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Lfcare Boys Health Electric Toothbrush


Teeth that are dazzling white and free of any diseases is something that we all want. The majority of dentists today suggest using an electric toothbrush to achieve these desires for it has advantages of an electric toothbrush over a manual one and a...
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  • As the power or electric toothbrushes work with an oscillation movement, they have the ability to remove much more plaque and efficiently decrease the problem of gingivitis too
  • When using electric toothbrush, the user does not need to worry about the strokes of the toothbrush as those movements are automatic here and the only thing the user needs to do is to move the brush in the right areas
  • Cleaning will be done by the brush on its own by its movements
  • This is very helpful in understanding the time period for which one must brush his teeth
  • It is very efficient with kids who are always in a hurry to throw the toothbrush and run out of the bathroom
  • With this brush, they will have no option but to brush their teeth till the timer does not stop
  • Electric toothbrush is a very good way to take care of teeth, and it is very easy to operate once you get the hang of it
  • Its variations include the brushes that can be charged with electricity and the brushes which work completely on batteries
  • Once you get it, there are very rare chances that you would ever want to go back to your manual toothbrush again
  • Rotating Rate: 20000 Times/Minute


Lfcare Boys Health Electric Toothbrush


  • Apply tooth paste on your electric toothbrush and put it in your mouth before you switch it on. Be sure to keep the brush inside your mouth before you switch the power on, otherwise there are chances of the toothpaste falling off here and there outside
  • Move the brush on all planes so that no part of the mouth is left unclean. You will not need to apply any force or move it in any particular strokes as the cleaning part will be taken by the brush itself with its proper oscillating and well defined movements
  • See to it that you do not apply too much pressure on the teeth as if the bristles of the brush are pressed very hard, they might get damaged. It will also damage the teeth enamel if the pressure applied on teeth is too much
  • Also make sure that the bristles of the brush do not rub against the gums as they are very delicate and even the perfectly healthy gums will begin bleeding if irritated


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