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4 Channel DVR & 4 Color Cameras Security System SDB-MD1004-4CAM4


4CH 10.5 inch high-definition digital LCD display D1 DVR, Sharp 1/3 inch CCD camera, 420TV resolution, Seagate 500GB hard drive, SATA (Serial ATA) interface, 15 meter heavy duty coaxial plug and play camera lead, AC/DC adapter, 12V-3.0A output, 100-2...
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4 Channel DVR & 4 Color Cameras Security System SDB-MD1004-4CAM4
4 Channel DVR & 4 Color Cameras Security System SDB-MD1004-4CAM4

  • 10.5 inch High-definition digital LCD display, screen swing 90-degree ( left and right)
  • LCD Display Resolution 800 x 600 x RGB
  • Video Input: 4 Ch Input (1 BNC), VGA Optional
  • Video Output: 2 Channel Output (1 BNC), VGA Optional
  • Recording Frame: PAL: 25f/s/ch, NTSC: 30f/s/ch
  • Display Frame: PAL: 25f/s/ch, NTSC: 30f/s/ch
  • Recording Resolution: PAL: 352 x 240 (CIF), NTSC: 325 x 288 (CIF) PAL: 704 x 288 (Half D1), NTSC: 704 x 240 (Half D1) PAL: 704 x 576 (D1), NTSC: 704 x 480 (D1)
  • Compression: H.264
  • Hard Disk Format: FAT32
  • Record Mode: Manual, alarm, motion detection, scheduled
  • Video Search: Search by event, time and scheduled
  • Playback: One channel
  • Motion Detection: 6 x 8 motion detection windows, sensitivity adjustable
  • Audio: 4 CH inputs 1 CH output
  • Alarm: 4 CH inputs 1 CH output
  • Storage: Support 1T SATA
  • Operation: Triple operation, support PS2 mouse control, remote control
  • Backup / Upgrade: USB and network
  • Network: 10M / 100M (Ethernet Network Port) support IE visiting

4 Channel DVR & 4 Color Cameras Security System SDB-MD1004-4CAM4
4 Channel DVR & 4 Color Cameras Security System SDB-MD1004-4CAM4

4 Channel DVR & 4 Color Cameras Security System SDB-MD1004-4CAM4
4 Channel DVR & 4 Color Cameras Security System SDB-MD1004-4CAM4


  • CCD Type: Sharp 1/3
  • Signal Format: PAL / NTSC (Optional)
  • Resolution: 420TV 
  • Illumination: 1.0 Lux 
  • IR LED: 22PCS 
  • SNR: ≥ 48dB (AGC OFF)
  • Video Output Rate: 1.0 Vp-p / 75Ω 
  • White Balance Mode: Auto
  • AGC: Auto
  • Backlight Compensation: Auto
  • Electronic Shutter: 1/50 (1/60) -- 1/100000 Minutes
  • Gamma Correction: 0.45 
  • Synchronization Mode: Synchronization Inside
  • Lens Interface: CS / Small Lens Optional
  • Lens Adapter: 6mm 
  • Working Voltage: DC12V 5% 
  • Working Temperature: -10°C- +50°C, 40 - 90%
  • IR Function: 4 Short Loop With a Small Lens Hemisphere Has The Feature
  • Infrared Light Instance: 15M 

4 Channel DVR & 4 Color Cameras Security System SDB-MD1004-4CAM4
4 Channel DVR & 4 Color Cameras Security System SDB-MD1004-4CAM4


  • Cameras in the household appliance, please read carefully before using this specification
  • Please do not arbitrarily open the camera, if it fails, please contact the dealer or contact our company
  • Please note that the working temperature of the camera and the use of environmental requirements and avoid excessive goods at low temperature, to avoid flooding and rain, dust and moisture to minimize erosion, otherwise they will damage the camera or affect the performance
  • Cameras at the waist to avoid the sunlight , direct light, otherwise they will damage CCD
  • CCD not to hand-to-surface, if there is dirt that can be used tampons or lens cleaning paper, if the dirt is difficult to remove, you can use water-diluted neutral detergent scrubbing, do not use with corrosive solution
  • With the camera to match the power supply must be certified through the security, the output voltage, current, voltage polarity and operating temperature, etc. must meet the requirements of this camera
  • There is thunder and lightning in the case of using this camera, please note that the installation of lightning protection equipment or electric plug and unplug the power cable, so to prevent because of lightning and power line two pairs of cameras Chung harm
  • Reliable for the camera work and a satisfactory image, the power cord and video cable not to long, otherwise they will be in line to increase the wear and tear caused by camera or video signal voltage range of less than
  • Cameras in order to prevent falling, please do not let the camera placed in Unstable triangular frame, a bracket was easy to goods other objects on, otherwise, would result in children or adults were injured, while the camera will be severely damaged
  • The installation of cameras must be firm, not because of its loose cargo could fall into the human body and cause damage to other items
  • The camera can not be placed in the radiator or heater resistors near or above
  • The camera function the rear of the switch at the factory had been set to default mode, if not necessary, the user not to arbitrarily switch

Hard Drive:

  • This item is Seagate500GB HDD barracuda ES, 7200RPM, 16 MB cache SATA internal hard disk drive
  • Barracuda ES is a member of the Seagate 3.5- inch family of high capacity desktop drive targeted at mainstream and high performance PCs and advance storage applications
  • The product enables OEMs and system builder to qualify one family of drive from a premier provider for wide range of storage applications
  • Capacity: 500GB
  • Interface: SATA (Serial ATA)
  • Buffer: 16MB

4 Channel DVR & 4 Color Cameras Security System SDB-MD1004-4CAM4


  • This 15 meter camera cable is pre-terminated with BNC plugs for video signal and 2.1mm jack plug and socket for 12 volt camera power
  • It can be used for cameras requiring up to 2 amps without suffering from excessive volt drop (check the current demand of our cameras by clicking on the technical specification link below)
  • These leads are heavy duty co-axial versions virtually immune to inductive interference and do not suffer from excessive volt drop when used with Night vision cameras requiring high currents for their infra-red illuminators
  • Length: 15m 
  • Video Connection: BNC Male on both ends

4 Channel DVR & 4 Color Cameras Security System SDB-MD1004-4CAM4

Package Included:

  • 1 x 4CH 10.5inch High-definition Digital LCD Display D1 DVR(SDB-MD1004)
  • 4 x Sharp 1/3 Inch CCD Camera(S-6006SH3)
  • 1 x Seagate 500 GB Hard Drive(HDD-500G)
  • 4 x 15 Meter Heavy Duty Coaxial Plug and Play Camera Lead(SR-LINE15M)
  • 1 x AC / DC Adapter(KX-1203000)