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Karjuu Fortune Lucky Cat Infrared Sensor Electronic Doorbell


Today we highly recommend you this kind of electronic doorbell! With this audio & infrared sensor doorbell, you can hear everything happened outdoor. When someone comes to your door, the audio will notice you. This electronic doorbell has 26 tunes me...
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  • Stylish lucky cat shape will let you stay at a happy mood
  • Electronic doorbell with infrared sensors
  • This cute electronic doorbell supports English, Russian and Arabic languages
  • Used to welcome guests
  • It can be also a good decoration in your room
  • Sensor Range: 3-7m
  • Power: 3 x AAA Batteries
  • Size: 18.0 x 11.5 x 6.0cm/7.1 x 4.5 x 2.4in(L x W x H)


Karjuu Fortune Lucky Cat Infrared Sensor Electronic Doorbell

  • This kind of electronic door bell has a cute lucky cat appearance

Karjuu Fortune Lucky Cat Infrared Sensor Electronic Doorbell

  • With this electronic doorbell, you will feel your life become much easier

Karjuu Fortune Lucky Cat Infrared Sensor Electronic Doorbell

  • Infrared sensor function of this electronic doorbell will bring you convenience

How to Mount a Wireless Doorbell:

A wireless doorbell is less expensive than a standard doorbell that's wired into a home's electrical system. Wireless doorbells also offer flexibility -- you can place the inside bell receiver in any indoor location that has electrical outlet. This ease of installation allows virtually anyone to install a wireless doorbell in minutes. Adding a second button unit is as simple as buying it and mounting it next to a door, on the siding or door trim.

  • Remove the old doorbell button from the outside of house, usually by unscrewing the screws that hold it to the siding. Remove the connecting wire from inside the walls, or use electrical tape to cover any stripped parts of the wire and tuck it back into the hole
  • Fill the hole with wood putty, using a putty knife. Allow the putty to dry. Sand and paint the repaired area, unless you're able to fully cover it with the new wireless doorbell button
  • Remove the back cover from the wireless button unit. Position the cover on the siding or door frame where you will be mounting the button. Make sure the cover is straight. Make pencil marks through the screw holes in the cover, onto the siding or frame
  • Drill two small holes on the marks you made, using a drill with a pilot bit. Place the back cover back on the surface, aligning the screw holes with the pilot holes. Screw the included screws through the cover holes and into the wood. Snap the front of the button unit to the back cover, which is now attached to the house
  • Plug the inside doorbell chime unit into an electrical outlet. If the chime unit is battery-operated, sit it on a table or shelf, or mount it on a wall, following the manufacturer's instructions

Package Included:

  • 1 x Doorbell