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Four Legged Hooded Camouflage Dog Raincoat


Are you looking for a high quality raincoat for your dog? If so, let us show you this Four Legged Hooded Camouflage Dog Raincoat.This hooded dog raincoat will let your pets strut their cool style and lead the fashion even in the bad weather days. Uni...
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  • The small dog raincoat is made of high quality materials with mesh fabric lining
  • With a hooded design, this small dog raincoat will give your dog comfortable touch
  • Feature with camouflage design, this small dog raincoat makes your dog out of ordinary
  • The hooded dog raincoat features elastic seam at collar which ensure a dry and comfortable fit
  • A cute and fashionable way to keep your dog dry and protect it against the rainy days
  • Coming in one piece overall coat style with back cap
  • Dog clothes raincoat is an addition to your dog wardrobe
  • Coating Material: Cloth
  • Lining Material: Mesh


Four Legged Hooded Camouflage Dog Raincoat

Four Legged Hooded Camouflage Dog Raincoat

  • Unique hooded design to the small dog raincoat can well protect your dog in the rainy day

Four Legged Hooded Camouflage Dog Raincoat

  • Mesh design enhances comfort, durability and breathebility to the small dog raincoat

Four Legged Hooded Camouflage Dog Raincoat

Four Legged Hooded Camouflage Dog Raincoat

  • With camouflage pattern, hooded and four legged style, keep your pet dog dry and become cuter

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How to Measure Your Pet:

Four Legged Hooded Camouflage Dog Raincoat

  • Neck: Measure around the neck as you would for a collar
  • Girth: Measure the chest at its widest point, all the way around, which is typically right behind the front legs. If the dog has a large girth, going up a size is recommended
  • Length: Measure from the neck to the base of the tail. This is where the collar rests to where the tail meets the rear-end

About Raincoats:

Four Legged Hooded Camouflage Dog Raincoat

Raincoats can be a practical piece of clothing in wet climates, as well as a fashion accessory. Raincoats come in a wide variety of colors and styles, from basic waterproof cover-ups to designer jackets. Children and adults may wear raincoats during wet weather, and some workers wear them as part of their daily routine

  • Type: Some major types of raincoats include Mackintoshes, trench coats, anoraks, ponchos, and cagoules or pacamacs. Mackintoshes use a rubber coating to waterproof cotton or other lightweight fabrics, and come in a variety of colors, patterns, lengths and styles. Trench coats are generally knee-length or longer and use waterproof cotton, wool or leather. They often feature a collar, buttons and a belt. Anoraks, or hooded winter jackets and parkas, may also be considered raincoats if they are waterproof. Rain ponchos are sleeveless raincoats that drape over the body and often have a hood. They may be made of heavyweight nylon for durable garments, or lightweight plastic for cheap, temporary coverings, and may be clear or colored. Cagoules or pacamacs are lightweight rain ponchos that fold into pouches
  • Features: Raincoats may include a waterproof hood, or a more stylish but less practical collar. They may button, snap or zip in the front, or simply slip over the head. Many raincoats have a fabric lining to make them warmer so they can double as waterproof winter coats. Some raincoats have a removable lining that can be taken out during warm, wet weather. Other raincoats are also reversible, with a different color or pattern on each side so the wearer can achieve two different looks from the same coat. Raincoats often include pockets with flaps to protect the contents
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How to Sew Raincoats for Dogs:

Four Legged Hooded Camouflage Dog Raincoat

You probably don't enjoy walking your dog in the rain, but you can take an umbrella along or slip on a rain jacket to stay dry. But what about your faithful companion? Even on showery days, dogs need exercise and bathroom breaks, but they don't like getting wet and bedraggled in the rain. Not to mention that you have to look after a cold, wet dog and deal with soggy towels after your walk. Give your pet a treat and save yourself some bother by sewing a lightweight, easy and inexpensive doggy raincoat. It even includes reflective strips to keep her safe and visible at night

  • Measure your dog from her shoulders to just above the tail. Measure across her back, from the top of one front leg to the other. Add 1 inch to both measurements and then draw a rectangle with these dimensions on your fabric
  • Cut out the fabric and fold it in half so the two long sides meet. Draw a line along this fold
  • Cut a piece of the reflective fabric strip the length of the rectangle. Center the reflective strip over the line you drew in the previous step. Using the straight stitch on your sewing machine, sew along both edges of the reflective strip to attach it to the raincoat
  • Fold in 1/2 inch of fabric along all four sides and then fold again to make a double hem. Use the sewing machine to hem the four sides of the rectangle, making sure the corners are flat and neat
  • Wrap your tape measure around your dog's body level with her belly. Add 4 inches to this measurement, and cut two strips of reflective fabric that length. These will form the straps to hold the raincoat in place
  • Fold the rectangle into three equal sections along the long side, and draw lines along the folds. Center the two strips of reflective fabric along these lines and sew along the edges
  • Try the raincoat on your dog, and adjust the straps to fit snugly. Attach Velcro to each ends of the straps and machine stitch in place

Wash Methods:

  • Washing with hand
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not screw
  • Hang to dry

Package Included:

  • 1 x Four Legged Hooded Camouflage Dog Raincoat