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Chic Dog Grooming Rake with Wooden Handle


Do you want a pet grooming comb? We highly recommend the dog grooming tool for you. This pet grooming comb is a perfect way to show love to your dogs.This dog grooming is an excellent all around grooming comb with the high quality material. The ...
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  • Handle Material: Wood
  • Teeth Length: 2.3cm/0.9in
  • Rake Length: 15cm/5.9in
  • Handle Length: 11.5cm/4.5in
  • Color: Silver & Light Yellow


  • The pet grooming comb is suitable for medium and large dogs
  • Pet grooming comb features a sturdy, comfortable wooden handle
  • Dog grooming comb with smooth, special design teeth is gentle to the skin
  • Pet grooming comb is made of high quality material and can use for a long time
  • With a comfortable dog grooming, you can make a lot of fashion modeling for your pet dogs conveniently as you like
  • This dog grooming tool is a perfect way to show love to your dogs


Chic Dog Grooming Rake with Wooden Handle

  • This dog grooming tool is for daily shedding control

Chic Dog Grooming Rake with Wooden Handle

  • Wooden handle to the dog grooming, featured with rounded pins that can provide extra comfort

Chic Dog Grooming Rake with Wooden Handle

  • The wonderful teeth can give you pet the great massage

Chic Dog Grooming Rake with Wooden Handle

  • Strong, durable and easy to clean, this dog grooming tool is perfect for removing tangles and dead undercoat

Chic Dog Grooming Rake with Wooden Handle

  • This dog grooming comb is a perfect way to show love to your dogs

About Dog Grooming:

Chic Dog Grooming Rake with Wooden Handle


  • Grooming your dog is important because it promotes good health and hygiene. It also makes them feel special and it is a chance for owners and dogs to spend time together. For dogs, grooming is a special form of petting and taking care of them. It is important to introduce grooming to your dog at an early age, so that it can get used to being handled


  • Dog grooming includes maintaining your dog's coat properly, cleaning their ears, clipping their nails and giving them a bath. For dogs with a long coat, regular brushing is needed to remove dead hair and prepare for new and healthy hair. You may need to bathe your pet often as well, which can be done in the bathtub


  • To know what the best type of grooming routine for your dog, you have to learn more about its breed and the different types of grooming available for it. There are types of dogs that need constant grooming. You may want to take your dog to a grooming salon first and learn how to properly care for him from experts. Some pet stores offer classes in dog grooming, which includes shampooing, coat brushing and combing, and ear and teeth hygiene


  • If you are going to groom your dog, you should teach them to follow commands, because this will make grooming easier for both of you. You won't want a dog running around when half its body is covered with shampoo. Also, you need to have the necessary grooming tools. These include dog brushes and combs, nail trimmers, shampoo, ear cleansers and dog haircut supplies. Be sure to use the proper shampoo for your dog's fur


  • When you groom your dog right from the start, it becomes a habit for both of you. Proper grooming also promotes the look of your dog. If your dog doesn't like baths and runs away every time, you may want to use a leash to tie him next to the tub. In grooming your dog, there is potential for bonding. This will not only make your dog feel loved but will also allay its fears of grooming

How to Comb Your Dog:

Chic Dog Grooming Rake with Wooden Handle

  • Lay your dog down on the carpet. Use a collar and lead, if it is prone to squirming. Kneel down on the lead, so that your dog's range of movement is restricted
  • Feed your dog a treat, then brush it a few times with a bristle brush. Reward your dog for enduring the first cursory brushing by giving it another treat. This calms your dog and gives it incentive to let you continue brushing
  • Start at one side of your dog's head, and use the bristle brush to comb backward against the natural direction of hair growth. Work your way to the rear of the animal, in small sections, always parting the hair down to the skin. Repeat this process, starting on the other side of your dog's head, working all the way back to the rear
  • Starting at the rear of your animal, brush your dog's hair again with the bristle brush. This time, brush in the direction of natural hair growth. Brush the entire coat, from rear to head
  • Use the slicker brush to lightly comb your dog one last time. Comb out any tangles or mats that formed during your bristle brushing. Brush from head to tail, until your dog's coat is shiny and untangled
  • Give your dog another treat at the end of grooming

Package Included:

  • 1 x Dog Grooming