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12V Rechargeable Portable Electric Screwdriver Drill

The electric screwdriver is ideal for electricians, installers, assembly line workers, auto mechanics and general home maintenance & etc. With precision and convenience in tight locations, this torque screwdriver can reach the confined areas wher...
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  • Drill mode easily drills pilot holes or removes damaged screws
  • The electric screwdriver is ideal for electricians, installers, assembly line workers, auto mechanics and general home maintenance & etc.
  • For comfort and convenience in tight locations, this tool has a handle
  • Light weight, short, low noise & long time to use, it's a great choice for you
  • 15 torque settings
  • No-load Speed: 550r/min
  • Input Voltage: 230 V
  • Output Voltage: 12V
  • Size: 1-10mm / 0.04-0.4in(Collet)


12V Rechargeable   Portable   Electric Screwdriver Drill

  • The electric screwdriver is ideal for electricians, installers, assembly line workers, auto mechanics and general home maintenance & etc

12V Rechargeable   Portable   Electric Screwdriver Drill

  • With precision and convenience in tight locations, this torque screwdriver can reach the confined areas where is hard to reach

12V Rechargeable   Portable   Electric Screwdriver Drill

  • The unique handle design of this power screwdriver is comfortable for you to use even if your are working all the time

12V Rechargeable   Portable   Electric Screwdriver Drill

  • This electric screwdriver is characterized by the appropriate design which is compact enough to fit into a pocket

12V Rechargeable   Portable   Electric Screwdriver Drill

  • Featured easily drilling pilot holes or removing damaged screws, this electric screwdriver is a must to speed up every day job

How Does an Electric Screwdriver Work:

12V Rechargeable   Portable   Electric Screwdriver Drill


  • Along with the circular saw, the electric screwdriver has become one of the most common electrical tools found in the home builder's tool box. Over the years, several varieties of these popular items have become highly developed to better aid many different job requirements to a variety of trades. From the heavy-duty screw gun that the sheet rock installer uses to a lightweight battery-powered screwdriver that the electrician carries into nearly inaccessible places, the electric screwdriver or screw gun is here to stay
  • Nearly all electric screwdrivers are fitted with a standard shutoff mechanism that controls the operation of the tool. When the trigger is not engaged, the tool remains idle, but once the trigger is squeezed or "turned on," the tool comes to life and performs its specified task. Once the trigger is released, the tool quickly ceases to function. This is the standard shutoff mechanism at work that is so basic to most all electrical tools
  • Some of the simplest electric screwdrivers have a locking function, where the electric shaft of the tool with a simple turn of a switch can be locked into place, and the screwdriver can now be used as a hand tool. This duality can be very handy for an electrician or electronic technician who installs alarm systems or garage door openers


  • Electric screwdrivers vary quite a bit in their complexity. At the low end of the spectrum is the low torque controlled screwdriver and the slip clutch screwdriver. These are the tools that greatly resemble a flashlight. On the other side of the coin is the right-angle screwdriver and pistol grip screw gun. These tools can draw a lot of amperage and were originally designed to run off of standard 110-volt wall current. However, today many of these "guns" run off battery packs that get recharged every night. The advent of battery packs is a relatively recent development that allow workers to roam "cordless" around a construction site
  • The more advanced electric screwdrivers have several technical developments that aid in the difficult task of driving screws into solid wood that necessitate a little further discussion. The complex physical requirements of such a task have necessitated
  • The development of a highly-evolved modern tool with some very new and innovative features
  • The first and simplest new trait is the advent of a variable speed control. Actually, variable speed is not so new, but still its development is very important in aiding the worker to begin operation of his tool at a very slow speed and then with a simple squeeze of the trigger progress to a higher rate of operation. The variable speed function is derived solely from the development of better electronic components such as resistors and capacitors


  • The other important technological improvement that has aided the advent of the modern screw gun is the placement of gears inside the tool, which adds more power to the mechanics that drive the tool. Now you have an electric power tool that on the outside resembles an ordinary electric drill, but on the inside it is more closely equivalent to a well-engineered sports car. At last, your power screw gun can perform the same demanding task that would quickly burn out a cheaper drill; it can do it over and over again without any abnormal wear and tear to the tool
  • The key to this improvement is the addition of gears to the tool. Gears work best in combination of two or more. Basically, a smaller gear spins and engages a larger gear. Overall, less effort or mechanical energy is required to drive the larger gear when it is combined with the smaller gear. This basic mechanical operation is so common in today's modern world that we could hardly function without the gears. Now it has been linked up with a very basic tool, the screwdriver, to produce a much more powerful electrical device

About Electric Screwdrivers

12V Rechargeable   Portable   Electric Screwdriver Drill

An electric screwdriver is a screwdriver with an electric motor inside that causes the chuck or top of the screwdriver to rotate. The screwdriver head or bit is removed when it's not used and can be replaced with different sized heads to do different types of jobs. These models run on regular batteries, a power cord or rechargeable batteries.


  • The first electric screwdriver was produced by Black & Decker and began appearing on store shelves in 1923. Early models included only one head, which wore out fairly quickly, and a long cord. Other manufacturers began making different models that featured a shorter cord that rolled up inside the screwdriver and screwdrivers that used different heads. While Black & Decker made the first model, other companies including Stanley and Craftsman also make models that are popular with shoppers.


  • An electric screwdriver contains a plastic case in which all the components are held inside. An electric motor inside the screwdriver causes the bit or head to turn, which allows the user to screw or unscrew. A switch on the outside of the case allows the user to turn the screwdriver on or off. It also features a locking mechanism on the chuck, which holds the screwdriver head in place.


  • The more popular type of electric screwdriver actually runs on an electric motor, but utilizes a rechargeable battery inside the case. This battery must be recharged to keep it running or replaced if the battery dies. The other type of electric screwdriver has the same type of motor but relies on electricity to run. It contains a short power cord that must be plugged into an outlet to use. Another version runs on AA or AAA batteries and doesn't have as much power as the other models.


  • Many models of electric screwdrivers contain a smaller carrying handle, just large enough for an adult-sized hand. This handle has a plastic or rubber comfort grip that makes it easier to hold during a job. This screwdriver also contains a switch on the side that users can change back and forth to screw or unscrew. In addition, there are rotating models that allow the user to adjust the top of the screwdriver to make it fit into corners and other unusually shaped spaces.


  • Those shopping for an electric screwdriver should be careful about their needs. There are many electric screwdrivers on the market, with various prices. However, there are some shoppers who buy a more expensive or powerful model when they only need one for basic jobs around the house. There are also some larger power drills that include screwdriver heads in their bit kits. Those work best for those shoppers who need something that can handle various jobs.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Electric Screwdriver
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x Transformer
  • 1 x 12V Battery
  • 1 x Toolbox