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Product Description
If you are working on electronics you will need to use a pocket digital multimeter. The good digital multimeter is one of the most useful tools for measuring, testing, and troubleshooting any type of electronic device. The best digital multimeter is a useful tool for testing electronic circuits for integrity, voltage output, resistance and other electronic attributes. The convenient high quality handheld automatic range digital multimeter will allow you to test the current, voltage and resistance of your automobile's electrical system. The best digital multimeter you have been waiting for! Rugged constructs with rubber protective sleeve. Large LCD screen with backlight for confined (night) operation. This is the affordable one for your workbench. So what are you still waiting for?
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  • DC Voltage: 200mV-1000V ±(0.5%+1)
  • AC Voltage: 200mV-750V ±(0.8%+3)
  • DC Current: 20mA-20A ±(0.8%+1)
  • AC Current: 20mA-20A ±(1%+3)
  • Resistance: 200Ω-2000MΩ ±(2.5%+3)
  • Capacitance: 2nF-200μF
  • Diode test: Yes
  • Beeper: Yes
  • Transistor test: Yes
  • Automatic shutdown: Yes
  • Power Source: 9V,6F22
  • Size: 195 x 90 x 32mm/7.7 x 3.5 x 1.3in( L x W x T )


  • The digital multimeter is a battery-powered, average responding-rms indicating multimeter
  • The best digital multimeter is second injection with a mechanical 1000 v overload protection DMM
  • Multi-layer printed circuit board, digital multimeter provides more reliable and stable instrument performance
  • The digital multimeter Input anti-error sound and light alarm


Package Included:

  • 1 x Digital Multimeter
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