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Popular Makeup Shiny Eye Shadow


Want to make your eyes pop? Our Shimmer Eye Shadow will have you looking fabulous day or night. The 12 coordinated shades Eye Shadow delivers all-day crease-resistant wear. This is the Makeup Eye Shadow that reduces the appearance of tired ...
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  • Glossy and highly pigmented makeup
  • Designed to define, highlight and brighten your eyes
  • Highly pigmented to deliver intense color and long-lasting wear
  • The eye shadow will help you get maximum beauty with minimal effort
  • With its natural plant formulation, it is even safe for the sensitive eyes
  • A rich and textured shimmer for a truly dimensional look
  • Reduces the appearance of tired eyes, giving you a naturally energized look 
  • Net Weight: 2g/0.07oz


Popular Makeup Shiny Eye Shadow

  • Apply eye shadow base to eyelids, then apply our high-pigmented eye shadow and see the colors pop with vibrant and sparkling luster  

Popular Makeup Shiny Eye Shadow

  • Designed with 12 coordinated shades to define, this Shimmer Eye Shadow can make your eyes highlight and brighten

Popular Makeup Shiny Eye Shadow

  • The Makeup Eye Shadow can help you to reduce the appearance of tired eyes, giving you a naturally energized look

Popular Makeup Shiny Eye Shadow

  • Creates a wave of color that glimmers and sparkles across your lids for a brilliant, out-of-this-world, and sequin-like reflection

Popular Makeup Shiny Eye Shadow

  • The beautifully coordinated eye shadow takes the guesswork out of choosing the right shades to maximize your natural eye color

How to Apply Eye Shadow:

  • 1st step: (choose your own colors, it doesn't have to be the one in the caption): Take your eye shadow brush and tap it against the lightest color of eye shadow you will use (make sure there is enough, but not too much) and rub it from your eyelashes, up to your eyebrow. That is called the highlight
  • 2nd step: Wipe your brush off and tap it against the 2nd darkest eye shadow color. You will rub it from the lashes to the crease of your eye, below the brow you will see an indent and that is the crease. This is called the base coat
  • 3rd and last step: Once again, wipe your brush off. Tap your brush on the darkest color and rub it on the crease of the lid, the indent below the brow only

How to Make Eyeshadow?

Popular Makeup Shiny Eye Shadow

Popular Makeup Shiny Eye Shadow

Making eye shadow at home can be turned into a hobby. Not only can you give your eye-shadow creations away as gifts, but you also can make custom eye-shadow colors for yourself. It's not difficult to make eye shadow, but you need a few essential ingredients. Fortunately for your skin, the ingredients are natural and healthy, as opposed to some eye-shadow brands that contain harsh chemicals.

  • Use a mini-grinder or plastic bag to mix the different colored micas together. Mix silvers or golds with colors like purple and blue. Experiment by grinding up different shades of mica and mixing small amounts together. Once you find the shades you like, grind larger amounts.
  • Look for any streaks of color; if you see any, mix the minerals a bit longer. Pour the ground minerals into a bowl after they have been mixed evenly.
  • Spray a powder binder on the minerals in the bowl.

Popular Makeup Shiny Eye Shadow

  • Scoop the minerals out of the bowl and put them in an eye-shadow container. Use a spoon to pack the minerals down into the container.
  • Carve a simple design or your initials into the minerals with a toothpick.
  • Allow the minerals to dry completely

Tips & Warnings:

  • Be sure to always clean your eye shadow brush (or any makeup brush you have)(steps are down below how to clean) so it doesn't grow bacteria
  • All you have to do to clean it is rinse your brush down under slightly warm water, then squeeze out water from your brush with a wash cloth, paper towel, Kleenex, or a piece of toilet paper
  • Bacteria really can grow in your brush if you don't clean every once and a while

Package Included:

  • 1 x Eye Shadow