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MASTECH 1000A AC/DC Multifunction Digital Clamp Multimeter MS2138


If you are looking for an insulation multifunctional AC clamp meter, here you have got a right place. This current clamp meter will satisfy you.The digital multimeter is perfect for professional or around-the-house use. This multi...
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  • Display: 4000 counts and 42 segments bar graph
  • DCV: 4/40/400V±0.8%, 1000V±1.0%
  • ACV: 4/40/400V±1.0%, 700V±1.2%
  • DCA: 400/1000A±3.0%
  • ACA: 400/1000A<600A±2.5%, ≥600A±3.0%
  • Resistance: 400/4k/40k/400k/4MΩ±1.0%, 40MΩ±2.0%
  • Frequency: 40Hz to 100kHz±0.1% (from test terminal), 40Hz to 400Hz±0.1% (from current clamp)
  • MAX. Diameter for Conductor: 42cm/1.7in
  • Power: 3 x 1.5V AAA Batteries
  • Dimension: 22.5 x 8.6 x 3.3cm/8.9 x 3.4 x 1.3in (L x W x H)


  • The AC clamp meter comes with auto and manual range
  • A digital clamp meter comes with auto zero key for DCA
  • This current clamp meter also with data hold function
  • Back light function of the current clamp meter ensures your convenient
  • AC clamp meter with jaw lighting can be a warning signal
  • It is auto power off and continuity test
  • The AC clamp meter is diode test
  • Secondary injection molding case


MASTECH 1000A AC/DC Multifunction Digital Clamp Multimeter MS2138

  • Auto/Manual range,  auto zero key for DCA

MASTECH 1000A AC/DC Multifunction Digital Clamp Multimeter MS2138

  • Digital clamp meter is light weight, handy and portable

MASTECH 1000A AC/DC Multifunction Digital Clamp Multimeter MS2138

  • Safety design with shielded banana part and recessed terminals, no exposed parts

MASTECH 1000A AC/DC Multifunction Digital Clamp Multimeter MS2138

  • The port is standard for sweeping use; high quality ensures operational stability

MASTECH 1000A AC/DC Multifunction Digital Clamp Multimeter MS2138

  • This is a durable little current clamp function digital meter, a good testing tool for you

How to Use a Clamp AC Meter:

MASTECH 1000A AC/DC Multifunction Digital Clamp Multimeter MS2138

A clamp AC meter provides an easy-to-use way of quickly measuring the alternating current (AC) voltage and current through a single wire or conductor. Clamp AC meters have a set of jaws that open and close with the simple push of a button. Once the wire is inside the jaws, the meter uses the electromagnetic fields generated by the flow of AC current to make current and frequency measurements. One drawback of the clamp AC meter is that you can have only one wire passing through the jaws for accurate measurements. If there is more than one, the electromagnetic fields tend to cancel out each other

  • Make sure there are no exposed wires when measuring voltage and current in a wire. Wires should be insulated for safety. The insulation will have no effect on the measurements 
  • Set the function knob for the type of measurement you want to make, typically frequency or current if you're using the clamp feature, and the range. Most household AC circuits use 120 volts alternating current. If you want to measure voltage, you have to use the probes. Other higher-end clamp meter models have function settings to measure capacitance and resistance 
  • Press the jaw trigger to open the jaws, position the wire in the middle of the jaws and release the trigger if you want to measure current or frequency. If you're measuring voltage, connect one probe to the positive terminal or wire and the other probe to the negative terminal or wire
  • Read the voltage, frequency or current on the display. Voltage measurements are given in volts, current measurements in amperes--or amps, for short--and frequency measurements in hertz. Most household circuits operate on 60 hz 
  • Write down your measurement with a pen in a notebook. This will help you to remember measurements, and you can compare them with measurements taken at a later date 
  • Press the jaw trigger, and remove the meter or remove the meter probes. Turn the meter off

How to Use a Digital Clamp Meter:

MASTECH 1000A AC/DC Multifunction Digital Clamp Multimeter MS2138

Using a digital clamp meter is an uncomplicated and safe way to measure current in a circuit. Unlike regular meters, the clamp type does not put the meter into the circuit, but measures the field induced by a current passing through the clamp. It is suitable for moderate (<480V) voltage and current applications

  • Remove power from the circuit, if possible. Working on a hot circuit involves extra risk to the user and all equipment involved 
  • Isolate a wire carrying the current you wish to measure 
  • Open the clamp portion of the meter and then close it around the wire (and only that wire) you wish to measure current passing through 
  • Set the clamp meter to read the current type (AC or DC) and the expected range in milliamps or amps. If you don't know the range, guess high, and dial down as needed 
  • Return power to the circuit and read the digital display, writing the value down to avoid repeating the process. If the reading fluctuates, give it a minute to settle down 
  • Remove power from the circuit. Then remove the clamp meter

Package Included:

  • 1 x AC/DC Multifunction Digital Clamp Multimeter