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Vienna Fashion Yarn Sequins Sweetheart Floor Length Prom Dress


What you are viewing is our sexy women prom dress! Don't waste your time looking for an prom dress any more! This prom dress will be ideal for you!Today we highly recommend you this kind of sequins prom dress! It is sort of Western style! It is ...
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Vienna Fashion Yarn Sequins Sweetheart Floor Length Prom Dress
Size: 2-26
Material: Yarn
Train: Floor-length 
Silhouette: Empire
Sleeve: Sleeveless
Neckline: Sweetheart
Shown Color: Champagne
Embellishment: Ruffles
Back: Zipper
Net Weight: 2.2kg
Shipping Weight: 2.4kg
Item Type: Evening Dress
Vienna Fashion Yarn Sequins Sweetheart Floor Length Prom Dress

  • As you can see there are some sequins on this ruffle dress
  • This beautiful prom dress is made of soft yarn material
  • Beautiful ruffle and sweetheart designs of this ruffle prom dress are more attractive in appearance than any other gowns
  • Floor lengths of this ruffle prom dress will let you look much taller
  • You will love the beautiful color of this ruffle prom dress
  • This kind of sweetheart prom dress is perfect for wedding and other important parties
  • Dressing the sequins prom dress, your hot body will be appeared indistinctly and you will look enchanting

Vienna Fashion Yarn Sequins Sweetheart Floor Length Prom Dress
Vienna Fashion Yarn Sequins Sweetheart Floor Length Prom Dress

  • The ruffle hem of this sequins prom dress will let you look more feminine

Vienna Fashion Yarn Sequins Sweetheart Floor Length Prom Dress

  • Charming evening dress is made of yarn material, durable and comfortable

Vienna Fashion Yarn Sequins Sweetheart Floor Length Prom Dress

  • You will be flashing if you wear this gorgeous sequins prom dress
  • Floor length of this prom dress can show your hot figure perfectly
  • The sweetheart design of this sequins prom dress will let you look sweeter

Vienna Fashion Yarn Sequins Sweetheart Floor Length Prom Dress

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  • Because the display and optical reasons, the fabric colors shown in the picture may be biased with the actual color of goods
  • You can customize the dress's size and back of zipper or lace-up closure according to your size and preference


Vienna Fashion Yarn Sequins Sweetheart Floor Length Prom Dress
How to Unwrinkle a Prom Dress:

Getting a prom dress to unwrinkle, especially on the day of an important event, can seem unnaturally stressful. Depending upon the amount of time before the event, there are multiple options available to get wrinkles out of a gown. Fabric also plays a part in unwrinkling a dress; because the fabrics tend to be silk or covered in beads, just taking an iron to the dress is not always an option

  • Hang the dress in the bathroom. The steam from the shower will cause the fabric to unwrinkle, so the hotter you run the shower, the quicker the dress will fall straight. Hang the dress where it will not be splashed by water. It may take a few showers for all the wrinkles to leave the fabric
  • Use a hand steamer. Allow the steam to get very hot; it takes a few minutes for the steam to be hot enough to relax the wrinkles in your prom dress. Hand steamers are available in larger models, attached to a hose. Small, travel-size models are also available
  • Turn the dress inside out and iron on the lowest heat setting. You cannot unwrinkle all fabrics this way; be particularly careful with taffeta or highly flammable fabrics. If you are nervous about taking an iron to your dress, put a cloth towel over the fabric while you iron. Move the cloth as you iron other sections
  • Put the dress in the dryer on the air fluff setting. Turn the dress inside out before placing it in the dryer. It should not take an entire cycle to get out all of the wrinkles, so keep an eye on the dress
  • Use the hot air from a hair dryer. Hang the dress somewhere that the air can go through to speed the process. Like steam, the heat will cause the wrinkles to fall out of the fabric

How to Hem a Prom Dress:

Adjusting the hem is a relatively simple way to customize a dress for an occasion like prom, and is a good option for shorter women who may otherwise have trouble finding the perfect dress. Hemming the dress at home instead of taking it to a tailor will also save you money that can be spent on shoes or accessories to complete your prom look.

  • Put the dress on, and have someone assist you in pinning the existing hem up (folding the material inside the dress) to the length you want your new hem. Pin all the way around the dress, keeping the new hemline as straight as possible. Wear the shoes you will wear to prom while you are pinning, to make sure the dress is the right length when paired with your shoes
  • Take the dress off and iron the newly pinned hemline, creating a sharp crease in the fabric. Check the tag of the dress for ironing instructions so the fabric is not damaged in the process; when in doubt use a lower setting on your iron. This step defines the hemline, and will accent any crookedness or adjustments that need to be made before sewing
  • Put the dress back on and examine the hemline one final time before you sew. Stand in front of a full-length mirror and turn in a full circle, checking the dress from all angles. If adjustments need to be made, re-pin until you are satisfied
  • Take the dress off and turn it inside out to prepare for sewing. Before you sew the actual dress, cut a swatch of the excess fabric you pinned from inside the dress and use it to check the thread tension and stitching on your sewing machine. Prom fabrics can be trickier than everyday fabrics, so you want to make these adjustments before sewing on the dress itself
  • Trim away excess fabric from the existing hemline that may get in your way during sewing. Starting at an existing seam in the dress, sew slowly around the skirt of the dress, removing the straight pins as you go. Stop every few inches to check that the hem is straight, and continue until the entire hemline is sewn. Trim away any extra fabric that may remain, and run an iron over any bumps or inconsistencies to flatten them

Vienna Fashion Yarn Sequins Sweetheart Floor Length Prom Dress

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