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5 Pickups Double Wave Electric Guitar Musical Instrument


The 5 Pickups Double Wave Electric Guitar is an addicting musical instrument that can and will be taken everywhere. Electric guitar that both beginners and seasoned players will appreciate. Its ultra-slim fast-action neck makes it easy to play and it...
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  • Enjoy crystal-clear sound on the stage or in the studio with this guitar
  • It has a silky balance to the tone that supports vocals beautifully
  • The lightweight body makes it easy to hold and play
  • The high gloss finish gives this beautiful sounding guitar an elegant look
  • It is designed with rosewood fingerboard
  • The electric bass is an addicting instrument that can be taken everywhere
  • Its ultra-slim fast-action neck makes it easy to play and its full-range bi-pole pickups provide thick classic tone
  • Classic electric bass guitar is just as breathtaking to look at as it is to play and hear
  • No. of Frets: 22
  • Pickup: 4
  • Material: Rosewood(Fingerboard)


5 Pickups Double Wave Electric Guitar Musical Instrument

  • 4 Pickups Single Wave Electric Guitar Musical Instrument

5 Pickups Double Wave Electric Guitar Musical Instrument

  • Double Wave

How to Take Care of A Guitar or Bass

  • The first thing thing is when you are traveling with your instrument always have it in a case. Now I would recomend a hard case because you are garented that nothing will happen with your instrument, but if you don't have a hard case the next best thing next to no case is a soft case. A soft case is not the best because your instument can break pretty easly, but its better than nothing
  • When you are at home I would suggest that you either put your instrument in its case or have a guitar holder holding your instrument because if you just let it lay out anyware it will break. Also if you use a guitar holder put it off in a corner wall or against a wall so its out of the way
  • Now every couple of months I would recomend changing your bass and guitar strings. They will get dirty and gunk will cling to the strings and downgrade your sound. Also you will have fresh new strings and not two one month old strings, four that are three months old, and two that you have now idea when you put them on. If you have older strings and newer strings on the same instrument your sound will be different
  • You can extend the life of your strings by after you get done playing you wipe your strings a cloth a few times
  • Don't leave your guitar or bass next to a window or out side for a long peroid of time becasue the heat or coldness will ruin your instrument. It will also tak your strings wicked out of tune
  • When your cleaning the guitar or bass its self there are many polishes and cleansers in the store that will work just fine. Now when you wipe it on the instrument spray it on the cloth first then wipe on the instrument
  • A soft cotton cloth is best for polishing and cleaning guitars and basses. If you use napkins or paper towls you will scratch the instrument and you don't want that

Tips & Warnings:

  • Make sure to have extra strings were ever you go
  • If you use sertin products it will ruin your instrument

Package Included:

  • 1 x Electric Guitar
  • 1 x Guitar Bag
  • 1 x Guitar Strap
  • 1 x Guitar Pick