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Qirtie Stylish Lotus Corniculatus Printing Paillette Women Dresses


Hey, you want a stylish women dress, right? Now we will tell you that we have the women dress and you can be more beautiful and sex in wearing the designer dress. With the special stylish dress with lotus corniculatus printing, you will get more atte...
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  • The women dress with special lotus corniculatus printing is so tight and you can show your beautiful figure in the dress
  • The fashionable women dress is in the beautiful color and paillette can decorate you beautifully
  • The women dress will make it comfortable and soft to touch
  • The women dress keeps you in the perfect figure and you will be satisfied
  • The stylish dress is easy to make you more sexy and modern
  • Free size fit most people
  • Material: Gauze
  • Color: Black & Golden

Size in Detail:

ClothType Size Waist Length Shoulder Width Sleeve Length Bust Color
cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch
/ Average Size 38 14.82 87 33.93 31 12.09 0 0.00 44 17.16 Black & Golden


  • These dimensions are for reference only. Specific dimension varies from person to person

How to Measure:

Qirtie Stylish Lotus Corniculatus Printing Paillette Women Dresses


Qirtie Stylish Lotus Corniculatus Printing Paillette Women Dresses

  • The women dress is easy to wash and clean and won't take you much time

Qirtie Stylish Lotus Corniculatus Printing Paillette Women Dresses

  • The stylish dress will keep you always in the fashion field

Qirtie Stylish Lotus Corniculatus Printing Paillette Women Dresses

  • The tulle material of the sexy women dress will give you a comfortable touch sense

Uses and types:

  • Gauze was originally made of silk and was used for clothing. It is now used for many different things, including gauze sponges for medical purposes. When used as a medical dressing, gauze is generally made of cotton. It is especially useful for dressing wounds where other fabrics might stick to the burn or laceration. Many modern medical gauzes are covered with a plastic porous film such as Telfa or a polyblend which prevents direct contact and further minimizes wound adhesion. Also, it can be impregnated with a thick, creamy mixture of zinc oxide and calamine to promote healing, as in Unna's boot
  • In film and theatre, gauze is often fashioned into a scrim
  • Gauze used in bookbinding is called mull, and is used in case binding to adhere the text block to the book cover
  • Modern gauze is also made of synthetic fibers, especially when used in clothing. It can also be made of metal, such as a wire gauze placed on top of a Bunsen burner, used in a safety lamp or spark arrestor, or used as a fence

Uses in Chemistry:

There are two types of wire gauze used in chemistry: a normally woven wire gauze, and one with a white circle imprinted on it. The latter has a ceramic composite intended to aid in the dispersal in heat. The normal set-up is a ring stand which a support ring attached to it. The wire gauze is centered on the ring stand as to allow the open flame to be in contact with it to a certain extent, depending on the desired heat. In the context of laboratory experimentation, the combination of the wire gauze plus the added ceramic composite greatly aids in the even dispersal of heat. This means that an object placed over this type of wire gauze will receive a more uniform heat from a Bunsen burner than the naked flame of it. This property is specially important in various chemical processes where precise, even heat dispersal is sought after, as a consistent heat is crucial for the successful maintenance of the chemical process intended. Because of this desired heat dispersal ability, wire gauze can also be used as a cooling surface for beakers, Erlenmeyers flasks or other vessels without damaging the supporting surface

Package Included:

  • 1 x Dress