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CNIT 7"LCD C-Paper E-Book Reader


With the advances made in wireless data and storage technology, the electronic book reading devices make it easy for readers to take their favorite books on the road. Are you looking for a stylish and easy to use eBook reader? If so, you have got the...
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The color eBook reader can support music, photo and picture
Easy to carry and use with suitable size
The LCD eBook reader can support many formats of videos, images and audios
The HD LCD gives you an exciting reading experience
You can download files with this eBook reader


CNIT 71. Play/pause:
    a) in music playing interface, press to switch play and pause
    b)press long time can achieve the power on/off
2. Direction keys:
    a) In the main interface and content list: press the direction keys shortly to choose the sections down and upon
    b) In music/video interface the direction keys can be used for add/ decrease volume, choose the previous/next music
3. Rotate: In reading interface, press shortly can rotate the article
4. Number keys:on the right side with serial numbers interface, press the right number shortly to
    jump to the corresponding interface
5. Menu M key:in any interfaces, press shortly to enter into main menu directly
6. Back/cancel:press shortly to go back to previous menu step by step or cancel the current settings
7. Up/down keys:
    a)In the menu interface, press shortly to choose the menu up and down
    b)in the reading article menu interface, turn pages to be previous and next
    c)in the music/video interface,press shortly to choose the previous and next
8. Zoom in/Zoom out:
    when reading articles, press the key shortly to adjust the size of the fonts
9. DC-IN: Charge by the adapter
10.TF-Card slot: Through the TF card slot to expand capacity
11.USB Host: connect with the pc by USB cable to transmit data
12/13. Earphone interface
14. MIC input port

How to View Photos on E-book Reader?
  • Since the music and film industries moved online to offer digital downloads of their products, so too has the book publishing industry. The rising popularity of e-book readers makes it more convenient than ever to own thousands of books in nearly every genre. Much like the digital music player before it, the e-book reader has evolved to become more diverse in what it offers. Beyond simply establishing itself as a practical, portable way to view e-books, many e-book readers now offers the ability to view digital photos as well
  • Things you’ll need:
  • Computer
  • SD card
  • Instructions:
  • Sort through your collection of digital photographs on your computer's hard drive and choose which ones you would like to view on your e-book reader
  • Insert an SD storage card into your computer's SD card slot
  • Double-click on the SD card icon that pops up on your monitor to access the card's directory
  • Click and drag your selected photos from your computer's hard drive into the SD card's directory. Your computer automatically copies the photos from its hard drive onto the SD card
  • Eject the SD card from your computer and insert it into your e-book reader's SD card slot. The e-book may take a few moments to re-load its screen while it recognizes the new data on the SD card
  • Locate the photos you copied to the SD card on your e-book reader. The method for doing this varies depending on which e-book reader you have. You may need to navigate through a few menu options before locating the photos. Start at the main menu
  • CNIT 7
  • 1 x eBook Reader
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x Earphone