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TTCW Cute Winter Keep Warm Dog Sweater


Do you love your dog? Do you want your dog to become more charming and beautiful among their friends? If you want, you can buy this beautiful and warm dog sweater.Here allow me to introduce this dog sweater to you! This dog sweater is made of high qu...
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  • Designed with fashionable style and detail, this dog sweater is a must in the winter
  • It is very convenient and easy for you to wear or take off the dog sweater for your dog because of the reasonable design
  • This dog sweater is made of high quality terylene that is very durable for wearing
  • You can buy this small dog sweater as a great gift for your dog or friends' dogs
  • This pet clothing for dogs can make your pet dog to spend the cold weather warmly
  • This dog sweater is very comfortable and warm to wear that your pet dog will like it


TTCW Cute Winter Keep Warm Dog Sweater

  • Made of high quality, this beautiful dog sweater is very durable for wearing

TTCW Cute Winter Keep Warm Dog Sweater

  • Your dog will like the fashionable dog sweater because of the charming patterns

TTCW Cute Winter Keep Warm Dog Sweater

  • The color is very bright that can make your dog more outstanding among their friends

TTCW Cute Winter Keep Warm Dog Sweater

  • This fashionable dog sweater can protect your dog from the cold weather

TTCW Cute Winter Keep Warm Dog Sweater

  • The hollowed design of this beautiful design is very popular among dogs

TTCW Cute Winter Keep Warm Dog Sweater

  • You can buy this beautiful dog sweater as a good gift for your lovely dog

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TTCW Cute Winter Keep Warm Dog Sweater

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How to Keep a Dog Warm When It's Cold Outside:

TTCW Cute Winter Keep Warm Dog Sweater

Just like humans, dogs can get frostbite, especially on their noses. Even dogs with full winter coats can get cold when the temperature hovers around zero for several days. It is best to bring your dog into the house during extremely cold weather, especially at night when temperatures tend to drop. However, if you cannot keep your dog inside it is important to provide your dog with adequate housing, and insulation for added warmth, during those cold winter months


  • Purchase a doghouse that is two to three times the size of your dog so you can add insulation and bedding to keep your dog warm and cozy on extremely cold nights
  • Add a bale of fresh straw to your dog's house about a once a month during winter. Open the bale and spread and fluff the straw to increase its insulating ability
  • Nail a full sheet of plywood up a few feet from the doghouse to block the freezing wind from blowing directly at the doghouse. Touch the long end of the plywood to the ground so the wind doesn't blow under it. If there isn't a tree nearby to nail the plywood to, sink a wooden post into the ground, pour a bag of dry concrete into the hole, and finish filling the hole with dirt. When the concrete hardens, the post will stand firm. Nail your plywood to the post
  • Feed your dog extra food during the winter months and provide fresh water several times a day. A dog burns more calories in the winter to keep warm, so it needs more food just to maintain its weight. Fat is an excellent insulator, so if your dog can add a few pounds in the winter it will stay warmer. Water freezes quickly in the winter, but your dog needs water so replace it whenever it freezes. Consider rotating buckets; bring the frozen one in the house, take the thawed one back out
  • Put a roof or a tarp over your dog run so the rain and snow cannot fall into the pen. A dry area and a dry dog stay warmer
  • Knit or buy your dog a sweater and doggie boots to wear outside, especially if you have a toy or miniature breed. Small dogs can also be trained to use pads or litter boxes so they do not need to go outside in the winter when it is too cold

Does Your Dog Need Clothes:

TTCW Cute Winter Keep Warm Dog Sweater

A sweater or jacket can be helpful during the cold seasons, especially if your dog is reluctant to go outside in the snow to relieve himself, but also if you tend to keep your home's internal heating system set low, depending instead on blankets and sweaters for your human occupants

  • How warm your dog is able to physically keep himself may depend on his breed, size and even age, but if he just doesn't have a heavy hair coat, there is only so much curling up he can do to conserve heat. Smaller, light bodied breeds, toy breeds, and breeds that naturally have very short or thin hair coats benefit from a warm dog sweater for when they need to go outside, or for just hanging around the house. A sweater can make a significant difference in your dog's feeling of well-being
  • Of course, short, thin hair is not the only prerequisite for outer clothing. Dogs that tend to have short-cropped hair - like poodles, which may grow thick hair but which owners tend to keep short to avoid matting - should also be given a sweater to protect them from very low temperatures. Also, older dogs with weaker immune systems and dogs with diseases that impair hair growth (i.e., Cushing's disease, hypothyroidism) typically need an extra source for warmth, and this can be easily provided by a sweater or jacket, even indoors
  • Conversely, larger dogs with dense hair coats do not have a need for additional insulation, and would be very uncomfortable if they were forced to wear outer clothing, possibly to the point of physically overheating. Their fur is already genetically designed to protect them from extreme winter temperatures. The Siberian Husky, Malamute, and Saint Bernard breeds are all excellent examples of dogs that are perfectly suited to cold temperatures, while the Chihuahua, Greyhound, and many terrier and pinscher breeds are good examples of dogs that would do well with a little extra outer insulation

Package Included:

  • 1 x Dog Sweater