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Newpett Large Size Floral Print Round Edge Pet Bed


Use this Floral Print Round Dog Bed to give your pet a welcome alternative to napping on the cold floor or hard cement patio. Designed with floral print, this sturdy indoor/outdoor round dog bed features a cotton material which is comfort for yo...
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  • This round dog bed offers a high quality material pet bed at a reasonable cost
  • Round dog bed provide your pet a special place to relax
  • Keep your pet off the cold, hard, wet ground
  • Good dog bed gives your pet a bed that will improve the quality of rest
  • This round dog bed with flower pattern you and your pet will love
  • The different print pattern of the cotton dog bed is lovely and the kup design is convenient for your dog to go in and out
  • Material: Cotton
  • Bed Diameter: 38cm/15in
  • Details:

    Newpett Large Size Floral Print Round Edge Pet Bed

    Newpett Large Size Floral Print Round Edge Pet Bed
  • Keep your pet off the cold, hard, wet ground with this round dog bed, give him best care

Newpett Large Size Floral Print Round Edge Pet Bed

Newpett Large Size Floral Print Round Edge Pet Bed

Newpett Large Size Floral Print Round Edge Pet Bed

  • The cotton dog bed features kup design, convenient for your dog to go in and out


How to Choose the Best Bed For Your Dog?

Believe it or not, dogs, much like their human counterparts, are more comfortable in certain dog beds than others. There are so many varieties available now that choosing the perfect bed for your canine can be a bit overwhelming. And believe me when I tell you, they come in every price range, shape, size, color, fabric and texture you can think of. I am sure once you read this article, it will help you to make decision that will please both you and your dog.

  • Some dogs prefer to be completely covered when they sleep. For this type of pet the pita bed, which is essentially a doggie sleeping bag, would be the best choice. It completely encases the dog, leaving an opening for them to easily access to get in or out. No worries of them getting caught up in a throw blanket with this awesome bed

Newpett Large Size Floral Print Round Edge Pet Bed

  • Another type of bed for the cuddling types are bolster beds. Bolster beds have a thick cushion of foam surrounding the bed, almost resembling a small sofa or loveseat. If your dog tends to always lean up against something (or someone) when they sleep, this may be the bed for them. Cozy comfort will surrounds them while they slumber
  • Similar to the bolster bed, it encases your pet when they lie on the big, lofty pillow. These beds come with or without walls surrounding them. Total comfort
  • These beds support aching joints, alleviating pain while they rest. They come in many varieties including memory foam and box spring styles
  • You can even get travel beds or mats for the pet that's always on the go. They are perfect for sleepovers, camping, even a day at the park. They are compact and portable and will give your pet something familiar in an unfamiliar place which will often ease anxiety when away from home

Tips & Warnings:

Ensuring the comfort of your dog while they sleep is another way of being a responsible dog owner and providing care for them. Would you like to sleep on the floor all the time? Of course not, so treat your dog to a new world of comfort, you might just get your own bed back

How to Waterproof a Dog Bed?

Dogs need clean dry beds for their health. Most dog beds are made with an outside cover and inside padding. The outside cover should be removable and washable. To help keep the inner padding dry, you can add a waterproof liner between the pad and the cover. If a dog throws up or piddles on the bed, just wash the cover, clean or replace the waterproof liner, and the dog can go back to a dry bed. A dog bed can made waterproof in these easy ways

Newpett Large Size Floral Print Round Edge Pet Bed

Temporary Solutions

  • Emergency. For an emergency waterproof liner, get a sturdy garbage bag. A heavy-duty tear-resistant 90-gallon bag may be needed for a large dog. Remove the dog bed cover. Put the bed padding loosely inside the garbage bag. Fluff or smooth the padding, tie the garbage bag shut and put the bed back in the cover. Be sure the knotted end of the garbage bag is at the side of the pad so the dog is not sleeping on the knot. Replace this with a more durable liner for long-term use
  • A space blanket. A space blanket or survival blanket is a quick and inexpensive waterproof liner. These thin foil-type blankets are available in outdoor, hardware and discount stores. Remove the bed cover and wrap the space blanket all around the padding. The blanket is usually about 50 inches by 80 inches so it will overlap. Use duct tape or packaging tape if desired to seal the blanket around the pad. Re-cover the bed. Some dogs will not sleep on the bed because of the crinkly foil sound and you may need to use another type of liner
  • Bubble wrap. If your dog needs a liner only on top of the bed, bubble wrap is quick and easy to use. Lay a strip of bubble wrap over the bed with extra overlap. Use scissors to cut the bubble wrap to size. You may need to cut two or more strips to fit the bed. Tape them side-by-side for a smooth wide pad. Use duct tape or sturdy packaging tape. Put the bubble wrap liner between the dog cover and the bed padding. This protects the pad but does not absorb liquid. Wipe it off as soon as it gets wet. Bubble wrap may make your dog too warm so use it only as a temporary solution

Permanent Solutions

Newpett Large Size Floral Print Round Edge Pet Bed

  • People pads. Drug stores, medical supply shops and Internet stores carry incontinence pads. These pads come in many sizes and styles. They are waterproof and have quilted, smooth or padded surfaces. Incontinence pads come in disposable and in washable styles. Choose an absorbent pad that wicks liquid away from your pet's body. If you choose a large quilted or well-cushioned pad, it may be comfortable enough to be used on top of the cover
  • Baby bedding. Check baby departments for waterproof baby bedding. Look for a waterproof baby blanket or mattress pad. These covers do not feel like plastic. Choose one that is washable, hypoallergenic, and breathable. You do not want it to trap body heat that may cause skin infections
  • Piddle pads. Pet stores and kiddie stores carry piddle pads. These disposable pads are waterproof on one side and padded on the other. The pads come in different sizes and are excellent when you only need to cover the top sleeping area of the bed. They absorb liquid on the padded side, making clean-up easier. Just replace with a new pad
  • Crate pads. Many pet stores carry waterproof liners for crate or kennel pads. These pads are washable and come either as flat pads or full covers with zippers. Some are highly absorbent and soak up the fluid. They can be machine washed and dried for re-use

Tips & Warnings

  • Puppies, older dogs and sick dogs are especially likely to need a waterproof bed
  • For a sick or incontinent dog, keep extra disposable and washable pads. Use them wherever the dog likes to sleep during the day
  • A wet liner should be removed so the dog does not get soaked in urine and become infected
  • If your dog is a bed-chewer, do not use plastic or bubble wrap that can be ripped in small pieces and swallowed
  • Whenever a dog destroys its bed, take away the chewed parts immediately to prevent choking

Package Included:

  • 1 x Large Size Floral Print Round Edge Pet Bed
  • 1 x Pillow