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CAIYUE Stylish Elegant Ruby Women Party Evening Bag


Do you want cute designer women evening bag for daily wearing? Do you want to be outstanding from the crowd at a party? Or you want to add highlight to accent your humdrum evening dress? Congratulations, you've got the right place. Here I'm happy to ...
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  • The high quality shining rubber material makes this evening bag durable and stylish
  • With reliable pocket, the evening bag is convenient and safe enough for you to put some necessary things in
  • The women party handbag will be the simple, timeless additions to your fashion for years to come
  • With personalized style and humanized design, this party handbag is attractive in appearance and excellent for using
  • The beautiful rhinestone decoration of this elegant handbag is special and will surely make you charming and attractive
  • Fashionable elegant handbag is perfect for wedding, evening party and other important occasion
  • Material: Ruby
  • Size: 15.5 x 11 x 5cm/6.1 x 4.3 x 2.0in(L x H x T)
  • Strap Size: 120 x 58cm/47.2 x 22.8in(L x H)


CAIYUE Stylish Elegant Ruby Women Party Evening Bag

  • With unique design and gorgeous color, the appearance of this elegant party handbag will be never out of date

CAIYUE Stylish Elegant Ruby Women Party Evening Bag

  • Designed with special closure design, this elegant evening bag can ensure the security and privacy of your personal things

CAIYUE Stylish Elegant Ruby Women Party Evening Bag

  • With enough space, you can put your phone, purse, key, small mirror and other small things into it

CAIYUE Stylish Elegant Ruby Women Party Evening Bag

  • With a delicate chain, this elegant evening party handbag can be carried easily

CAIYUE Stylish Elegant Ruby Women Party Evening Bag

  • Featuring innovative design, meticulous workmanship and gorgeous color, this elegant handbag is charming

How to Choose an Evening Handbag:

CAIYUE Stylish Elegant Ruby Women Party Evening Bag

The jewelry, dress and shoes always come first. But, sometimes women forget about the evening handbag until it's time to walk out the door and there's no place to put their lipstick or cell phone. Whether you're going to an upscale restaurant, cocktail party or a formal, getting the perfectly matched evening bag is not only vital for carrying those extra things but also for completing the look. Follow these tips on how to pick out the ideal evening bag for the occasion

  • Go small. The key for any handbag after 6 p.m. is to shrink the size. Totes and handbags embroidered with signature prints, such as Coach, are not usually appropriate for formal occasions. The most popular silhouette is a clutch-type, whether boxed or rectangular. Some also opt for the circular bags, which can hold more
  • Match the fabrics and embellishments on the handbag and dress. If there are no sequins on the dress, don't get a bag with sequins. The same applies for fabric, like matching crushed velvet with satin is an absolute don't unless the dress has both fabrics. The perfectly matched evening bag will look very similar in fabrics and embellishments to the dress you're wearing
  • Keep the same style throughout the attire. If you have a contemporary bag that is triangle-shaped or Chinese-inspired for example, be sure that the style of the dress is not reminiscent of the 1930s. A contemporary dress should have a contemporary bag and so on. Fabrics and embellishments aren't the only factors in uniformity
  • Check the hardware. If your bag has silver straps, be sure to avoid gold jewelry and vice versa. Know your fashion habits, such as a partiality to silver, and shop with this in mind. If you happen to favor a bag that is all-hardware and no fabric, be sure the style and colors match
  • Allow practicality for the evening bag. It may be cute, but can it fit your cash, license, camera, cell phone and last-minute extras? Do a test while you're in the store to see if it holds up to your typical carry-around
  • Personalize a bag if you can't find one to meet your needs. Getting an extra pair of costume jewelry earrings can turn into a fun afternoon project if you choose to glue the extra stones onto the bag yourself with fabric glue. Have a dress that's recently been altered? Take some of the scrap fabric and add a panel or a bow to the purse to show your customization
  • Invest in an evening bag if you frequent upscale events. If you find yourself attending more than a few evening events a month, find a bag that matches your general evening style and make it an investment

How to Get the Cigarette Smell out of a Fabric Handbag:

CAIYUE Stylish Elegant Ruby Women Party Evening Bag

Keep cigarettes in your handbag and the bag could smell due to the dried tobacco and the other chemicals present in cigarettes. Expose your handbag to cigarette smoke and the odor will permeate the fabric even more strongly. Cigarette smoke also damages fabrics. Lingering cigarette odor can ruin a perfectly good fabric handbag. Unless you get the cigarette smell out of the handbag, you may feel that you can never comfortably use the handbag again. Before you throw out the handbag, though, try to get the smell out.

  • Place two unused fabric softener sheets inside of the handbag. Close the handbag with the zipper or closure. Put the handbag in a plastic grocery bag and put two more fabric sheets in the plastic bag along with it. Tie the grocery bag's handles together. Leave the grocery bag alone for two to three days. Open the plastic bag and remove the handbag.
  • Spray the handbag with fabric refreshener. Spray both the inside and the outside of the bag until the bag is damp. Allow the bag to sit for several hours.
  • Fill your bathtub with hot water. Add 1 cup distilled white vinegar as the tub fills. Hang your handbag near the bathtub. Shut off the water. Leave the bathroom and shut the door. Do not turn on ventilation fans or open windows. Wait several hours. Return to check on the handbag. The steam from the vinegar and water will remove trapped odors. Drain the water, turn on the ventilation fans or open windows after you finish

Package Included:

  • 1 x Women Bag