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HaHaShow Soft Pencil Drawing Fruit Shaped Erasers Set 45Pcs


Do you want a chic eraser? Are you still worrying about for not finding a rubber eraser which can clean completely? Look at this rubber eraser with unique design. You will fall in love with it.This kid eraser which is made out of environmen...
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  • You will love this amazing rubber eraser with special fruit design
  • Perfect for erasing drawing mistakes with the soft eraser
  • Environmentally friendly materials are lead-free, non-toxic, clean and safe
  • This stylish kid eraser can remove easily for cleaning up  
  • The lovely pencil eraser is a perfect gift for kids or students
  • Each set of rubber erasers has 45 erasers 
  • Length: 1.0cm/0.4in 


HaHaShow Soft Pencil Drawing Fruit Shaped Erasers Set 45Pcs

  • With its lovely fruit design, the soft eraser will bring a lot of pleasure to kids

HaHaShow Soft Pencil Drawing Fruit Shaped Erasers Set 45Pcs

  • The rubber eraser provides smudge-free erasing and will not tear paper

HaHaShow Soft Pencil Drawing Fruit Shaped Erasers Set 45Pcs

  • The drawing eraser is ideal for common areas such as office, classroom and break room  

HaHaShow Soft Pencil Drawing Fruit Shaped Erasers Set 45Pcs

  • There are many shapes of fruit, such as: orange, strawberry, apple and so on 

HaHaShow Soft Pencil Drawing Fruit Shaped Erasers Set 45Pcs

  • Unique design of rubber eraser is energy saving production 


  • Pattern and color are random in delivery

How to Completely Erase Pencil?

HaHaShow Soft Pencil Drawing Fruit Shaped Erasers Set 45Pcs

  • Review the lines for erasure. Select the appropriate type of eraser. The darker pencil marks and type of paper determines eraser choice
  • Utilize a vinyl eraser. Their soft texture makes them ideal for completely removing light pencil marks
  • Try a rubber shaped eraser. Firmer textures offer better results for removing pencil marks. Choose one that you can attach to your pencil or purchase it in bar form
  • Rub out pencil mark with a kneaded eraser. Manipulate or knead the eraser to eliminate marks of any size
  • Use an eraser stick. Rubber eraser sticks are shaped like pencils and versatile enough to remove pencil marks without strain
  • Erase marks with an electronic eraser. The spinning motion of the eraser delivers superior results to hand rubbing
  • Apply correction fluid. Cover up a dark mark completely and write over with correction fluid. A pen applicator offers the most control to apply an even smooth coat
  • Wipe off the debris. Use a broad brush to remove the eraser particles left on your paper

How to Make an Eraser for Kids?

HaHaShow Soft Pencil Drawing Fruit Shaped Erasers Set 45Pcs

  • Preheat your oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Use an oven thermometer to test the temperature before baking your erasers
  • Select your first color of eraser clay and use a plastic disposable knife to cut off a section large enough to create your first piece. Roll the clay in your hands until it becomes soft and pliable. Shape the clay into whatever shape is appropriate for your eraser project. For example, shape a ball and flatten it to make a face or form an oval with pointed ends to make a football. Set the completed section on a flat cookie sheet
  • Work each additional piece of your eraser and combine with the first piece. For example, make five blue teardrop shapes and place them in a circle with the pointed end in the center of circle. Roll a small yellow ball and place it in the center of the circle. Roll very thin lines of pink or purple and place them along the edge of the rounded ends of the blue teardrops, but do not connect the lines of pink or purple. Roll a small line of green and place it against the end of one of the wrapped blue teardrop shapes. Roll two green heart shapes and place the pointed end of the heart shapes on alternate sides of the green roll
  • Flatten the eraser clay with a flat piece of plastic or ceramic tile larger than your eraser sculpture. Peal the plastic off the clay to reveal a morning glory flower. Use the edge of the knife, the pointed end of wood skewer or other tool to make lines on the eraser clay. Measure the height of your eraser shapes
  • Read the thermometer to verify the temperature is 250 degrees or just below. Place the cookie sheet with the eraser clay shapes in the oven. Bake the clay 10 minutes if the shape is 1/4 inch tall and 15 minutes if the shape is 1/2 inch tall
  • Remove the cookie sheet, using a hot pad to protect your hand. Allow the eraser to cool before handling it or using it to erase a pencil mark

Package Included:

  • 1 x Erasers Set(45Pcs/Set)