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Embedded Single Door Electric Magnetic Lock with 280Kg Holding Force


This is a Embedded Single Door Electric Magnetic Lock, high strength material, anodized aluminum housing, increase the holding force, dual insulative hosing, it is a good choice for you. By magnetically locking you can rest assured that your door wil...
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  • Holding Force: 280kg(600Lbs)
  • Voltage: 12/24VDC±10%
  • Current Draw: 12V/500mA 24V/250mA
  • Suitable for: Wooden door, Glass door, Metal door, Fireproof door
  • Signal Output: Need to order YM-280M-S
  • Surface Temp: ≤+20℃
  • Operating Temp: 10~+55℃(14-131F)
  • Suitable Humidity: 0~95%(Relative humidity)
  • Finishes for Shell: Hardening plating anode
  • Finishes for Magnetic: Zinc
  • Finishes for Armature: Zinc
  • Size: 231.6 x 41.6 x 24.5mm / 9.1 x 1.6 x 1.0in(L x W x H)(Lock); 180 x 38 x 11mm / 7.1 x 1.5 x 0.4in(L x W x H)(Armature plate)


  • Collinear Load Test 280kg, 600Lbs
  • Dual Voltage 12 or 24 VDC(optional)
  • The Standard Voltage is 12VDC when Finished
  • MOV Provides Reverse Current Protection
  • Anti residual magnetic design, anti wear materials
  • High Strength Material, Anodized Aluminum Housing
  • Design with no Mechanical Bolt
  • Increase the holding Force,Dual Insulative Hosing

Embedded Single Door Electric Magnetic Lock with 280Kg Holding Force

  • A 280 kg holding force weather resistant magnetic lock for fitting to all types of sliding and swing external gates

Embedded Single Door Electric Magnetic Lock with 280Kg Holding Force

  • Perfect for both single and double doors and even sliding doors

 Magnetic locks

  • This section has a variety of mangetic locks for different applications including standard indoor use, stainless steel and water proof versions - please refer to each sub-section below
  • The Magnetic lock uses an electrical current to produce a magnetic force
  • When a current is passed through the coil, the magnet lock becomes magnetized. The door will be securely bonded when the electromagnet is energized holding against the armature plate
  • Access control systems are operated by one of the peripheral devices (ie. hand and fingerprint readers, keypad, card reader...etc ) to identify the user whether access is permitted or not. The power will be automatically turned off by the user and gains access through a reader
  • The magnetic lock is a simple locking device that consists of a magnetic lock and armature plate with no moving parts and it purely works due to the magnetic field. Therefore the magnetic lock is truly fail-safe (Power to lock). Thus, the magnetic lock is met with both security and fire safety requirements and is available for emergency exit doors
  • The magnetic locks are made with epoxy potting compound and is protected by this compound, which ensures a long life for the lock. With these above lock characteristics, the electromagnetic lock has become one of the most commonly used access control lock for security engineers
  • Most of the magnetic locks below have the option for you to buy additional brackets for ease of installation

 Package Included:

  • 1 x Embedded Single Door Electric Magnetic Lock