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Homadorns 15inch Multifunctional MP3 Player Video Digital Photo Frame


A digital photo frame can make photo viewing be filled with fun and convenience. Are you looking for a digital photo frame? If so, you have come to the right place. This 15 inch digital photo frame will definitely meet your needs. The size of th...
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  • Data Transfer: USB
  • Panel Size: 15inch
  • Language: English/Chinese
  • Luminance: 300cd/m
  • Display Resolution: 1024 x 768
  • Audio Format: MP3
  • Photo Format: JPEG/JPG
  • Video Format: MPEG1/MPEG2/MPEG4/AVI
  • Rotation: 90/180/270


  • SD/MMC/MS/USB Flash Drive card slot
  • Designed  with in-built stereo loudspeaker
  • 15" LCD screen display screen, easy to operate
  • Super thin design, finished with MP3 player and video player
  • Play a slide show while playing the music
  • Auto play back (slideshow) or via manual selection
  • Share the photos with friends and relatives
  • Designed with calendar and clock functions
  • With amazing quality and functions, you will surprise how good the digital photo frame is
  • Displays photos with 15" screen, you can view photos clearly and efficiently
  • The size of the digital photo frame is neither too big nor small, and you can place and use it conveniently
  • Fine workmanship enhance the service life of the best digital photo frame
  • Modern appearance makes the 15 digital photo frame an ideal choice for your home
  • The size of digital photo frame is neither too big nor small, which you can put it in anywhere and do not take up many spaces
  • This digital photo frame have the Shuffle play function 


Homadorns 15inch Multifunctional MP3 Player Video Digital Photo Frame

  • Displaying photos with 15" screen, you can view photos clearly and efficiently

Homadorns 15inch Multifunctional MP3 Player Video Digital Photo Frame

  • Fine workmanship enhances the service life of the 15 inch digital photo frame

Homadorns 15inch Multifunctional MP3 Player Video Digital Photo Frame

  • Photo display, music play function and film function make this digital photo frame multifunctional

Homadorns 15inch Multifunctional MP3 Player Video Digital Photo Frame

  • This practical, well-designed digital photo frame enables you to create a whole new home look

Homadorns 15inch Multifunctional MP3 Player Video Digital Photo Frame

  • The exquisite digital photo frame can show your good taste for home decoration

How to Fill a Digital Photo Frame Screen:

Homadorns 15inch Multifunctional MP3 Player Video Digital Photo Frame

The quickest way to ruin your digital photograph experience is to discover less-than-full or distorted images. Some digital photo frames accept standard 4-by-3 aspect ratios. Other frames, however, require that photographs are taken under 16-by-9 aspect ratios--a value that few cameras allow. The frame then displays bars above or below the photograph's sides, or stretches to conveniently fill the screen. With a few simple steps, photography enthusiasts can optimize their picture quality to ensure a frame of breathtaking photographs

  • Crop your image by removing an inch from its top if your digital camera does not have an automatic cropping feature
  • Transfer digital photographs from the camera's video card with the included USB cable. Transfer images from your cellular phone and personal computer using the same USB cable, as well, to display them on your digital picture frame
  • Select slide-show options from the "Settings" button within the thumbnails view. Slide or tap the "screen fit" or "fill" setting to highlight it. Tap "OK" or "Select." Follow the on-screen instructions to fill the entire screen with the displayed images

How to Scan Pictures for a Digital Photo Frame:

Homadorns 15inch Multifunctional MP3 Player Video Digital Photo Frame

Digital photo frames come with instructions for how to load photos onto them for display. However, these instructions are meant for digital photos taken with a digital camera, and may not address how to scan photos using a scanner in such a way that they display well on your frame. Since every scanner works differently, the steps may vary slightly depending on the brand of scanner and the image software you use

  • Read the directions and information that came with your digital photo frame. Take note of the file format or formats that it will accept, the resolution and the aspect ratio. You will be presented with a number of choices when scanning photos, and the right choice depends on the specifications of your particular model of picture frame
  • Scan a test photo. Follow these steps for one photo and view it on the frame before scanning the rest to save time in case there are problems that must be addressed. Place the photo on the scanner and scan it by pressing the "scan" button or using your computer's scanning software to begin the scan
  • Input the scan settings in your computer's scanning software. If installed correctly, the software should open automatically when you hit the scan button. If the software doesn't run automatically, launch it manually and select "Acquire" from the "Edit" menu, and then select your scanner. Scan at a minimum of 300 dots per inch (dpi). If you aren't given control over specific resolution settings, choose the best quality option available: full color, photo quality. Start the scan
  • Save the photo as a Jpeg. You may have other options, but this is generally the best one because it combines good image quality with reasonable file size. TIFF and Bitmap (BMP) will likely produce larger files that will take up more disk space, and other formats may not be supported by your frame
  • Copy the file to your picture frame. This might be done using a USB cable connecting the frame to the computer, or you might put photos on a memory card and then put the memory card into the frame. View the picture on the frame to see how it looks
  • Troubleshoot any image problems by repeating the steps but changing one element until you get an image that is acceptable. One easy mistake to fix is a rotated image. You can change how you place the photo on the scanner, or rotate the picture using photo editing software. If your pictures aren't showing up on the frame at all, you may be saving them in a file format that is not supported by the frame, or on media that is not properly initialized. Compare to a sample photo or another photo that does display on your frame to determine the difference
  • Check the image resolution. Right-click on the photo file you saved, and select "Properties." Look at the image resolution, which will be two numbers, such as 640 x 480, 1024 x 768 or 1280 x 1024. Compare these to the resolution of your frame; the picture should have the same resolution or higher for best results. Rescan your image with a higher number of dots per inch if the first scan wasn't high enough. Another option is image aspect ratio, which is the proportion of the width to the height. This might be 4:3, or it could be 16:9 if you have a widescreen frame. You can crop photos digitally to fix this, or read your frame's manual to see if there is a setting you can change so it displays photos of a different aspect ratio more effectively
  • Scan the rest of your photos once your test photo displays properly. Look to see if there is a way to save these scanning settings in your scanning software, so you can use them the next time you want to scan photos for your digital photo frame

Package Included:

  • 1 x Digital Photo Frame