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1.5inch Egg Shaped USB Digital Photo Frame


Ideal valentine's present for your lover! Have you fed up with the normal and traditional photo frame, fed up with the storage limitation of the ordinary digital photo frame, fed up with the defenseless paper photos and fed up with the constant and u...
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  • Internal Memory: 16MB
  • Photos Storage: 100 Pictures Slide Show
  • Screen Size: 2.5 x 2.5cm/1 x 1in(L x W)
  • Memory Chip: 8Mbit(Norflash)
  • Screen Type: TFT
  • Display Color: 65K
  • Standby Current: 0.04mA
  • Support System: Win 2000/XP/Vista
  • Battery Working Hours: 3H
  • Photo Format: BMP/JPEG
  • Resolution: 128 x 128(RGB x DOT)
  • Power: Built-in 3.7V/180mA Rechargeable Lithium Battery or 5V USB Cable


  • This LCD photo frame features with a 1.5" TFT LCD screen and 128 RGB x 128DOT resolution
  • This cute USB photo frame comes with 32MB internal memory
  • Your favorite photos slideshow or manual selection
  • Powered by built-in 3.7V/180mA rechargeable lithium battery which its working time is up to 4-5 hours, and 5V USB cable
  • Supports auto power-off, contrast control, time and calendar display and brightness control
  • Via included software helps you customize your favorite photos in a unique and stylish way
  • Cute egg shape USB LCD photo frame is designed with calendar and clock display functions
  • Share the photos with friends and relatives by connecting to your computer with the USB cable


1.5inch Egg Shaped USB Digital Photo Frame

  • Left Right, Left Right, Left......, USB Digital LCD photo frames report for duty, we are not gonna be defeated, course we are tumbler

1.5inch Egg Shaped USB Digital Photo Frame

  • Share the photos with friends and relatives by connecting to your computer with the USB cable

1.5inch Egg Shaped USB Digital Photo Frame

  • Keys behind the digital photo frame are used to select different functions

1.5inch Egg Shaped USB Digital Photo Frame

  • Cute egg shape USB LCD photo frame is designed with calendar and clock display functions

1.5inch Egg Shaped USB Digital Photo Frame

  • Exquisite package designed to protect the photo frame from damaging

How to Choose a Digital Photo (Picture) Frame:

1.5inch Egg Shaped USB Digital Photo Frame

  • Print photos are bad for many reasons--they fade, will eventually turn into dust, take ink to print, and are difficult to change. If you're ready to make the move to digital photo frames, here are a few things to consider.
  • Instructions
  • Decide on what size you want. Sizes typically range from 3.5" to 17", with the larger frames being more expensive. Keep in mind, however, that price doesn't depend entirely on size. You can find both cheap and expensive small frames, as well as both cheap and expensive large frames. Look for a balance between size and features listed below that stays within the price you're willing to pay.
  • What resolution do you want? A high resolution in a small picture frame means the picture will appear sharp and natural. On the other hand, a low resolution in a large picture frame will make the picture look blurry and distorted.
  • Check the contrast ratio of the frame. This is the difference between the blackest black the frame can display and the whitest white the frame can display. A low contrast ratio creates a muddy looking picture, while a high ratio creates a clean, vibrant image.
  • How bright do you want the frame to be? You don't want a frame that's so dark that it fades into the wall, but you also don't want a frame that's so bright you need to wear sunglasses when you look at it. If you get one that's too bright, you can likely turn the brightness down, but if you get one that's too dark, there's no way of turning the brightness up.
  • Most frames let you insert various media cards and display pictures directly from the card. What kinds of cards do you want the frame to support?
  • Decide on a style/color. With so many frames available, there's no reason not to choose one that suits your style.
  • What kind of features do you want? A lot of digital photo frames let you display a slideshow throughout a set time period each day, have their own remote control, let you play sound and video, and let you add or remove photos wirelessly.

What to Look for in a Digital Picture Frame:

  • One of the benefits to digital photography is that the digital format opens up a variety of display options. Although you could print your pictures out and display them in a traditional frame, a digital photo frame will allow you to display your pictures by just plugging in a memory card. Digital photo frames, however, offer you a choice of storage, size and power options.
  • Storage
  • There are two types of storage in digital photo frames: hard drive and memory card. Hard-drive frames must be plugged in to your computer to load pictures, but can generally hold hundreds of pictures at a time. However, frames that take memory cards will need to have loaded memory cards stocked up with photos and then kept in the frame. Digital photo frames with ports work well if you have a few memory cards laying around the house, but if you don't have any to spare, it is more cost-effective to have a digital photo frame with a hard drive.
  • Size
  • Digital photo frames come in different sizes. The larger ones are surprisingly heavy, and you don't want to risk damaging your wall with nail holes trying to anchor your frame. So if you want to hang your frame on the wall, opt for a 8 by 10 inch or smaller size. Larger sizes are a better match for a table or shelf. Just make sure the frame has decent resolution (at least 480 progressive) to display the blown-up images.
  • Power
  • Digital photo frames can run on batteries or use an external power cord. If you are planning to keep your frame on a table, either of these power sources will work fine, as long as you are near an outlet. However, if you want to hang your digital photo frame on the wall, having a battery-powered unit is essential to avoid dealing with messy wires running down the wall.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Digital Photo Frame
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual