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DIPO DIPO DP-KS02 High Quality 2-Port KVM Switch


When you have multiple computer, and a PC displayer with not enough inputs for all of them, it can become a hassle to keep switching the video cables every time you want to switch the computer which you are using. To make life a lot ea...
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  • PC Port: 2
  • Console Port: 1
  • MAX PC Connections: 2
  • LED: 2
  • PC Port Connector(all female type): PS/2 keyboard mini-din 6 pin PS/2 mouse mini-din 6 pin VGA HDDB 15pin
  • Console Port Connector(All female type): PS/2 keyboard mini-din 6 pin PS/2 mouse mini-din 6 pin VGA HDDB 15pin
  • PC Selections: Hot key/button
  • Keyboard Emulation: PS2
  • Mouse Emulation(Console port to PC port): PS2
  • Bandwidth: 200MHZ
  • Size: 115 x 85 x 30mm/4.5 x 3.3 x 1.2in(L x W x H)
  • Color: Blue


  • Support Microsoft intellimouse, logitech net mouse, etc.
  • Support DOS, Win95/98/98SE/2000/ME/XP, Win NT, Netware, Unix, Linux
  • Hot plug-add or remove connected PCs for maintenance without powering down the KVM switch or PCs
  • High video quality
  • No software required easy
  • PC selection via push button, hot keys
  • Auto scan mode for monitoring PCs keyboard status restored when switching PCs
  • LED display for easy status monitoring
  • Buzzer sound for switching port confirmation
  • Optional 9V 500mA power adapter


DIPO DIPO DP-KS02 High Quality 2-Port KVM Switch

DIPO DIPO DP-KS02 High Quality 2-Port KVM Switch

  • 2 port KVM switch is compact design and easy portable

DIPO DIPO DP-KS02 High Quality 2-Port KVM Switch

  • PC selection via push button on the top of this 2 port KVM switcher 

DIPO DIPO DP-KS02 High Quality 2-Port KVM Switch

DIPO DIPO DP-KS02 High Quality 2-Port KVM Switch

  • Control two computers with this mini 2 port KVM switch

How to Install a KVM Switch:

DIPO DIPO DP-KS02 High Quality 2-Port KVM Switch

  • Get your entire computers ready by turning them off and disconnecting any keyboards, monitors or mice. You will also need to get all of the computers you plan to use relatively close together. If it will be three or more, you may want to get a rack
  • Setup the KVM switch in a central location so that is about an equal distance from all the computers. Plug in the KVM into a local power supply
  • Connect all the computers. Connect the cable from each keyboard, video and mouse port on the computers to the KVM switch
  • Restart and test each computer by choosing the computers from the switch one at a time

How Does a KVM Switch Work?

DIPO DIPO DP-KS02 High Quality 2-Port KVM Switch

What's a KVM Switch

  • You can run multiple computers from a single console with a KVM switch. KVM stands for keyboard-mouse-video. You plug one monitor, mouse and keyboard into a KVM switch. The KVM switch connects to the keyboard, mouse and video ports of each computer you wish to use with an additional set of cables.

Electronic Switches

  • KVM switches may be passive hardware devices or more complex electronic units. A passive KVM switch changes your keyboard, mouse and video to interact with each different computer by way of a hardware switch or knob. An electronic KVM switch allows more computers to connect with a single console, and you usually shift control from one computer to another with an electronic switch--either a button on the KVM switch or a keyboard command that allows you to select the computer you want from a menu.

Small Switches

  • KVM switches manage two or more computers. Small switches may be practical as a space-saving measure: For example, a computer technician alternately working on her office computer and a computer she's repairing could do both at her desk without fitting two monitors on it. Network administrators frequently use large switches in business environments to run multiple servers from the same console.

Remote Access Tools

  • Remote access tools can replace a KVM switch for certain purposes. A remote access tool allows you to access a remote computer as a window on the computer you're actually working at. Some remote access tools have built-in limitations, such as an inability to shut a computer down or the fact that certain icons in the Windows Notification Area may not show. A remote access tool usually will not allow you to control a computer that hasn't booted to its operating system. For this functionality (including BIOS interactions and booting to special modes), a KVM switch is still the way to go

Package Included:

  • 1 x KVM Switch
  • 1 x User Manual