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HuaHeXiaoCheng Durable Ceramic Door Handle Pull Drawer Knob


Durable Ceramic Door Handle Pull Drawer Knob is serves as the perfect accent to any kitchen cabinet, shoe cabinet or piece of furniture. This smooth pull handle knob is made of cceramic & zinc alloy. It's serves as the perfect accent to any kitchen c...
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  • This smooth pull handle is made of ceramic & zinc alloy
  • It offers the perfect solution to all of your cabinet hardware needs
  • It allows you to decorate your kitchen cabinets with rustic and natural style
  • This cabinet pull knob promises long lasting strength, durability, and beauty
  • This would  make a fabulous item to add to your kitchen or bathroom
  • Material: Ceramic & Zinc Alloy
  • Size: Approx.33 x 26mm / 1.29 x 1.02in(Dia. x H)


HuaHeXiaoCheng Durable Ceramic Door Handle Pull Drawer Knob

  • Made of Ceramic & Zinc Alloy

How to Fix a Door Knob

  • The best way to fix a door knob is to replace it. Unless it just became loose then you just need to retighten and all will be ok
  • After you purchase your replacement set check it to make sure it has all the parts. You should have a strike plate, a striker and the knobs themselves. Also two long screws. There are two kinds of knobs those that lock and those that don't.
  • Some are key entry others just lock by clicking the mechanism on the inside of the door. Those that require a key are usually for entry doors. Those that shut by clicking the mechanism are for bedrooms and baths. and those that do not lock are used for doors that do not require security or privacy. All will install the same way.
  • Remove the old knob by first opening the door and removing the strike plate. Then unscrew the two bolts that hold the locking mechanism in place. Pull these knobs out and remove the striker also remove the strike plate simultaneously.
  • You should be left with a round hole in the door, and a section where the strike plate will be. Also there should be a hole bored leading into the door cutout this will hold the striker. Next insert the new striker into the hole with the striker face towards the inside of the room. secure with screws supplied. Next on the door jamb where your old striker plate was install new striker plate with two screws.
  • Finally align the knobs with the holes on the striker where the door cutout is and secure with the two long screws supplied with your kit. Tighten until snug but do not over tighten. Test to see that it properly closes and if it has a lock test that out to. Just remember not to lock yourself out of the house.

Tips & Warnings:

  • The instructions and illustrations in the instruction pamphlet are very good and easy to follow Use these instructions and you should have successful resultsShould your door not close properly or not at all you have installed the mechanism backwards, re-check the instructions and make sure you followed directions.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Pull Knob
  • 2 x Screws