • The breathable outer cover of this adult diaper adds the comfortable feeling
  • Quickly absorbs and locks fluid away
  • Waterproof and breathable designs make you wear at ease
  • Material: Cotton Linter & PVC & Polyester

Size in Detail:




70-92cm / 27.6-36.2in


78-98cm / 30.7-38.6in


86-106cm / 33.9-41.7in


90-120cm / 35.4-47.2in


FuuBuu High Quality Waterproof Adult Briefs Diaper

  • The breathable outer cover of this adult diaper adds the comfortable feeling

FuuBuu High Quality Waterproof Adult Briefs Diaper

  • Provides unsurpassed skin dryness, odor reduction and leakage protection

How to Change an Adult Diaper in a Car?

People are who wear adult diapers don't always use their diapers when it is convenient to change them. Whether you are dealing with a teenager that must use diapers or an elderly person that uses adult diapers, these steps and tips will demonstrate a safe and effective way for properly changing an adult diaper in a car.


  • First, obviously check the person's diaper to make sure the need to actually change their diaper requires such a change in a car. While changing a diaper in the car can be simplified, it is obviously not the most ideal area to change a diaper. So, make sure the diaper is in bad enough "condition" whether it has been defecated in or it is very full in order to warrant a change in the car
  • Second, if you have a trunk that has enough room for your person to lay down then use the trunk area, otherwise use the backseat. Lay down a diaper changing pad or some sort of pad in the backseat or trunk so that the person's waste is confined to the pad/mat and not your car seats
  • Third, remove the person's shoes so to allow for removal of the pants before asking them to lay on the changing pad. Failure to remove these two things first before laying down will present a problem and barrier when trying to change their diaper and will cause a lot of uncomfortable positions. Obviously, try to do it in a discreet area and as discreet as possible
  • Fourth, have all your supplies within easy reach before you start the diaper changing process
  • Fifth, unfasten the adult diaper completely but do not fully remove it from under their bottom. Pull it out a little bit so a clean part of the back side of the diaper is exposed for their bottom to rest on
  • Sixth, proceed to wipe down the area completely making sure to remove all the waste from the area. If your car roof is tall enough be sure to raise their legs up to reach underneath their bottom to make sure it is clean. Throw the wipes into the actual diaper
  • Seven, fold up the diaper with the wipes inside so it is all in one packaged waste pack and dirty wipes aren't just hanging around your car
  • Eight, slide an adult diaper underneath their bottom and apply powder and any other additional creams or lotions to their skin to protect them
  • Nine, fasten the adult diaper tabs to the front of the adult diaper and adjust the positioning of the diaper slightly to make sure it fits the person appropriately
  • Ten, put their pants back on in the car while they are laying down to reduce any further exposure and preserve discretion for the person

Tips & Warnings:

  • Using a thicker adult diaper to provide more absorbency will reduce the required emergency changes that take place such as in a car.Use discretion to preserve discretion
  • Remove clothing before getting the person to lay on the diaper changing pad in the back of the car otherwise the confined area will present a problem with changing an adult diaper in such a small space

How to Change an Adult Diaper in Bed the Easy Way?

User-Submitted ArticleI will show you the easy way to change any adult diaper even the Pull-Ups


  • You need to be prepared with baby wipes, powder and if necessary diaper rash cream
  • To take diaper off you must tear each side if the diaper is a Pull-Up. Diapers with tape you pull the tape a part
  • Pull the front of the diaper down to see what the content of the diaper is. Clean the front first with your baby wipes. Whipping toward the back this will keep infection from occurring
  • Then turn them to there side as far as you can. Completely clean there back side. Place diaper next to the butt
  • Put your powder or cream on. Then roll them over on top of the diaper. Make sure the tape is toward and facing there back. Then roll them over to the other side. Pull diaper toward you so that it is centered
  • Peel the tape and pull toward the front. You will see where the tape will stick. Stick the tape there. Then put clothes back on
  • Pull-Up diapers can be taken off the same way except you tear the diaper apart on the sides when you are taking the Pull-Up off
  • How to put a Pull-Up on put feet and legs through the holes. Pull up as far as you can as you turn them to there side. Do one side then the other. You might need to change bed pad while there turned to there side

Tips & Warnings:

  • Do not allow diaper to get saturated. A diaper that gets to saturated will leak
  • Keep skin protected with Powder or diaper cream so that there is no rash


  • These dimensions are for reference only. Specific dimension varies from person to person

Package Included:

  •  1 x Adult Diaper