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TTCW Comfortable Giraffe Printing Warm Dog Coat


Just like some humans are tall and broad-shouldered and need specialized clothing, dogs also need specialized collars, harnesses, beds and other dog resources. Dog clothes are very common these days, and they certainly draw attention and some do help...
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  • Designed with lovely giraffe pattern, this dog coat for winter can show your special taste
  • Coming with elastic round neck design, this dog coat for winter will make your pet your dog warm in winter
  • The comfortable dog coat for winter not only help keep your pet warm and dry but also look attractive and stylish
  • This warm dog coat is made of high quality lint material, and ensures the excellent ventilation and heat retention
  • Designed with funky style and detail this cute dog clothes is a must have
  • The cute dog clothes also allows for your dog at night time and it's easy to put on and take off
  • This cute dog clothes is a perfect present for your lovely dog
  • When participate in activities or parties, you dogs will be an eye-catching with this pet dog coat
  • Material: Lint
  • Color: Pink


TTCW Comfortable Giraffe Printing Warm Dog Coat

  • Your dog will be protected from the cold as well as super cute with this cute dog clothes

TTCW Comfortable Giraffe Printing Warm Dog Coat

  • Made of high quality lint material, it ensures the excellent ventilation and heat retention
  • The reasonable design protects your beloved dog at night time and it's easy to put on and take off

TTCW Comfortable Giraffe Printing Warm Dog Coat

  • The cute giraffe pattern on the back also makes your pet lovely

TTCW Comfortable Giraffe Printing Warm Dog Coat

TTCW Comfortable Giraffe Printing Warm Dog Coat

  • The elastic round neck design of the dog coat makes it easy to wear as well as keep warm in winter

TTCW Comfortable Giraffe Printing Warm Dog Coat

TTCW Comfortable Giraffe Printing Warm Dog Coat

  • Wearing this cute dog clothes, your dog looks funky and fashion

How to Measure Your Pet:

TTCW Comfortable Giraffe Printing Warm Dog Coat

Size in Detail:



Back Length


























  • Please keep in mind the size chart is coming from the manufactures and for reference only

How to Size a Dog for Clothes:

TTCW Comfortable Giraffe Printing Warm Dog Coat

There are so many practical, cute clothes for your dog, including raincoats with detachable hoods, winter coats, t-shirts, shorts, booties, socks and even life jackets or floats. They all come in a variety of styles and colors. It's important to properly measure your dog before you make your purchase to ensure a proper fit

  • Make sure your dog is standing when you take your measurements
  • Measure the entire length of your dog's back, starting from the bottom of his collar to the end of his back, right up to where it meets his tail
  • Take some additional measurements. Measure just behind her front legs, and the circumference of his chest and neck, usually under the collar where it's thickest
  • Stretch your measuring tape out between the front legs of his chest to get the measurement for the distance between the two legs
  • Determine the circumference around your dog's tummy using the widest area. Also measure the circumference around his front leg, where her leg meets her body
  • Allow 1/4 to 1/2-inch variance on all your measurements. If a measurement is a fraction of an inch, it's usually best to round up to the nearest whole number

Winter Apparel for Dogs:

When it's cold outside, you put on a coat or a sweater to ensure that you stay warm. You wouldn't let your child go play or walk around outside without the proper gear, right? Why should pet owners treat their pets any differently? If it's cold outside and you think your dog might be cold, it might be a good idea to put either a sweater or jacket on him or her


Celebrities have been known to pamper their pets, but it wasn't until a certain hotel heiress paraded her Chihuahua around in tiny clothing that the average pet owner began thinking they might do the same. Booties might be cute for a 5-lb. dog, but a 100-lb. dog who's never been dressed in clothes before might have a different idea. There are all sorts of clothing available for dogs these days. While some articles are simply "cute," other articles like winter jackets actually serve a purpose


There are many different articles of winter clothing that you can purchase for your dog. Not only are some of the pieces fashionable, but they will keep Rover warm during those cold winter months. Dog sweaters used to be a common article of clothing that pet owners would dress their dogs in, but these days, fleece-lined coats and booties designed to keep the dog's paws warm and dry are also available


Winter dog apparel can be beneficial for both the pet and his or her owner. The owner will know that their pet is warm when going outside during the cold months and the pet will receive the benefit of being warm when he or she has to go outside to do his or her business or go for his or her daily walk


While a pet owner may find a rottweiler wearing a sweater to be absolutely adorable, the dog might not think so. If your dog has never been dressed in clothes, he or she might find it difficult to adjust to the new get-up. In fact, he or she may try to chew that new jacket or set of booties off, so don't spend a fortune on a new outfit until you know how your dog is going to react. If he or she doesn't like the new outfit, start small, introducing one article of clothing at a time. For example, start putting the sweater on, then once he or she gets used to that, you can try the booties


Before dressing your dog in winter apparel, take into consideration your dog's coat. If you own a dog that has a thick coat like a German shepherd, rottweiler or Siberian husky, the chances of him or her needing a coat or sweater are pretty slim. Dogs with thick coats are equipped to handle colder temperatures. However, if your dog has a thin, short coat and is prone to shivering when the temperatures drop, then you might consider dressing him or her appropriately when going outside

Package Included:

  • 1 x Dog Coat