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LTY 30cm Cute Dr Slump Figure Series Limited Arale Doll Toy


Do you want special vinyl figurines home decor for your house? Here the 30cm Cute Dr Slump Figure Series Limited Arale Doll Toy can satisfy you.What a darling idea! The Doll Figurines measure 11.8in, which is made of high quality Vinyl...
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USD$ 100.77
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  • This Vinyl Figure has funny cute pose which will give you much more fun in life
  • High quality doll mini toy at a really cheap and affordable price
  • This doll mini toy is unique! Be one of the few people to own them
  • A good decoration for you to put anywhere with this wonderful doll
  • The best choice for the collectors who love it
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Height: 30cm/11.8in


LTY 30cm Cute Dr Slump Figure Series Limited Arale Doll Toy

  • Dress up your room with these special designed Slump Limited Arale figurines

LTY 30cm Cute Dr Slump Figure Series Limited Arale Doll Toy

  • This Vinyl Figure is interesting and cute with vivid design. And these doll figurines are meticulously crafted by hand

LTY 30cm Cute Dr Slump Figure Series Limited Arale Doll Toy

LTY 30cm Cute Dr Slump Figure Series Limited Arale Doll Toy 

  • This Vinyl Figure designed based on Slump Limited Arale
  • The Home Decor Figurines are sure to be the perfect addition to your home or office

Size in Detail:

LTY 30cm Cute Dr Slump Figure Series Limited Arale Doll Toy

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LTY 30cm Cute Dr Slump Figure Series Limited Arale Doll Toy

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Home Decor Tips:

LTY 30cm Cute Dr Slump Figure Series Limited Arale Doll Toy

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Package Included:

  • 1 x Doll Toy