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ColorShine Anti-wrinkle Activate Collagen Eye Mask Pad Set


Women always want to keep beauty, while the wrinkle around eyes will be the most powerful enemy to reveal your age. If you are in trouble with it, now, we can help you solve this problem with this useful anti-wrinkle activate collagen eye mask. ...
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  • Promote blood circulation and lighten dark circles with this collagen eye mask
  • The vitamin mask for eyes can eliminate puffiness and reduce visible wrinkles
  • With effective material of collagen, vitamin C & E and hyaluronic acid, this collagen eye mask is useful for anti-wrinkle
  • It includes ten pairs of eye pads each package
  • Contains variety of nutrition to cure your eye skin
  • This anti-wrinkle activate collagen eye mask is also a nice gift for you or your friend
  • Color: Gold
  • Component: Collagen & Vitamin C & & Vitamin E & Hyaluronic Acid


ColorShine Anti-wrinkle Activate Collagen Eye Mask  Pad Set

  • The collagen eye mask can be used for general people keep eyes relaxed

ColorShine Anti-wrinkle Activate Collagen Eye Mask  Pad Set

  • The collagen eye mask includes collagen, vitamin C & E and hyaluronic acid, which are good for eyes

ColorShine Anti-wrinkle Activate Collagen Eye Mask  Pad Set

  • The collagen eye mask is lightweight and it is convenient to use

ColorShine Anti-wrinkle Activate Collagen Eye Mask  Pad Set

  • The collagen eye mask is professional for against eye disease

ColorShine Anti-wrinkle Activate Collagen Eye Mask  Pad Set

  • The eye mask is effective to anti-wrinkle, so that also can be a nice gift for your friend

How to Use Collagen Face Products?

ColorShine Anti-wrinkle Activate Collagen Eye Mask  Pad Set

Collagen replenishes nutrients in aging skin, delaying or eliminating the need for cosmetic surgery. Collagen represents 30 percent of human protein and helps skin stay firm, moisturized and supple. The nutrient, found abundantly in young skin, collagen constantly renews cells. As we age, collagen levels drop, causing fine lines and wrinkles. Used in conjunction with other anti-aging lotions and potions like retinol and exfoliation, collagen can change the skin's appearance dramatically


  • Wash face, neck and decollete with your favorite cleanser. Pat dry
  • Gently pat collagen cream or gel into the cleansed skin, concentrating on areas where skin is most damaged
  • After the cream has melted into the skin, apply once more
  • Tap a small amount of collagen gel around the eye area, using your ring finger for proper pressure
  • Collagen may also be used on the hair after shampooing. Apply to wet hair as a leave-in treatment

How to Make a Collagen Mask?

ColorShine Anti-wrinkle Activate Collagen Eye Mask  Pad Set

The best collagen mask puts authentic collagen back into the skin by causing the skin to make more of its own. When actual liquid collagen is put onto the skin topically, the molecules are said to be too large to be absorbed. However, there is a simple, natural substance that universities reportedly have found does penetrate, heal, and stimulates the skin's production of its own collagen. This eHow article shows how to use it as a collagen mask


  • Purchase the ingredient for your collagen mask. Numerous universities have discovered that certain forms of honey, especially active manuka honey, perform serious healings on the skin - it absorbs deeply, heals wounds, clears infections like nothing else can, etc. Honey of all types has also long been known to be a wonderful hydrator for the skin, causing moisture to be attracted and absorbed by it. And, a recent report stated a university in New Zealand found active manuka honey helps the skin build stronger collagen. Find active manuka honey either online or at health food stores. It's more expensive than regular honey, but a small jar goes a long way and it's the only ingredient you need for this collagen mask
  • Put the jar in your shower or tub. The problem with any honey mask is that it's a sticky mess. Plus, when honey masks are applied near steam and moisture, they give the skin even more benefits. The secret to this collagen mask is that you'll apply it each time you shower or bathe, which eliminates extra time needed to sit around wearing a collagen mask, eliminates the sticky problem, and adds the bonus of moisture. You'll just keep your jar here. It doesn't need to be refrigerated
  • Apply the manuka honey collagen mask. As soon as you enter the shower or tub, moisten your hands, then dab a small amount (about the amount of a glass marble) onto your fingers, and spread it onto your face and neck. Leave it on until your shower or bath is complete, then rinse it off right before you get out. If you can leave your collagen mask on for 20 minutes or longer, that would be best. If you general do other facial care in the shower, go ahead and do it first, then apply your natural collagen mask. Make this part of your regular routine to allow your skin to improve more and more over time
  • Take a bonus collagen mask. If you want to have a longer collagen mask session outside the bath or shower, put on an old T-shirt. Moisten your face and hands with warm water. Apply the honey collagen mask. Wait 30 minutes. Wet and wring out a clean washcloth with warm water and hold it over your face, repeat with more warm water to hold the washcloth over your neck (for a minute each). Then rinse off the sweet collagen mask. You'll no doubt get stickiness on your T-shirt, but it washes out easily

Package Included:

  • 1 x Anti-wrinkle Activate Collagen Eye Mask Eye Pad Set