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Warm Safe Electric Bedding Blanket


In the cold winter days, there's nothing worse than feeling chill when you get on your bed! Not only the cold bed disturbs your night, but also you will wake feeling tired and that in turn spoils your day. Try this warm electric blanket, and warm up ...
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  • Keep you warm all the day with this electric bedding blanket, good sleep comes with it
  • Classically designed with an exquisite touch, the fleece electric blanket is gorgeous in feel and work as throws
  • Professionally designed, the best electric blanket meets the safety standard of course
  • Easy to use, the soft heat electric blanket is loved by most people
  • This electric blanket can keep you warm and comfortable in the cold months
  • Made of high quality materials, the electric blanket is super comfy to you to sleep on it
  • Size: 150 x 75cm/59 x 29.5in(L x W)
  • Voltage: 220V-50Hz
  • Power: 60W


Warm Safe Electric Bedding Blanket

  • Easy to use is the reason people choose the electric blanket

Warm Safe Electric Bedding Blanket

  • As you can see from the above picture, the blanket is finely threaded

Warm Safe Electric Bedding Blanket

  • With the button design, it is quite simple for you to adjust the temperature

Warm Safe Electric Bedding Blanket

  • Professionally designed, high safety is guaranteed for you to use

Warm Safe Electric Bedding Blanket

  • It will ensure you having a sound sleep you need all night


  • Do not fold, use hot-water bag, foot stove
  • Fix it on the bed
  • Not fit for baby, people who are allergic to the electric blanket
  • Color is random in delivery

How to Use Electric Blankets:

Warm Safe Electric Bedding Blanket

Electric blankets and throws are cost-effective options for staying warm. Electric blankets come in various configurations and sizes, but the basic feature of an electric blanket is that you can set a desired temperature setting, usually for use at night. Electric blankets are made of a polyester/cotton blend and are flame retardant. The heating element is at the foot of the blanket, where the electrical cord is located. The wires are embedded in the blanket. High-end electric blankets have thinner, more expansive wires that are not as noticeable. Depending on the size, electric blankets can have 1 or 2 controls (wired from the heating element or wireless). Some controls are designed to provide regions for warmth, especially for larger mattresses such as king-size bedding

Placement and Set Up

  • Decide where you will place your blanket. Will you use the blanket as a cover (for example, over your top sheet)? Or if it is small, will you use it to pre-warm your bed? If you plan to use your blanket as a cover, place it over the top sheet. If you use a comforter, place the comforter over the electric blanket to trap warmth. To pre-warm your bed, simply place the electric blanket on top of your covers, focusing on the center and foot of the bed
  • Make sure the heating element is at the foot of the bed and that there is enough room for the cord to be plugged into an outlet without obstruction. The heating element can be positioned by the foot of the mattress box spring, on the side to prevent dislodging. If the blanket is a cover, make sure the heating element hangs below the mattress
  • Place the wires for the control along the side of the mattress box spring or beneath the bed, so that it can be easily reached at bedside. If you have 2 controls, make sure the wires for each control are not crossed, so that they can be placed on the corresponding bedside
  • Plug your electric blanket into the electrical outlet. Set the desired temperature on the control and click the switch. Most electric blankets have lighted controls to designate that they are on. The temperature settings are usually on a dial or based on a numerical scale, with 1 as the low setting and 5 or 10 as the highest setting


  • Disconnect the cords from the main heating element, and check for any irregularities in the cloth, such as holes or exposed wires. Check that the cords are not crimped or frayed in areas, or have scorch marks, designating potential fire hazards
  • Consult your manufacturer's instructions for specifics regarding machine or hand wash (no dry cleaning). Use a mild detergent and line dry, or dry on a flat, ventilated surface (such as a sweater dryer). To preserve the wires, do not machine-dry or iron the blanket
  • When you aren't using it, fold your electric blanket, and store it in a waterproof bag or storage container, along with the cords and controls. Store the blanket in a dry location

How to Clean Electric Blankets:

Warm Safe Electric Bedding Blanket

Used for anything from warming a cold bed to providing relief from nighttime ailments, electric blankets need periodic cleaning. Even though this type of blanket contains electrical wires, it is possible for you to wash it. There are certain guidelines that must be followed to avoid damaging the blanket


  • Disconnect the power cord from the wall and disconnect the control cord from the blanket. Inspect the blanket to ensure that no wires are exposed. If they are, do not submerge the blanket in water
  • Set your washing machine for a large load on gentle or delicate and fill it with warm water. Add one-quarter cup of mild laundry detergent to the water
  • Add the blanket to the water and arrange it so it is distributed as evenly as possible in the washing machine. Close the washer lid and allow the machine to run its cycle for three to four minutes
  • Drain the washing machine by turning the control of the machine clockwise until it begins to drain or by moving it to the "drain" setting. Allow the machine to go through its rinse cycle and begin the spin cycle
  • Stop the machine after two to three minutes of spinning. Set the machine back to the rinse cycle again in order to fill the machine with rinse water and remove all of the soap residue
  • Allow the machine to complete the rinse cycle and two to three minutes of the spin cycle. Stop the machine and while leaving the blanket in the machine, gently lift and squeeze portions of the blanket with your hands to remove any excess water
  • Place the blanket in the clothes dryer on a low heat setting to dry. Allow the blanket to dry for approximately 10 minutes. Remove the blanket from the dryer while still damp and hang over a shower rod or clothesline to finish drying

Tips & Warnings:

Warm Safe Electric Bedding Blanket

  • Consider using your electric blanket to pre-warm your bed by turning it on for an hour or two before retiring, and turning it off before you go to sleep. Coil loose cords and secure with a tie wrap to prevent tripping
  • Consult your manufacturer's instructions for specific warnings and precautions (such as pacemakers). Do not use your electric blanket with other heating appliances, as this could be a fire hazard. Do not place cords or the blanket between the mattress and the box spring, as the coils will damage the wiring and cause a fire hazard. Sleeping on top of the electric blanket is not recommended. Avoid contact with water while the blanket is plugged in. Do not use the electric blanket in a waterbed or air mattress. Take care to avoid bunching the heating element or tucking it between the foot board and the mattress or box spring to avoid excessive heat buildup. Avoid puncturing the wires and cords (such as from pets' teeth or claws or pins)

Package Included:

  • 1 x Electric Blanket