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Beslli Fashion Korean Silk Knitted Marriage Party Men Bow Tie


Are you searching for a cool tie? If so, you can't miss this Fashion Korean Silk Knitted Marriage Party Men Bow Tie ! This Bow Tie featured stylish design makes a firm statement which is its understated elegance. Keep looking best with this Bow Tie. ...
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  • Material: Korean Silk


  • Made of good quality material, this Bow Tie is soft and comfortable
  • If you want to add color and style to your business look, then this Bow Tie will do the trick
  • The stylish design will make this Bow Tie perfectly suited for any business
  • Wear this  Men Bow Tie to work, to a special occasion with a friend or co-worker, or even casual going out to play at night
  • This men tie is in excellent condition with no stains or flaws


Beslli Fashion Korean Silk Knitted Marriage Party Men Bow Tie

Beslli Fashion Korean Silk Knitted Marriage Party Men Bow Tie

Beslli Fashion Korean Silk Knitted Marriage Party Men Bow Tie

Package Included:

  • 1 x Men Tie

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