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MSLG Mercerized Cotton V Neck Women Dresses


The V-neck design of the dress can make you sexy when you wear. It is time to show your excellent figures now! The women dresses here are collect waist that can show your wasp waist. And the length of the women dresses can show your slender legs. The...
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  • The mercerized cotton material of the dress can give you a comfortable for you to wear
  • The long design of the dress can show your beautiful figures easily
  • The women dresses can be worn both at formal and casual occasions
  • Wearing the one-piece dresses, you will look sweet and attractive
  • The women dresses can be worn in office that will not let you look rigid
  • The women dresses can bring you good mood every day
  • Free size fits most people
  • Material: Mercerized Cotton
  • Color: Green

Size in Detail:

ClothType Size Bust Waist Shoulder Width Sleeve Length Length
cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch
/ S 41 15.99 30 11.70 36 14.04 0 0.00 120 46.80


  • These dimensions are for reference only. Specific dimension varies from person to person

How to Measure:

MSLG Mercerized Cotton V Neck Women Dresses


MSLG Mercerized Cotton V Neck Women Dresses

  • The dress is in the fashionable appearance, which can give you a beautiful wearing

MSLG Mercerized Cotton V Neck Women Dresses

  • The long design of the dress can show your beautiful figures easily

MSLG Mercerized Cotton V Neck Women Dresses

  • The V-neck design for the dress can give you a shining appearance when you wear

What Is Mercerized Cotton Thread?

Mercerized cotton has a history that goes back to the 1800s. The search for new ways to change fibers resulted in a product that is readily used today in knitting, crochet and sewing crafts


•l  In the 1800s researches played with fibers to alter their appearance. In 1851, John Mercer found a way to increase the luster of cotton by adding caustic soda, sulfuric acid and other chemicals to the fiber


•l  By altering the cotton, it was found that it didn't shrink as much when washed and took dye more readily. Mercerized cotton is also more mildew resistant than standard cotton fiber and has a softer appearance and feel


•l  Mercerized cotton is used for fine yarn knitting and crochet. It is becoming popular with cotton threads used in sewing


•l  Mercerized cotton has an increased lint level versus other processed fibers. The fiber does go through a heat singeing process; however, lint still does remain

Fun Fact

•l  Mercerized cotton is also referred to as Pearl or Pearle Cotton. Some mercerized cotton is a cotton covered thread with a polyester core

How to Wash:

Cotton blends clothing is made from fibers of both cotton and synthetic polyester. The fabric is lightweight and typically does not need to be ironed, which makes it great for traveling. The cotton polyester blend doesn't shrink as much as cotton.

•l Machine washes on the warm cycle with a detergent of your choice

•l Separate whites from colored clothes. Wash whites and colors, separately to ensure color preservation

•l Wash a load of either whites or colors in the washing machine on the delicate cycle using cold water. Use regular laundry detergent without bleach to wash the clothes

•l Add a fabric softener if you so desire

Tumble dry the clothes on the delicate setting, unless the tags specifically direct you to line dry or lay the item flat to dry. If you are concerned about shrinkage, then tumble dry the items for a couple of minutes to get the wrinkles out, then hang them to finish drying

Package Included:

  • 1 x Dress