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InTheHero Professional Advanced Digital Luggage Scale


What you are viewing is our electronic digital scale. If you want to have a pocket jewelry digital scale for convenient use, this one comes to be your best choice!This advanced digital luggage scale is the UK's newest consumer weapon in the battle ag...
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  • Weighing Range: 44kg
  • Color: Black
  • Accuracy: 20g
  • Power: 2 x AAA Batteries
  • Handle Width: 8.0cm/3.1in
  • Weighting Modes: kg/oz/ib
  • Digital Scale Size: 13.0 x 7.0 x 2.2cm/5.1 x 2.8 x 0.9in(L x W x T)


  • Electronic digital scale weighs in grams, ounces, pennyweight, carat, grain and tael
  • The range of this electronic digital scale is 44kg
  • 3 digit number display electronic digital scale is very accurate and easy to use
  • Automatic zero tracking, automatic power-off function, continuous weighing, self-check function
  • Electronic digital scale adopts most advanced United States sensors
  • Avoid excess baggage charges
  • Accurate digital scale has the most advanced count function
  • Easy to use, weighs in kg, lbs
  • Featured with stunning large blue back-lit digital display for easy reading
  • Electronic digital scale is the ideal one for you and it can satisfy your needs


InTheHero Professional Advanced Digital Luggage Scale

  • This is professional digital scales, which can be used with accuracy to 20 grams 

InTheHero Professional Advanced Digital Luggage Scale

  • This professional digital scale is designed with super wide handle which is comfortable to use

InTheHero Professional Advanced Digital Luggage Scale

  • This electronic digital scale is designed with justable strap so you can take it wherever you want

InTheHero Professional Advanced Digital Luggage Scale

  •  It is with auto power-off function within 60s and also has functions of automatic lock and peak hold

InTheHero Professional Advanced Digital Luggage Scale

  • This portable electric digital scale is packed in an elegant blister packaging card

Instructions for Pocket Scale:

InTheHero Professional Advanced Digital Luggage Scale

  • Starting It Up - The Flipscale is only 2¼ inches wide and 3¼ inches long. It has a huge 400 g capacity and up to 0.05 g accuracy. It is tiny, and exact, and it is one of the first pocket scales to come with an easy-to-read LCD screen. The first thing to do in this electronic device, is to insert the batteries. This scale takes two "CR2032" button style batteries. First, release the battery cover on the bottom of the device by sliding out-wards, place the batteries into the battery compartment--making sure they are aligned correctly--and re-install the battery cover. Your scale is ready to be turned on. Do so, and allow it to warm up for 20 seconds or so before trying to weigh anything
  • Callibration - If this is the first time turning it on after battery insertion, or the first time turning it on in a while or even if the scale just appears to be weighing things incorrectly, it is a good idea to calibrate the machine. Place the scale on the scalepad that is included on the box your scale arrived in--if you no longer have that, use a very flat, smooth surface. Once placed there, press the On button; press and hold the Unit Key for three to five seconds until the LCD screen shows CAL (for calibration). Press the unit key again until the CAL display flashes, and the switches to show a number (usually like 100.00g). The number depends on the make and model of your scale, but it is essentially the weight that the scale is asking you to place on the tray, in order for it to know, exactly what 100 g is. Place a calibration weight that matches the number of g asked for, onto the scale. If you do not have a calibration weight, they are inexpensive to buy, or you can use 20 U.S. nickels (100 g) or more nickels depending what the scale asks for. Once the weight is added, the scale will flash PASS and then 100g. You have successfully calibrated your scale
  • Usage - There are three buttons on most pocket scales: On/off, Zero, and Units. Pressing the on/off switch turns the device on and off. Pressing the Zero button takes the weighed object back to 0g. If, for instance, you wanted to weigh some food, but didn't want to put the food directly onto the scale, you could put a tray on the scale, zero it out. So with the tray on the scale, the scale read zero, and once the food was added, the scale only showed the weight of the food, and not the tray. It's a useful device. The Unit button changes the units that you are measuring in: grams, ounces, pennyweight or troy ounces are common ones. Most of these buttons are not necessary for simply weighing however--except to turn the scale on, of course. Just place the item on the scale, and the device will read it and display the weight immediately

How to Calibrate a Digital Pocket Scale:

InTheHero Professional Advanced Digital Luggage Scale

  • To keep your digital pocket scale functioning properly, you will need to recalibrate it on occasion. While most digital pocket scales are calibrated at the factory when they are manufactured, due to the sensitivity of the instrument and the method in which they are used, you should recalibrate your scale frequently to avoid weighing errors. Each make and model of digital scale will have slightly different calibrating instructions; however, they will all follow a similar protocol. For instructions specific to your scale, check the instruction manual
  • Place the pocket scale on a stable, flat surface. Use a mouse pad to protect the scale from vibrations
  • Turn the scale on
  • Zero the scale. You can zero out the scale while it has nothing on it by pressing either the "zero" or "tare" buttons
  • Put the scale in calibration mode. The exact procedure will vary depending on your particular model, however, this often involves holding either a calibration button or a combination of weight and zero buttons
  • Gently place the calibration weight on the scale. Once the scale has entered calibration, the display should indicate that it is ready to be calibrated. With the weight on the digital scale, either enter in the weight from the calibration weight, or if using a weight supplied with the unit, this value is often pre-programmed
  • Lock in the calibration by pressing either the enter key or calibration keys
  • Turn the unit off, remove the calibration weight, and turn it back on
  • Re-zero the empty scale if necessary

Package Included:

  • 1 x Digital Scale