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Nebo Black 100ml Cartridges Refill Pigment Ink for EPSON Printers 2Pcs


If you are looking for some pigment ink for your printer, you have just got the perfect place. Here I high recommend these black 100ml cartridges refill pigment ink for Epson printers to you. The pigment ink can stays firmly on a paper and will not, ...
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  • These are a complete set of 2 bottles of high quality pigment ink for EPSON printers
  • High quality based pigment ink would give you the best match with the EPSON
  • It is the high durability and reliability product which can ensure the high quality of pictures
  • It has been refined pure pigment down to their primary particle size, well into the sub micro level
  • 100ml each bottle, they are enough to fill the ink cartridge of ink system
  • With a 20ml syringe for more easy use, these printer ink will bring you much convenience
  • Fast drying time and low cost, these pigment ink are the best choice for you
  • Capacity: 100mL/3.38oz
  • Ink Color: Black
  • Size: 10.5 x 4.0cm/4.1 x 1.6in(L x Dia.)


Nebo Black 100ml Cartridges Refill Pigment Ink for EPSON Printers 2Pcs

  • You can have two bottles of these pigment ink for once time

Nebo Black 100ml Cartridges Refill Pigment Ink for EPSON Printers 2Pcs

  • The lid is designed to fit tightly so that it can keep the ink from spilling

Nebo Black 100ml Cartridges Refill Pigment Ink for EPSON Printers 2Pcs

  • These pigment ink are black color which can be very practical in daily printing 

Nebo Black 100ml Cartridges Refill Pigment Ink for EPSON Printers 2Pcs

  • These pigment ink are packed in ink bottles to keep them safe

Nebo Black 100ml Cartridges Refill Pigment Ink for EPSON Printers 2Pcs

  • Each bottle contains 100g which is quite enough for you to use


  • Avoid contact with eyes/skin and keep out of children
  • Do not store at freezing or high temperatures
  • Keep out of direct sunshine

How to Change Ink in an Epson NX300:

Nebo Black 100ml Cartridges Refill Pigment Ink for EPSON Printers 2Pcs

The Epson Stylus NX300 is an all-in-one printer, scanner, copier and fax machine. It is an inkjet printer, so if you do a lot of printing with it, you will need to change your ink cartridge after a short period of use. Changing the ink is not a complicated task. There are a few basic steps you should follow, however, to ensure that the ink is replaced correctly


  • Turn on the power to your computer and your printer
  • Right-click on the Epson printer icon in your task bar and choose "Printer Settings." Once the Printer Settings window opens, choose the "Maintenance" tab. When the maintenance options appear, select the option for "Ink Cartridge Replacement." Instructions will appear that direct you on how to change your ink in your NX300, or you can follow instructions starting with Step 3
  • Look at the printer's display screen on the printer. If your ink cartridge is empty it will tell you to replace it. Simply press "OK" and proceed with Step 4. If you are changing the cartridge before it is empty, push the" Copy/Fax" button, then "Menu," then "Maintenance," and then "OK." Select "Ink Cartridge Replacement," and then press "OK" again. Proceed to step 4
  • Close the lid to the scanner cover, if it is open, and then lift up the scanner compartment
  • Open the ink cartridge cover, which is on the right side of the machine
  • Push down on the tab at the top of the cartridge and squeeze it back and pull the cartridge up and out of its harness
  • Shake the new ink cartridge, while it is still in its wrapper, for about 5 seconds. Do not shake the cartridge if you have already removed it from the wrapper, as it may splatter
  • Take the ink out of the package, and be careful to not touch the green tab on the cartridge. Remove the yellow tape as well
  • Place the cartridge down into the carriage, with the green contact and tab facing the inside of the machine. Push it in gently until it snaps into place
  • Snap down the cartridge cover, and then lower the scanner and lid back into position
  • Press "OK" on the scanner and allow the ink to "charge." You will see a message on the display screen when the ink is done charging and ready to use. When you see that message, press the "Menu" key, and this will exit you from the ink change menu

What Is the Difference Between Pigment Ink and Dye Ink:

Nebo Black 100ml Cartridges Refill Pigment Ink for EPSON Printers 2Pcs

Pigment and dye inks are both used in inkjet printers. The type of ink used varies between printer models. Knowing the differences between the two types of ink can assist the consumer in determining which type of ink best suits individual printing needs. Pigment ink grinds color pigment into fine particles and suspends them in liquid. Dye ink is colored dye suspended in liquid. Both inks can be used to print documents, photographs and color presentations, with some differences

Print Quality

  • When printing with pigment ink, the particles sit on top of the paper, while dye inks are absorbed into the paper. Because it is possible to add more color into a dye, colors may appear more vibrant when using a dye ink. Overall print quality can be greatly affected by the type of paper used. Dye inks, especially when used for photo and color graphics, print sharper when using a swellable paper. This is a coated paper that swells as it absorbs ink. Because pigment inks are not absorbed into the paper, they print well on porous paper and swellable paper alike

Water Resistance

  • The dye in dye-based inks dissolves completely in water. If liquid touches a paper printed with a dye ink, the ink will redissolve and smear the print. Pigment ink does not completely dissolve. As the ink dries on the paper, the pigment settles into the fibers of the paper, making it more water resistant

Fade Resistance

  • When printing with a dye ink, the molecules of the ink are spread out evenly across the page. Because all of the molecules are exposed to sunlight and other environmental triggers, fading may be evident in as little as six to 12 weeks
  • Most of the molecules in pigment ink are hidden inside the pigment particles that settle into the paper. Because of this, not all of the molecules are exposed to the effects of sunlight, giving pigment ink greater fade resistance. It may be several months before fading is evident in prints using pigment inks
  • When properly protected from air and sunlight, both inks can last for several years. Archival quality pigment inks are available. When properly protected, prints using archival quality pigment ink can last for decades 

Package Included:

  • 2 x Bottles of Refill Pigment Ink for EPSON
  • 1 x 20ml Syringe